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2 Fast 2 Furious (2003)

2 Fast 2 Furious (2003)

2 Fast 2 Furious is a high-octane action film released in 2003. Directed by John Singleton, the sequel to The Fast and the Furious features a thrilling storyline centered around illegal street racing and undercover operations. The cast includes Paul Walker, reprising his role as Brian O'Conner, alongside Tyrese Gibson, Eva Mendes, and Cole Hauser. Packed with heart-pounding car chases and intense adrenaline-fueled moments, this movie is a must-watch for fans of the genre. Experience the sounds and excitement of 2 Fast 2 Furious by playing and downloading them right here.

A garage? How are we going to do that, bruh?
AGENT 1: Team Five, checking in.
Agent Markham. I've got them heading south on I 95.
AGENT: Freeze!
AGENT: Team Four, all clear here, too.
Ain't that some driving for your ass?
All right, all right, all right, fire them up!
All right, back up, back up. Get off the street. Off the street. Let's go.
All right, back up, back up. Let's go, let's go.
All right, check it out. There's no way we're gonna beat these guys straight up.
All right, girls, let's do this.
All right, here we go!
All right, Jimmy.
All right, ladies! We're good.
All right, let the party begin. Let's go!
All right, let's see what this thing can do.
All right, Miami's finest, let's see what you got.
All right, O'Conner. Who you got in mind?
All right, O'Conner. Who you got in mind?
All right, put on the seat belt.
All right, Rome, I got something for your ass.
All right, this isn't about being a good cop any more or doing your job.
All right, we got to get this under control.
All right, who wants a chance to win their money back?
All right.
All right. 10 4, man.
All right. I'll be there.
All right. Let's race.
All right. Money's in transit. Sit tight.
All units,
American muscle.
And don't let anybody stop you. Understand?
And he's crazy as hell, I'm telling you.
And he's got quite a record, including three years upstate.
And I can think of two reasons why Verone doesn't need that money any more.
And I tell you what, either you find a fourth or you don't race. How about that?
And I'll personally hand you $100,000 at the finish line.
And if I don't?
And it sits in an impound lot in Little Haiti.
And my rat here
And Roman Pearce needs to start taking responsibility for his own actions.
And the only direction it can go, is south.
And to make sure nothing happens to them, right?
And we ain't hungry no more either, right?
And we got two wired cars that are no better than that damn ankle bracelet of mine.
And you, I'll take my cutter back.
Anybody down for another race?
As soon as you get the right set of tools.
At which point,
Back it up, back it up. Everybody keep your heads real, real clear, all right?
Back up. Back up before you turn into barbecue around here.
Basically, he's the man to know in Miami. He's got his finger in absolutely everything.
Basically, once I became a cop, Roman saw me as a friend who became the enemy.
Be at Versailles Cafe at 6:00 a.m. day after tomorrow, ready to drive
Be careful.
Because tomorrow, Roberto and Enrique are gonna be riding along with you.
Before Christmas, guys.
Bilkins, the bird's in place.
BILKINS: Here we go.
BILKINS: We'll get someone else.
Blondie here is not a cop any more?
Born in Argentina, but he's lived most of his life in Miami.
Both you girlies shut up. Unbelievable.
Brian O'Conner, Roman Pearce, meet Monica Fuentes.
Brian, man, what's the hold up, bro?
Brian, man, what's the hold up, bro?
Brian, they're gonna kill you. I heard him telling Enrique and Roberto.
Brian, you're crazy, man!
BRIAN: Pearce!
BRIAN: Rome, no!
BRIAN: Stupid ass.
BRIAN: That's cool. That's too much chrome for me anyways.
Brian? Hello, you there?
BRIAN.' Yeah
Brian's woman is on her own with Verone.
Bring in the aerial ESDs.
Bro, what's going on?
But he did say that he bought us a window, I'm assuming from the local cops.
But I still got to kill you. It's my job.
But they've had a hard time getting the cash out.
But we need some good drivers that can put this asshole and his money together.
But we've never been able to put him and the money together.
By the way, you two owe me a gate.
Can't go more than 100 yards from his home.
Car. Boat.
