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Short Cuts (1993)

Short Cuts (1993)

Short Cuts is a critically acclaimed film from 1993 directed by Robert Altman. Based on the works of Raymond Carver, the movie intricately weaves together the lives of various individuals in Los Angeles. The extraordinary ensemble cast includes Andie MacDowell, Julianne Moore, Tim Robbins, Bruce Davison, and many more talented actors. With its interconnected narratives and honest portrayal of human struggles, Short Cuts became a unique and influential film of its time. To experience the sounds and download them, head over to our website.

A girl.
A hell of lot better than you'd think when she was just in a dress.
A little clot and some swelling.
A lot of things that didn't make sense...
A month.
A Mr. Walsh told me to call him in case I hadn't heard.
A potentially devastating insect
A pussycat.
A smokin' good time.
A young woman in Griffith Park was killed by falling rocks, apparently while hiking.
About an hour. What do you say I chauffeur you around...
About this painter, this painter named Larry Rivers.
After that, you can draw up. 4 of atropine. Excuse me. Excuse me.
Ah, I don't know. I think...
Ah, silly Daddy, sleeping on Mommy.
Alex Trebek? Yeah.
All right, it's not important. It's water under the bridge.
All right, now, you go run away. We don't want you anymore.
All right, tomorrow night we'll get a motel room.
All right! I'm coming!
All right? Yup.
All right.
All right.
All right. You have a nice afternoon.
All right. All right, Ralph. Okay.
All right. I understand. Okay. Don't worry.
All right. It's okay.
All right. It's perfect now. I want you to just hold this.
All they do is snort coke and talk.
All you have to do is come in and check up on everything and feed the fish.
Already? That was fast.
Always playing our little game?
And a concussion. Oh, no.
And about how Norman Mailer stabbed his wife in the breast.
And about this...
And all I could think of were those all night supermarkets, and...
And before he blew his brains out...
And besides... Gene, you were always with your family on the weekend.
And diligent suctioning.
And get out of my life!
And gettin' washed away.
And he knows this... this Wyman fellow. He says we're in good hands.
And he punched the window of a car out...
And he said he'd hate it if anybody did that to me.
And he was driving... he was driving terribly slow.
And he was working with Anita O'Day, and, uh... I forget.
And hears me working down in the basement, and so forth.
And his power is heart. Let's see. Where is his ring?
And I didn't tell your mother I was going over to Olla's house...
And I didn't...
And I get a load... Oh, Jesus. God, that woman was put together...
And I got a call this morning.
And I hear the sound of the water going down the drain...
And I know I'm just a gardener. I'm getting tired of this.
And I remember 'cause two of the girls' names was Kelly. Remember?
And I said, Olla... In fact, this is exactly what I said.
And I think that's very odd to say under the circumstances.
And I think we should say thank you.
And I thought you had to have a brain to think.
And I wait for this big Spanish motherfucker to come moseyin' down.
And I was just, like... I was about to drop my brushes and just fuckin'...
And I... Hell, you probably wouldn't be out here.
And I'm gonna make you stick it up that dick of yours.
And I'm just like, Oh, man!
And inside her perfect ass.
And is that supposed to be a baseball bat? Hi, Mrs. Schwarzmeier.
And it was Olla's idea not to involve your mother.
And kids, in the future, if you find a lost dog, report it.
And let's try to, uh, just, uh, forget about it, okay?
And let's try to, uh, just, uh, forget about it, okay?
And most of the news was bad. But still, we stood there together.
And move it to tenderness.
And now he is dead.
And now he is dead.
And now I'm not even supposed to say the word crack in front of them.
And now take your fingers and put them inside me and...
And now, unfortunately...
And poisons only them.
And really... Yeah! We can't do that.
And rub my hot, pink pussy?
And she is saying things like, uh...
And she says that she got cleaned up... for me.
And she says, I wondered what it would take...
And she's an artist, I think. Oh, yeah? What kind?
And somebody shot him. Oh, my God. What's the world coming to?
And somewhere hearts are light.
And somewhere men are laughing...
And suck on my joint, hmm?
And tell me exactly what happened.
And the responsibility that comes with that.
And then he pulled the car over to the side of the road, and...
And then Olla lied.
And then on... on the way to the hospital, she said...
And then to Cappy's, which was also closed.
And then we did it. We did it right there in the car.
And then, don't ever lie to me again, Marian.
