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Short Term 12 (2013)

Short Term 12 (2013)

Short Term 12 is a thought-provoking film released in 2013 that explores the lives of troubled teens in a foster care facility. The movie delves into the complexities of their experiences, showing the challenges faced by the staff who care for them. The exceptional cast includes Brie Larson, John Gallagher Jr., and Rami Malek, who deliver standout performances. With its emotional depth and powerful storytelling, Short Term 12 leaves a lasting impact on its viewers. If you're interested, you can watch and download the movie to experience its compelling sounds here.

About sick, because the bitch is crazy.
Accusing all their parents of being sexual offenders.
Ah, big booty, big booty
Ah, big booty, big booty, big booty!
Ah, fuck you!
All fucked up now, damn near 18.
All I'm saying is, getting thrown in jail is not what you
All right, easy, easy, easy.
All right, I'll just be inside letting Marcus kick the
All right, I'll see you back at the office.
All right, we got a baseball game.
All right.
All right. I doubt it.
All right. Let's go see your room.
All the guys on the unit want her, but she won't give any of
All the pictures in my past ain't never fading.
All the pretty pictures in my fuckin' head is faded.
Almost cut my achilles.
And at this point I can't think of anything but whatever
And beat the shit out of them.
And every night the shark would be hungry, and Nina
And exactly as I make this decision, Wesley leans his
And he looks directly at Liza Green and he says, I know you don't know me.
And he's fuckin' laughing so hard. I've never seen anything
And he's telling us about his new job at the
And how do you know that?
And I always wanted to work with underprivileged kids.
And I don't know.
And I don't mean this in a pervy way or anything, but
And I think I speak for everyone here when I say,
And I was going for kind of a mushroomy thing in there.
And I'm dying because I ate the tacos that they serve
And if this is about her dad, it'd probably be best if you
And it comes with this.
And it's weird because I'm like, I have not heard Marcus
And last night, that girl sat next to me and she cried, and
And none of us would be here if it weren't for you.
And now he's going to start applying for classes next semester.
And since you're new, they're going to try and test you, see
And swim really, really fast with.
And that happened one time, and you weren't even here yet, so.
And that set him off, of course.
And that's when I notice there's another cappuccino on
And the second that my feet touch the ground, it is like a
And the shark replied, because that's what friends are for.
And then I'd sell them to her for $10 apiece.
And then just like in the fucking movies, bathroom door
And then she left, and never talked to him.
And there's just
And there's not one of them that I wouldn't die for.
And there's not one of them that I wouldn't die for.
And this guy raises his hand.
And we can go over it for
And Wesley is just there, doubled over, losing it.
And when I think about that trick that raised me, I think
And who do we see sitting there alone at a table?
And will be leaving us. Can I have his room?
And you just expect her to just come out and say it?
And, uh, I just
And, um, you can't keep your door closest.
Any other suggestions? Yes, Sammy?
Anyone, dessert first?
Apparently now he does.
Apparently. Yeah, I guess so.
Are you doing this just for me?
Are you done? Almost.
Are you fucking kidding me?
Are you going crazy?
Are you guys fucking stupid?
Are you OK?
As most of you are already aware, Marcus is turning 18
As soon as soon as she sits down, dude just goes beet red.
Assault and drug possession.
At the time, she leaves me at my gate duty for like three
Aw, damn it.
Aw. Oh, that blows.
Bat while he's sleeping?
Be so bad to give up one.
Because he knows that we can't touch him.
Because I'm done.
Because I'm not going to take his shit anymore.
Because she read you a children's story?
Because she was here asking for help, and you just send
Because we are going to be some amazing parents.
Because you always suck at it.
Bedtime, the overnighters will wash them.
Been here a little over three.
Bet your ma is real excited to see you next week, huh?