Cars, cars. Where are the cars?
Cha ching!
Check her, homey. Check her.
Check it out!
Check this out right here, homey.
Check this out.
Come on, Brian, bring it home, man!
Come on, bro, let's get these cars.
Come on, cuz!
Come on, I need the cars. Where are the cars at?
Come on, let's take it to the truck.
Come on, man. Guns, murderers, and crooked cops?
Come on, Ray. Do it.
Come on, Rome.
Come on, stop that. I know you're better than that. Come on.
Come on, Tej! Let's get this race going!
Come on.
Come on.
Come with me.
Could you tell me, what would be a better motor
Customs agents sure are getting pretty, aren't they?
Customs has a fix on two cars going west on Beach.
Customs here has done a great job of getting us this far.
Damn, girl!
Damn, Rome, how do you like them apples?
Damn, Suki, when are you going to pop my clutch?
Damn, you can't play and play it for long.
Damn. You got a pen?
Darling, will you hold that?
Deserve better drivers, which is why we're gonna take them off your hands.
Did you know that your average rat can chew through a steel drainpipe?
Distributor cap.
Do I even want to know where the Skyline is, dawg?
Do not move an inch until I tell you to!
Do you hear me? Do you understand me?
Do you know what you're doing, man?
Do you really think that I would let somebody impound my car?
Do you trust me now?
Don't do that. Don't do that to me right now.
Don't drop the soap, big homey.
Don't even think about it.
Don't even trip, homey. Come on, man, can't you take a joke?
Don't make that run, Brian. Don't make that run.
Don't tell me to shut up, Brian!
Driver's licenses. Pass them up.
Drop it, hell. I want to hear about this, homey.
Drop it. I don't wanna talk about it.
Drop it. I don't wanna talk about it.
Each car does a down and back, tag team style. For slips.
Either that or you can go home, bruh.
Ejecto seato, cuz!
Eleven and a half months, and you slipped once.
Elian and Fidel!
End of the road.
Enjoying the ride?
ENRIQUE: Back in the car.
Ever since then, I've just been organizing and collecting, man.
Evo? Where'd you get an Evo from?
Excuse me, Mr. Verone would like for you to join him.
Expeditiously, man. I need it quick. What's up? Thank you. Thank you.
FEMALE PILOT: I've got them heading south on I 95.
Fifteen minutes, and then every cop in Florida's gonna be on you.
First team to go down and back twice wins the race.
Five minutes of her time, and she can get anything she wants from him.
Follow GPS.
For me, it's cops in particular.
For my Skyline, a Gallo 12 or a Gallo 24?
Found what you're looking for?
Get it off me!
Get off at Tarpon Point.
Get off me, man.
Get the gun.
Get your damn hands off me! Get him away from me, dawg!
Get your hands off me!
Girl, you know your boy can help you put that fire out! Look at the bubble on that.
Go sit down, I'll talk to you in a second.
Go stall them. Go stall them for, like, two minutes.
Go, Slap Jack! Go, baby!
Good move, kid. Let's see if you got the balls. Come on.
Good. Let's get a bird in the air. Tell him to keep his distance.
Got it.
Got something you want to say?
Got to go, dawg!
Handle your business. I'll handle mine.
Hands up!
He ain't getting out.
He always said he'd be famous.
He did the stare and drive on you, didn't he? He got that from me.
He flipped on Bilkins in L.A.
He gave his mark his car keys and let him disappear.
He had eight sets of wheels in his possession, each one of them hot.
He's clean. Dirty, but clean.
He's over there. Don't look.
Help yourself to a little champagne. Let's go.
Here we go.
Here's a list of the laws you broke in L.A.
Here's your money.
Hey, bro, check it out.
Hey, Carter.
Hey, make sure you bring that body by the garage later
Hey, man, can I clean your windshield, buddy?
Hey, man, everyone's here. Time for the show.
Hey, man, everyone's here. Time for the show.
Hey, man, how quickly can you organize?
Hey, man, I figured you had like 12 or 13 of these
Hey, man. You got something to eat up in there?
Hey, Tej, check it out. He's gonna be in town for a while.
Hey, tell me something, man.
Hey, you!
Hide the cars and get rid of him.
His rich ass.
Hold that.
Holy shit!
How long you been under?
How much he pay y'all anyway?
How you doing, O'Conner?
How you feeling, man? You all right? Thank you.
How you like that for a finale?
Hurry UP
I ain't in it.