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Forbidden Planet (1956) Adventure

Forbidden Planet (1956) Adventure

Forbidden Planet is a classic science fiction adventure film released in 1956. Set in the 23rd century, it follows a crew of astronauts who journey to an unknown planet. The film stars Leslie Nielsen as Commander J.J. Adams, alongside Anne Francis as Altaira, and Walter Pidgeon as Dr. Edward Morbius.

Directed by Fred M. Wilcox, the movie offers a captivating blend of mystery, action, and romance. The crew soon discovers that they are not alone on this planet, encountering a powerful yet invisible force that seems to be linked to Dr. Morbius' past. As they unravel the secret behind the force, they must confront their deepest fears and desires.

Forbidden Planet received critical acclaim for its groundbreaking special effects and imaginative storytelling. The film's electronic score, composed by Bebe and Louis Barron, was also pioneering, making extensive use of electronic sounds. The soundtrack adds an eerie and otherworldly atmosphere to the film, accentuating its futuristic setting.

If you're interested in experiencing the thrilling adventure of Forbidden Planet, you can easily play and download the sounds of this iconic film. Journey into the depths of the unknown and uncover the secrets that lie within Forbidden Planet.

A cube 20 miles on each side.
A dream.
A dream.
A good shipmate.
A guy could get a hold of some of the real stuff.
A household disintegrator beam.
A premonition.
A sheer bulk surpassing many million earthly libraries.
A simple blaster.
A statue.
A thing like this, it's... It's too big to evaluate.
Absolutely nothing must show, below, above or through.
Activate main batteries.
Activate main view plate.
Activate the disposal unit.
Actually, to operate...
Adjust your equipment accordingly. That is all.
After a million years of shining sanity...
After all, this isn't very near.
Afterwards, I lay unconscious for a day and a night.
Aim right between the eyes.
Aladdin's lamp in a physics laboratory.
Alarm for test.
All clear, sir.
All hands squared away to decelerate.
All hands, check equipment.
All hands, stand clear of fence area.
All of the really high civilizations go in for it.
All right, attention. Captain to crew.
All right, dismissed.
All right, get everything aboard ship.
All right, leave everything as it is. We're on our way.
All right, so it's impossible. How long will it take?
All right, we'll wait.
All right, you can look now.
All right. Good.
All right. Now, turn around here.
All right. We're down to 0.3896 of light speed.
All three of you are such very fine exceptions.
Almost at once there followed the discovery of hyperdrive...
Alta, about a million years from now...
Alta, go into my study.
Alta, I specifically asked you not to join us for lunch.
Alta, say you don't believe this of me.
Alta, this is your father's order.
Alta's whistle is above the pitch of human hearing.
Altaira. No.
Although working here, I sometimes wish I'd been blessed...
And do forgive the ill manners of an old recluse. Won't you come in.
And during all this time, what was the power source?
And fit in all the right places with lots and lots of star sapphires.
And I have come to the unalterable conclusion that man is unfit, as yet...
And I have, believe me, no wish to repeat that experience.
And I hope I don't see him again if I live to be 400 million.
And if you don't do something about it soon, Morbius...
And just how do you account for your immunity, Dr. Morbius?
And neither of you saw or heard anything.
And no trace of radioactivity.
And now this too. Harm my own daughter?
And only waiting to be reinvoked for murder.
And rank does have its little privileges, sir.
And so at last mankind began the conquest...
And so those mindless beasts of the subconscious had access...
And that's a good epitaph for any man.
And that's all the time? Even while the chief was being killed?
And then I'll put more guards on the guards.
And then I'll put more guards on the guards.
And then...
And there's your answer.
And until further notice, all hands will wear side arms.
And what is it you require this time, Miss Alta?
And when, in the course of eons, they had abolished sickness...
And yet in all these 19 years...
And yet you came back for a second go at it.
And yet, always in my mind, I seem to feel the creature...
And you can depend on it that...
And you suspect me?
And Youngerford, let me see, you were asleep in your bunk...
Another one of them new worlds. No beer, no women, no pool parlors.
Anytime you're hard up for a couple of gallons of lube oil, you just let me know.
Are you giving me the treatment? Are you?
Aren't...? Aren't these condensers out of my accelerator circuits?
As a matter of fact, you can't be in tiptop health without it.
As though his ape's brain could contain the secrets of the Krell.
As you can see, we're under no restraint whatsoever.