Better keep flapping them gums.
Big ass head over to me from across the aisle, and he says,
Big booty, number 10.
Billie Mae has done made pets out of everything but my pickled turnips.
Blake Johnson, dial 93, please.
Blake Johnson, dial 93.
Blow them out! Blow them out!
Blows raining down on the glow.
Bunch of strangers and tell them all the ways
But although I feel that way every single day, I know I
But Grace, she's standing right there, and she just lets it happen.
But I can't do this.
But I cannot do that if you won't let me in.
But I didn't care.
But I have been waiting for three years for you to tell me
But I'm going to say it in English so I don't embarrass
But then on Monday the shark showed up.
But then one day we were doing community meeting, and we ask for announcements.
But this is our fourth session together, and I'd really like
But when Jayden's social worker asked her about it, she
But yelling at me isn't an effective form of
Buttoned up shirt.
Bye bye.
Bye, Shawnta.
Bye. Bye, Shawnta.
Can I draw with you?
Can I shave my head? I was talking about food for the party.
Can we play Big and Small?
Can you help me?
Can you tell the doctor I need a higher dosage of Trazodone?
Can't handle me for yourself, you weak ass fuck?
Can't track down everyone who's hurt them.
Check it out.
Come on, come on. Guys, get Luis out of here.
Come on, guys. Let's go, Shawnta, let's go!
Come on, Jade.
Come on, Nate! Go.
Come on, she works here.
Come on, you know you can't keep the door closed.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on. Come on, sit over here.
Comes pouring down my legs.
Comfy seat.
Common gray seals can be found here in abundance.
Community announcements?
Community meeting is in five minutes!
Community meeting is now in session.
Cool, huh? Hmm.
Damn it. Will you watch the kids?
Dan, you have a visitor at the front gate.
De escalate my asshole, you duck fuckers!
Dessert? Dessert first?
Did he?
Did I do something?
Did you hear about Sammy? What?
Did you shart yourself again?
Did your dad ever hurt you?
Do too, I'm going to rip your fuckin' balls off and feed them to you.
Do whatever you want, OK?
Do you think I give a fuck?
Do you want to be my friend? he asked.
Do you want to go back?
Do you want to introduce yourself? Um, sure.
Do you want to talk about that?
Doctors snatched me out the snatch of pure evil with eagle claws.
Does he still hurt you?
Don't fuck with me, Jack.
Don't fucking call me Jade, you bitch!
Don't want to go home.
Dr. Stone
Dude, he's like a foot taller than me.
Ed, do you want some vittles today?
Enough that I was able to save up and buy one of those
Especially when they're friends of friends, right, Jack?
Eventually he gets on this bus, so I get on the bus too.
Every day that week, Nina and the shark would play together.
Everybody grab one.
Everyone sit down, please.
Everyone, one at a time, please.
Excuse me, excuse me.
Floyd? Your bike has a name now?
Food for Marcus' party, what are we going to do?
For taking me in when I was just a punk kid who was scared
For the past couple of years, she's been in and out of group
Foster parents.
Fuck that bitch, ****a, fuck that pain.
Fuck you, Floyd.
Fucking walk through this shit with you.
Get get the ball! Run, girl, run!
Get the fuck out of my room, you fucking
Get your ass over to the bench.
Go brush your teeth!
Go to your room.
Go to your room.
God, I hate that thing.
Goddamn much, OK?
Going to be living with my dad soon, and I don't really like
Good morning. Hi.
Got me pregnant.
Got the nerve to tell me you love me?
Got your young, dumb son pitching pigeons for money.
Grace and I are getting coffee at Ronnie's this morning, and we walk in.
Grace will vouch for it. It depends if you tell it right.
Grace, how's my cupcake?
Grace, I have been working with these kids longer than you've been alive.
Grace, I have been working with these kids longer than you've been alive.
Grace, I know talking like this is really hard.
Grace, where are you going?
Grace, you are a line staff.
Grace! Stay with the kids!
Grace. Hey.
Green. Fine.
Guys, I would always take forever.
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday.
Have to force it.
Have you ever been pregnant before?
Have you ever thought about the Olympics, Sammy?
Have you guys seen Jayden?
He doesn't want to leave.