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Snowden (2016)

Snowden (2016)

Snowden (2016) is a gripping and thought-provoking biographical thriller directed by Oliver Stone. This film tells the extraordinary story of Edward Snowden, a former CIA employee who leaked classified government documents, exposing mass global surveillance programs.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt delivers a compelling performance as Edward Snowden, brilliantly capturing his personality and internal struggle. Shailene Woodley shines as Lindsay Mills, Snowden's girlfriend, who stands by him throughout his ordeal. The talented cast also includes Zachary Quinto, Melissa Leo, Tom Wilkinson, and Scott Eastwood.

Immerse yourself in the tense atmosphere of Snowden with its captivating soundtrack, which enhances the thrilling narrative. From heart-pounding moments to contemplative interludes, the music perfectly complements the film's emotional depth.

Experience the intensity of Snowden by watching it or streaming its riveting soundtrack. You can play and download these sounds here, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in this gripping tale of government surveillance, individual privacy, and the pursuit of truth.

A career like yours? Where I'm miserable all the time? No.
A couple months ago.
A dragnet on the whole world, Corbin.
A friend of mine tells me about
A lot of them were American, which felt strange,
A program that could differentiate between foreign and domestic,
A stable love.
A warmer climate could help.
About how there's so many programs...
About how this is applied.
About less stress.
About what?
Absolutely, if it was a fair and public trial.
Act like a fucking journalist and stop stringing us along!
Actionable immediately. No one sees it.
After you. Oh, thank you.
Ah. Like an index.
Airborne or not, those bones will turn to powder.
All of which I read on the plane
All right, Glenn.
All right, let's see you strut it.
All right?
All right? Family comes first.
All right? It's issues of national security.
All right.
All right. Using your left hand only, pop the trunk.
All the people that he talks to.
All the way up.
All this fucking intelligence jargon is hurting our brains.
All you need to turn is one.
ALL: Happy birthday!
Allowed under the regime of President Vladimir Putin.
Am I a target?
Am I an engineer? Instructor and counselor, too.
An advantage in negotiations at the G8,
An amateur photographer,
An ambassador. Wow! (LAUGHING)
An ambassador. Wow! (LAUGHING)
An extradition agreement with Washington.
And a profile of every threat maker.
And a whole bunch of Russian billionaires.
And all the questions that used to keep me up at night,
And be safe, you pay the price of admission.
And because of Obama, actually.
And connection logs
And contacts over time.
And even so, I'm afraid that Salma will...
And go climb this fucking mountain. All right?
And going out all the time? You think you'd really want a career?
And has been questioned by the FBI
And he's currently banging Geraldine and Julie.
And he's not going to.
And heads of industry.
And hold it accountable,
And how this is a potential program run amok.
And I couldn't.
And I don't want anyone unauthorized in here again.
And I happened to notice you were on the site where we met,
And I lost that life,
And I need to be sharp for work.
And I promised her I'd change.
And I think
And I think anybody that's making that argument,
And I trust you.
And I went back to work at the CIA.
And I'm incredibly fortunate.
And I'm sorry. I never did it again.
And I'm very grateful you've looked out for me.
And I've been hired to shut them down.
And if his daughter had died?
And if I don't do it, then I don't know anybody else that can.
And if one unauthorized person knew? If Congress knew?
And if you want to stay, then we're staying.
And interrogated outside of the law.
And it was a matter of principle.
And it wasn't just the Japanese.
And it'll be turnkey tyranny.
And it's not easy reading.
And jammed it down our payload. Can you fucking believe that?
And justification is where I write...
And knowing where to pull from.
And lawyers, and policemen, and guards,
And let the people decide.
And Lindsay left pretty soon after that, and...
And no high school diploma.
And no one ever gets hurt.
And now that we've made contact,
And now, I...
And NSA post in the Middle East.
And protection around the globe.
And remains under investigation.
And restore it again.
And seizures without a warrant.
And the FBI raided their homes.
And the only thing you're really protecting
And the people won't be able to do anything, by that point, to oppose it.
And the President will keep his promise that got him elected...
And the world now has an example
And the worst?
And then eventually, at some point,
And then I'd count on another eight weeks or so
And then the big new challenge,
