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Bull Durham (1988)

Bull Durham (1988)

Bull Durham is a critically acclaimed sports comedy-drama film released in 1988. Directed by Ron Shelton, it delves into the world of minor league baseball and captures the nuances of the game, the camaraderie, and the passion that runs through the veins of its characters. The movie stars Kevin Costner as "Crash" Davis, a seasoned catcher who is assigned the task of shaping a young, talented, yet erratic pitcher named "Nuke" LaLoosh, played by Tim Robbins. The dynamics between these two central characters, along with the addition of Susan Sarandon as a love interest for both, create a captivating story of love, rivalry, and personal growth against the backdrop of America's favorite pastime.

For fans and enthusiasts of the movie, the sounds and dialogue from Bull Durham can be found on various platforms where it's available for play and download. So, if you're yearning to relive the baseball season of '88, or simply looking for an entertaining and captivating sports film, be sure to check out Bull Durham.

A big fucking donut hole for 16.
A gork. You get a ground ball.
A new league record.
A staggering start by LaLoosh.
A woman should be so strong and powerful
About commitment to a young boy you can boss around.
Actually, nobody on this planet ever really chooses each other.
Afraid not, pal.
After 12 years in the minor leagues, I don't try out.
After sweeping the July 4 doubleheader the Durham Bulls were tied for first.
Ain't he warming up yet?
All my limbs put together aren't worth seven cents a pound.
All right, he's gonna throw the deuce now.
All right, here we go. Stay back. Relax.
All right, honey, let's get down to it. How was Ebby Calvin LaLoosh?
All right, Meat. Give him your heat.
All right, one and two. You can hit this shit. Relax.
All right, then.
All right, yeah!
All right, you've seen all his pitches.
All right! Good way to start, baby.
All right?
All right.
All right.
All right. Nobody's gone out there.
All right. Take the first shot at me.
Also, new league records.
And as the batter steps in...
And Crash, who kept hitting dingers
And don't hold the ball so hard, okay?
And for one extraordinary June and July
And frankly, sports fans, he used a certain word
And have a nice smile, does not mean you are not full of shit.
And he's breathing out of his eyelids like a lava lizard.
And he's not dim. He's just inexperienced.
And hooves and everything, that in another lifetime
And I am going to the Show.
And I believe in long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days.
And I don't wanna think about nothing.
And I don't wanna think about quantum physics.
And I think Susan Sontag is brilliant.
And I think this is one of those times.
And I wanna hear every damn one of them,
And if you ban me, he just might take that scoreboard away.
And kicked the holy shit out of Greensboro in a three game set.
And kind of dangle off your thighs and buns in such a wonderful way.
And kind of hold onto it for a few hours
And nobody seems to know what to get Millie or Jimmy
And now batting for the Bulls, number eight, Crash Davis.
And now WRDU radio presents
And now, "The Greatest Show on Dirt,"
And possibly the worst Durham team in half a century.
And pretty.
And the fundamental ontological riddles of our time,
And the good Lord willing, things will work out.
And the good Lord willing, things will work out.
And the good Lord willing, things will work out.
And the only church that truly feeds the soul
And the press will think you're colorful.
And The Sporting News didn't say anything about it.
And the winning streak came to an end with a 3 2 loss.
And then rechannel it into your pitching tonight.
And there are 108 stitches in a baseball.
And turned your right arm into a thunderbolt.
And what did he say?
And when you speak of me, speak well.
And woke up with a note.
And you just got lesson number one, don't think.
And you, Larry Hockett, should recognize me
Annie nailed you? Annie did?
Annie only wants you 'cause she can boss you around. Got it?
Annie Savoy. Wanna dance?
Annie says it'll keep one side of my brain
Annie says it's my new nickname.
Annie, you can't seduce me.
Annie. Annie.
Anybody ain't in this shower in ten seconds gonna get fined $100.
Anything bothering him?
Anything that travels that far ought to have a damn stewardess on it.
Anything that travels that far ought to have a damn stewardess on it.
Anyway, a good friend of mine used to say,
Anyway, my attempts at housekeeping were feeble as usual.
Are we gonna fuck or what?