As you recollect from your briefing lectures, this is an Earth type planet.
As you requested.
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
Astrogator to crew. Stand by to change flux.
At least when our ship was approaching, you remembered enough to warn us off.
Attention. Captain to crew, attention.
Attention. Captain to crew, stand by to reverse polarity.
Attention. Captain to crew. Now, hear this.
Automatic control.
Aye, aye, skipper.
Aye, aye, skipper.
Aye, sir.
Batteries, fire.
Batteries, fire.
Batteries, hold fire.
Because my daughter is alive in my brain from microsecond to microsecond...
Before the first year was out, they had all, every man and woman...
Believe me, commander, that is only a foretaste.
Besides, why did that robot argue me into drinking...
Better check the command mike, skipper.
Better get this in by dark. Won't do any good...
Bigger than his now.
But absolutely no assistance of any sort is required.
But frankly, the book says no.
But he didn't recognize me.
But here's the big deal, sir. I'll bet any quantum mechanic in the service...
But I can't possibly leave him alone, I just can't.
But I'm immune, like both my parents.
But it doesn't look like Egyptian, cuneiform or Chinese.
But it's alive.
But like you, the Krell forgot one deadly danger...
But now she's defying you, Morbius...
But the second that fence shorts again, you lift off...
But then when you thought we were threatening your egomaniac empire...
But then, seemingly on the threshold of some supreme accomplishment...
But there is no direct wiring that I can discover.
But this much is negligible.
But what's it all for?
But why should people wanna kiss each other?
But you can imagine my joy when I discovered that the shock...
But you keep helping me. After all, you're not Robby.
But, commander, suppose these new instructions...
But, Father, lunch is over.
By 2200 A.D., they had reached the other planets of our solar system.
By some devilish thing that never showed itself.
Can't you? You don't realize what's loose on this planet.
Characteristic of a four footed animal.
Check the system first thing in the morning.
Check, good.
Chief, we'll drop below light speed in about three minutes.
Child's play.
Colloquial English will do fine, thank you.
Combat stations, blaster men, activate your scopes.
Come here. Over here.
Come now. Come.
Come on in.
Come on, Cookie, get out of the way. You wanna get run over?
Come on, Doc, let's have it.
Come round here, Robby.
Come, gentlemen.
Commander, I strongly urge you to reconsider.
Commander, may I borrow that formidable looking side arm of yours?
Commander! Put me down, sir!
Common lead would have crushed the vehicle, sir.
Consciously it lacked the power to operate the great machine...
Could this end one get you some coffee?
Creation by mere thought.
Cut me in, Quinn.
D.C. Set and punched on, skipper.
D.C. Stations. On the double.
Didn't bring my bathing suit.
Disabled here for 10 days and nights?
Do your best to wait it out for me and the doctor.
Doc, an invisible being that cannot be disintegrated by atomic fission.
Doc, he's up to something.
Doc, I don't understand.
Doc, will you talk some sense to this girl?
Doc, you stay right there where you are and keep your eye on that door.
Doctor, how did you come by such a mechanism?
Don't attribute feelings to him, gentlemen.
Dr. Morbius, a scientific find of this magnitude...
Dr. Morbius, everything here is new.
Dr. Morbius, I require landing coordinates.
Dr. Morbius, in the absence of special instructions...
Dr. Morbius, just what were the symptoms of all those other deaths?
Dr. Morbius, last night our klystron monitor was sabotaged.
Dr. Morbius, my orders are to survey the situation on Altair 4.
Dr. Morbius...
Drunk, sir? Me, sir?
Each division recording exactly 10 times...
Earth? I?
Easy with this core. Our M.G. Coils won't take us home without it.
Enough power for a whole population of creative geniuses.
Ethically, as well as technologically...
Even the Krell must have evolved from that beginning.
Eventually, I was able to deduce most of their huge logical alphabet.
Excellent lunch, doctor.
Except this special klystron frequency modulator.
Except you, Grey. You heard breathing.
Except, perhaps, in the form of this characteristic arch.
Fasten your seat belts, gentlemen.
Father, he's dead.
Father. Oh, Father.
Feel sorry for your daughter, Morbius.
Felt something go right through my head.
Fifteen seconds.
Fine technician.
Five seconds, four, three...
Five, 10, and 15 carats, and on hand.
For 2000 centuries it has waited patiently here...
For any purpose, Morbius.
For close on 20 years now I've been constantly...
For your convenience, I am monitored to respond to the name Robby.
Forgive me, I didn't mean to alarm you, gentlemen.
Four hundred and eighty pints.
Four pints of 120 proof bourbon without a trace of hangover.
Funny to see two moons in the sky, isn't it?