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The Sweetest Thing (2002)

The Sweetest Thing (2002)

"The Sweetest Thing" is a romantic comedy film released in 2002. Starring Cameron Diaz, Christina Applegate, and Selma Blair, it follows the hilarious misadventures of three friends navigating the treacherous world of modern dating. Their comedic escapades take them on a wild road trip, filled with humorous encounters, unexpected romance, and hilarious mishaps. With its witty dialogue and silly antics, "The Sweetest Thing" offers a light-hearted and entertaining escape. If you're in the mood for a fun and sweet cinematic experience, you can watch and download the film here, immersing yourself in the sounds of laughter and love.

A good defence is the best offence.
A little slap. Slap me.
About this.
After hours party back at the hotel. These two pigs are good to go.
Again? God, she's like a hose. Go help her, please.
All bah jiggity about some guy.
All I'm saying is, make nice with the concierge, okay?
All right, I'm leaving.
All right, maybe a little bit.
All right!
All right.
All right. Okay .
Always in control. That way, she never has to get too close.
And I know that if I just take a chance with you, maybe, I don't know...
And I'll go jump off the Golden Gate Bridge now.
And if you're not, you can always just get divorced.
And is commanded...
And look at this. Everything he touches turns to sold.
And then I called him at the hotel...
And therefore, is not by any to be entered...
And this sad little tear slowly...
And very into pleasing me first.
And woke up with a handful of goo
And, eventually, if he's worthy, then one day...
Apartment three.
Apparently, one of the guys who was at the party flipped out...
Are you all right?
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
Are you tired of the game?
Are you, sweetie?
As I live and breathe, isn't it... It is little Mary Jane Burns!
At least I don't get that dizzy, head spinning nausea as much as I used to.
At the end of the night, she just splits.
Averag ish.
Averag ish. That's good. So what did you tell him?
Be able to use them as a belt by then.
Be careful with those fat free chips. They cause anal leakage.
Because I didn't like the way you treated my friend.
Because you're sitting on his face.
Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice.
Beneath the...
Big, fat rut.
Bitch. Made my life a living hell.
Boundaries are the enemies of love.
Bringing it down. Bringing it up now!
Buffy! You look like my old doggie Buffy. Hello, girl.
But I think you're pregnant.
But I'm sure the two of you will be really happy together.
But Judy is happy. She's scuba diving in Bali.
But that's only if you regretted it, which I don't regret it.
But, even still, because she said she was going to call...
Butwe are having the party. Exit in the back. It's to the left.
Buy some new ones.
Bye bye.
Can I do it agaln now?
Can I get that purse now, please?
Can it wait, please? I'm so hungry right now.
Can you believe him?
Can you take this? I'm a total loser. I just struck out with this guy.
Can you tell me where the bathroom is?
Careful, that's puke. Don't touch me.
Chicks freak on this guy. Come on, now.
Chris, it's Court I'm at the party with Leather Coat Guy,
Christina Walters?
Christina Walters. Yep. I know her.
Christina! Has anyone seen my little Christina?
Church bells.
Come on, it's Saturday and nobody's here, and Mr. Mooney...
Come on, try.
Come on!
Come on. 7 6.
Come on. What do you want from me? I was 16 years old.
Come to think of it, I did leave some ass in the back.
Commandment four.
Commandment number four: Thou shalt be open to love's possibilities.
Commandment number nine: Thou shalt love what's possible.
Copy that.
Could all this erratic behaviour be because this guy got under your skin?
Could you please have some compassion? Because I could go blind.
Cute boy.
Cute? He's adorable!
Dad. I met someone.
Daddy, stop it!
Damn it!
Dancing too much. How you doing?
Darn it. I think I peed on myself.
Dating is all about boundaries.
Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today...
Dearly beloved...
Did I mention that we have the Freddie Mercury Suite?
Did I mention that we have the Freddie Mercury Suite?
Did we have fun last night?
Do you have any Advil?
Do you understand?
Don't be gay in God's house. Give me a hit. Thank you. Let's do it.
Don't lie. Don't lie to Darth, Luke.
Don't make me laugh!
Don't move. You have a maggot right here.
Don't throw out anything I might need.
Don't worry about returning the favour. Men don't really like oral sex.
Dude! Where you been? Everybody's waiting.
Dude! Where you been? Everybody's waiting.
Even if I did regret not going to the party...
Every moment with her was like a slice of heaven.
Excuse me, Officer?
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Fifty percent of what people say when they're joking is true.
Figure this one out. Figure it out. Okay.
Follow the yellow brick road?
For not telling you I was getting married.
Forget it.
Fuck Grandma.
Fuck Grandma.
Fuck it! It's go time! Son of a bitch!
Fuck me. You have so much...
Fuck you.
Fucking Grandma.
Get up a little. Yes. Fore!
Girl, I've been shaking my ass all the way up this hill.
Give him the wrong phone number.
Give me your card, I'll call you sometime.
Go to the bathroom. I'll find seats.
Go, baby!
God, I haven't heard that name in ages.
God, I'm so glad I came back to the hotel room.
God, this marriage is such a big leap. It's really intense, Pete.
Goddamn it.
Goddamn. That is the funniest thing I have ever seen in my entire life.
Good girl.
Good. Can I have it? Thanks.
Gravity has taken them to there.
Great dream.
Guys, I don'twant to be that girl anymore.
Have a great day. Thanks. Bye.
He comes right into my face and starts telling me all this stupid stuff...
He doesn't have any piercings, does he?
He dreamed of Venus And played with his penis
He dumped me.
He is so cute. So stupid.
He is the shit and that's why he's in my wedding on Saturday.
He says he's been dying inside ever since I brought over my garment bag.
He says he's been wanting this for six months.
He showed up, missing an eyebrow, with a tattoo on his ass that says Bitch.
He was kind of cute.
He was very sweet and complimentary.
He will call up tomorrow when he realizes what a huge mistake he made.
Hello, and welcome to AOL Moviefone,
Hello, Miss Christina. How you doing? What you doing?
Hello? Hey, Court.
Here it comes, baby. Feel the monkey. Work the monkey.
Here's the purse.
Herewe go. Circle of love, circle of love!
Hey, Christina. Courtney.
Hey, Donny.
Hey, Jane.
Hey, Peter.
Hi, honey, how did it go?
Hi, Mr. Martin.
His name is Ricky. I think he's really special.
Hold on to it. Keep steering.
Hold these.
Honey will you just admit that you regret not going to this party.
Honey, we have gone over this.
Honey, you have to protect yourself.
Hook that fish and just throw him right back.
How are you stuck?
How can they even sell that crap?
How could you not know what a glory hole is?
How do you know his last name is Donahue?
How the hell do you know that?
I am fan fucking tastic.
I am scared enough as it is to go in there. What am I going to say?
I am so getting a pair.
I am so tired of playing games.
I bet you miss Grandma.
I bet you really miss Grandma.
I better go. But for real this time.
I came here tonight because I wanted to see you.
I came to just eat my cookie and make a phone call, but...
I can't believe he brought that bitch to our bar.
I can't believe I'm fucking a purple elephant.
I can't believe you grabbed his ass.
I can't believe you're going to Costa Rica.
I could see it in your eyes you liked her.
I didn't do anything to your friend.
I didn't even notice that. I must have spilled some soda on me last night.
I didn't get married.
I didn't handle it at all. I'm so sorry.
I don't even know you, but here I am, having this conversation with you.
I don't grab, okay?
I don't know what you're talking about.
I don't know where in the living room, and I don't feel like looking for it.