Are you out of your mind?
Aren't you glad to see me?
At least the son of a bitch left me breakfast.
At the ticket box for her daddy, Cedar Baker.
Baby, come on. Fire one in here.
Back! Back! Back!
Bad news was it was the wrong guy.
Ball hit deep in the right field, off the wall.
Ball two, in the dirt.
Ballparks are like cathedrals.
Base hit to center field off LaLoosh.
Baseball may be a religion full of magic, cosmic truth
Beats the hell out of working at Sears.
Beautiful as the winning streak was, I was getting damn lonely.
Beautiful night for baseball here in Durham.
Because it doesn't work that way, you fool.
Because you got talent.
Because you weren't thinking about it, 'cause you were pissed off at me.
Beg me! Pretty please, beg! Pretty please, beg!
Begging the question, what are these boys thinking about?
Better find our "bonus baby."
Between your feet and your testicles.
Big club's expanding its roster to finish out the season.
Big club's got 100 grand in him.
Big mistake.
Breaking ball.
Bring it on, baby!
Bring it! Bring it! Bring it!
Bring it. Bring it. Bring it.
Bring it. Bring it. Bring it.
Bring me the gas.
Bring me the gas.
Bus leaves 6:00 in the morning.
But bad trades are part of baseball.
But he also said that there were times for discipline and self control.
But hope to turn it around tonight with the professional debut
But I still think you should leave.
But I'm sure nobody else did.
But it just didn't work out between us. The Lord laid too much guilt on me.
But it's also a job.
But most of all, it's out there.
But now I'm tired and I don't want to think about baseball.
But Nuke was still confused.
But the fact is, it's a spacious non time kind of time to it.
But why is he all twisting up like that?
But you don't respect the game, and that's my problem.
But, Joe, this guy's got some serious shit.
Bye, y'all. Bye.
Call me a cocksucker, and you're out of here!
Can I give you my testimony?
Can you believe it?
Can't you even let me enjoy the moment?
Charlie, here comes the deuce.
Charlie, here comes the deuce.
City Council Little League Cash Drop Day.
Come inside, I'll buy you a drink.
Come on, Annie. Think of something clever to say.
Come on, Crash.
Come on, Crash. Just relax. You got it, honey.
Come on, folks. Let's hear it for Max Patkin,
Come on, just once. I won't bother you the rest of the day.
Come on, man. Let me have some of that stuff.
Come on, Meat. Bring me that weak ass shit.
Come on, Meat. Throw me that weak ass shit.
Come on, Nuke. Settle down. Settle down, boy. Take your time.
Come on, Nuke. You're the man. No batter. Chuck hard, baby.
Come on, rook. Show us that million dollar arm
Come on, sweetie. I just want to have you alone for a second
Come on!
Come on. Get your ass in gear.
Come on. Put your hands together for Crash.
Come on. Show them what you got, Super Nuke!
Come on. You ain't getting that cheese by me.
Come over and sit down.
Come over here.
Couple flares drop in for me, I'm right back in the groove.
Crash Davis? I'm Joe Riggins.
Crash must have called the guy a cocksucker.
Crash tells me I gotta quit worrying about him
Crash took off at dawn.
Crash was right, Nuke had a gift.
Crash, Crash. Nuke, what's happening?
Crash, shut the door.
Crash, that was fabulous.
Crash, wait! All's I want is a date.
Crash, you got room!
Cut it!
Cute? Baby ducks are cute. I hate cute!
Dad would love a shutout.
Damn it!
Damn, Crash, how you doing?
Damn, nobody's ever said no to a date with me before.
Day in, day out, is the Church of Baseball.
Despite my rejection of most Judeo Christian ethics
Did you boys stop fighting?
Did you hear what I said? I'm going to the Show.
Did you hit me with your right hand, did you hit me with your left?
Did you hit me with your right hand, did you hit me with your left?
Did you see that? Because your delivery was fully integrated
Dim pretty boy.
Do you think I deserve to wear white?
Don't be such guys. Max, let's dance.
Don't I look nice?
Don't let him in your kitchen.
Don't take this personal, Millie, but if I catch you in here again
Don't think too much.
Don't think, just throw.
Don't think, just throw.
Don't try to strike everybody out.
Don't worry about it.
Don't you think?
Double off the wall by Higgins.
Drive careful.
Ebby Calvin "Nuke" LaLoosh,
Ebby Calvin LaLoosh.
Ebby tells me you taught him a lot about discipline and self control.
Ebby, honey.
Ebby's told me a lot about you.
Eight and 16.
English 101 and Beginning Composition.
Even if it is the Carolina League this is a chance to play every day.
Even if it probably is latent homosexuality being rechanneled.
Everybody into the shower!