And then the order comes down. Pretty clear. Hit 'em.
And then they're gonna come for me.
And then this new job hit. So...
And then to Ecuador for political asylum.
And then you can fully extend once you feel stable. Ready?
And then you do the corners.
And then you have to watch all of that guy's contacts.
And there's that moment when
And these are, like, existing targets?
And these court proceedings are classified,
And they are gone in a cloud of dust.
And they have a station right up the street.
And they'll come as SQL injections and malware.
And they'll demonize me, and my friends and family.
And they'll say I endangered national security,
And they're gonna figure out what I've done.
And this is my DIA instructor's badge.
And to protect against abuse.
And ultimately, the truth sinks in
And we didn't stop there,
And we don't have nearly enough of those.
And we issue warrants based on suspicion.
And we were saying there's so many programs nowadays,
And we won't give up, and we will not be silenced.
And we're close to our families. I... I understand.
And when they try to scare us into sacrificing our basic human rights,
And when those in power try to hide by classifying everything,
And you deserve it. (LINDSAY LAUGHING)
And you don't have to end up in a cage, one room, a prison.
And you realize that you might be willing to accept any risk,
And you rip it out.
And you start to think, what could be more important than this?
And you're gonna use an encrypted e mail that I'm setting up for you.
And you're just now telling me?
And you're willing to just rip it all up again?
And your camera phobia?
And, for that matter, they could
And, Linds, I think it'd be best
And, uh, how you gained access
And, uh, that was a while back, and now they need an answer.
And, uh, we moved back in together.
And, um, point in the direction of the State Department?
And... Glenn.
Another broad and secret U.S. government surveillance program.
Any luck?
Any moment.
Any other influences?
Any programs you were unauthorized for?
Any server, any connection...
Anything could happen.
Anything you want.
AOL, Skype, YouTube, and Apple.
Apparently the Army's training people to shoot straight.
Are all of our SIGINT programs specifically targeted?
Are aware that Janine has a leaked top secret FISA court order.
Are considered an issue of national security,
Are not in Iraq or Afghanistan.
Are tapping directly into the central servers
Are they watching us?
Are you going away?
Are you gonna post that on Twitter?
Are you serious? What, in the name of a promotion?
Are you sure? Yeah.
As an infrastructure analyst for NSA in Hawaii.
As discussed? Thank you.
As long as the Espionage Act is being used against whistleblowers.
As long as the public is able to make their own decision
As they extend the capabilities
Asking if I want turndown service.
At the NSA's op center on Oahu.
Atlas Shrugged. Yes, sir. I believe that.
ATTENDANT: Beer, sir? Thank you.
Because even if you haven't done anything wrong,
Because I left a digital footprint in my logs, so they'll figure it out.
Because I'm happy with what I've done today.
Because it still needs editing, damn you.
Because my own is just temporarily on hold.
Because of work?
Because the U.S. government has revoked his passport.
Because we've used our power generally for the good of the world.
Because you live in a fairy tale land
Before we get on to the stories, I need to know more about you.
Believe me, you do not want to live with that burden.
Best I can tell, for weeks.
Between Janine and the intelligence services.
Bill Binney, Ed Loomis, and Kirk Wiebe.
Break through that door any minute,
Breaking news tonight. Reports that through a secret court order,
Bro, how many languages you speak, again?
Bullshit! The government knows that we have these documents now.
But Alan's our editor in chief, and I really think that...
But all around the world.
But between you and me, it was closer to 45.
But how would they know what you did?
But I can't because you could get very hurt.
But I know you would think I was doing the right thing.
But I thought you had resigned?
But I've gained a new one,
But is scared of telling her parents.
But let's just... Will you come sit down?
But Maryland was where things started to turn for me.
But my editor said she'd make an exception.
But not wittingly.
But same village, two, three days later.
But shockingly different from what you'd expect.
But sometimes these warrants have to be issued by secret courts,
But that was never my intention.
But that's... I mean, that's everyone in the Middle East
But the Guardian needs evidence that...
But the ultimate decision...
But then the next trial were just the judges,
But then, I would have to put it aside when visitors would show up.
But those who seek to make it known.
But we can post later tonight.
But when nothing worked, he did go to the press.