And then...
And there's a net to catch the Planeteers in it.
And when did you find her?
And when did you report it?
And you know there's things you can't know for your own safety, right?
And, uh, she was dead.
And, uh... And then he started talking about Norman Mailer...
And, um, that's it. All right.
And... keeps him off the streets, anyway.
Ann? Ann Finnigan?
Annie, calm down, start from the beginning,
Any change in my grandson that you know of? I mean...
Any of those medflies get on you today?
Anyway, I go down. After a while, Olla...
Anyway, it squirts water... It looks like a real camera. Please?
Are we just going through the motions so certain people can cover themselves?
Are we there? We're here! Finally!
Are you cheating, Ralph? No, Marian. You cheat, remember?
Are you competing with Claire? For what?
Are you competing? Competing with who?
Are you free this weekend?
Are you gonna be Alex Trebek?
Are you guys actresses or models?
Are you happy now?
Are you kidding me?
Are you laughin' at me?
Are you working, Earl? Yeah.
Aren't those cool? Mmm.
Aren't those cool? Yeah, I don't really give a fuck about fish.
Aren't those nice?
Aren't you the big sportsman who's supposed to be bringing the fish?
Around his neck so quick, then pushed him over the fucking guardrail.
Around Joshua Tree, huh? A house on fire in Baldwin Hills.
Art... Where's Art Blakey? Where?
As soon as he crossed my path, boom.
As to whether the objectives are even realistic.
Ask for margarine.
Aspirated? What is that? He's got some fluid in his lungs.
At least 15 people have been injured and we're told one person died.
At least, I assume it's your son. I'm not from around here.
At my command...
At the gallery.
Aubrey Bell? Mommy, who's Aubrey Bell?
Aw, shit! Oh, Jesus, Ralph!
Baby, I've looked everywhere for you.
Baby? Mom?
Baby... How long you gonna stay on that phone, Lois?
Bad guys are winning, sir.
Bad... timing.
Baloney sandwich? Okay.
Bandini is the word for fertilizer.
Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Quiet!
Be right back.
Beautiful shot, man.
Because I have some very nice baseball designs.
Because... the cut was on his slide hand.
Beer and Jack Daniel's. Mom?
Being a cop isn't easy.
Being doctors and artists and all.
Believe me, I know. He's a... You don't know.
Believe me, that's fucked.
Better take it to the lost and found. Yeah.
Betty, the key doesn't work! Yeah!
Betty! Chad! It's me! Your dad's here.
Betty? No. No.
Big Ed pissed me off just a little bit.
Bill, this has taken fucking hours. Yeah, well, you know.
Bill, you've gotta do me sometime. Yeah, sure.
Brian, the n**** boy in 111.
Bring us back some of that country ham.
Bunny is my half stepsister. These your mother's kids or your father's kids?
Bunny, my ass.
But he used to have us paint with sticks and rocks...
But he's not about to give up drinking.
But I can always go back to me.
But I didn't, because I loved you so. I love you too.
But I don't like fishing in boats because I don't swim.
But I don't want a new dog. Let's get inside.
But I think that's his mother over there. Oh.
But I wanna know. I wanna know the truth.
But I'd say that they're tempered by the...
But it probably won't require any surgery.
But it should be on the application. Okay, I'll tell him you called.
But it was so close. He's such a little sweetie, too.
But it's a money call.
But it's neat. You're not all blown out, are you?
But it's... it's a common name.
But not. Mm hmm.
But some are very serious.
But there is no joy in Mudville...
But there was no answer. So, uh, the... the door was open.
But there's still more brain swelling.
But they don't have to operate. We're a little worried because he won't wake up.
But what irritates me, Marian... if that's the right word for it...
But with the medfly,
But you know Olla. Anyhow, she says, How's it going?
But you know we're gonna do the right thing in their bed tonight, right?
But, Jesus, it scared the hell out of me. Oh, Jesus. All right, were the cops there?
But, Jesus, there was no real...
But... I don't know now.
Bye bye, Harriet.
Bye bye.
Bye, Gene. Wally, Wally. Bye, Wally.
Bye, Wally. See you.
Ca... Nurse! Nurse! Come here!
Call a code blue and get me some help in here immediately.
Call Bob Winslow. No, wait, I'll call him.
Call me. Paul Grossman. I'll be your attorney, too.
Call toll free. We'll come to your home or office anywhere in California.
Can I have a beer? Thanks.
Can I help you? No, I just came to talk to my mom.
Can I what?
Can we start right at... at... By the way, how is your mother?
Can we start right... How did you do that?
Can we stop?
Can you feel it?
Can you hear me, son? Casey? Code blue. I.C.U.
Can you hear that?
Can you speak up, honey? I can barely hear you.
Can't do it. I got plans. Oh, Gene, come on!