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The Legend of Bagger Vance (2000)

The Legend of Bagger Vance (2000)

The Legend of Bagger Vance is a movie released in the year 2000, directed by Robert Redford and based on the 1995 novel of the same name by Steven Pressfield. This sports drama film takes viewers on a journey back to the 1930s, providing a heartwarming story filled with themes of redemption, self-discovery, and the power of belief.

The movie stars a stellar cast that includes Will Smith, Matt Damon, and Charlize Theron. Will Smith portrays the enigmatic character of Bagger Vance, a mysterious and skilled golfer who arrives to help struggling World War I veteran Rannulph Junuh, played by Matt Damon. Charlize Theron takes on the role of Adele Invergordon, a young woman who owns a prestigious golf course and convinces Junuh to compete in an exhibition match against two of the greatest golfers of all time.

The Legend of Bagger Vance explores the journey of Rannulph Junuh as he battles personal demons and finds his way back to the game of golf. Haunted by his experiences during the war, Junuh's once-promising golf career came to a screeching halt. However, with the guidance and spiritual wisdom bestowed upon him by Bagger Vance, Junuh embarks on a quest to rediscover his love for the game whilst rebuilding his shattered life.

Throughout the film, viewers are treated to mesmerizing golf sequences beautifully shot by Robert Redford. The visuals, combined with a captivating soundtrack, create a magical atmosphere that adds to the film's overarching themes. The score, composed by Rachel Portman, perfectly captures the emotions and ups-and-downs experienced by the characters.

The Legend of Bagger Vance not only focuses on the game itself but delves into the spiritual and philosophical aspects of golf. It paints a picture of the sport as an allegory for life, teaching valuable lessons about determination, self-belief, and the importance of staying true to oneself. Junuh's journey resonates deeply with audiences, reminding them of the power of overcoming obstacles and finding purpose in life.

The film was met with mixed reviews upon its release, but its timeless story and powerful performances have ensured its place in cinematic history. The Legend of Bagger Vance stands as a testament to the transformative power of sports, showcasing the potential for growth and redemption that can be found within the realm of competition.

If you want to experience the magic of The Legend of Bagger Vance for yourself, you can play and download the sounds here. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking energy of the golf course, feel the exhilaration of victory, and witness the inspiring journey of Rannulph Junuh as he reclaims his place on the green.

In conclusion, The Legend of Bagger Vance is an impactful and heartwarming film that combines elements of sports, spirituality, and personal growth. With a talented ensemble cast, beautiful cinematography, and a memorable soundtrack, it captures the essence of the game of golf and the resilience of the human spirit. Whether you are a golf enthusiast or simply seeking an uplifting story, this movie is sure to leave a lasting impression.

A ball is deemed to have moved if it leaves its original position in the least degree,
A charming woman, Mr. Hagen. Although she gave me quite a fright for a moment there.
A couple of doglegs that were more dog than leg, but I I'd all in all, it was playable.
A degree in English Literature from Harvard,
A hero to boom that pill out past those golfin' gods !
A little bit of magic time.
A little golf might just do you some good.
A little late to be out lookin' for romance, though, isn't it ?
A little shorter.
A man's grip on his club is That's not what I'm talkin' about.
Aah ! [ Thud, Whimper ]
Aaron, you think you can find the young man a bottle of Nehi ?
Actually, I'm kind of partial to dancin'. Me and this gal
Adele !
Advance !
Against Bobby Jones and Walter Hagen ? Yes, sir !
Ah, Jesus.
Ain't a soul on this entire earth ain't got a burden to carry he don't understand.
Ain't it, Mr. Rice ? Why is that, son ?
Ain't that Miss Adele now across the street ? Where ? Where ?
All come together.
All he's got to do is pick up one stroke...
All our wouldas and couldas and shouldas.
All right ! Play will continue !
All right, all right. Hold it, hold it ! Hold it, everyone !
All right, everybody. Comin' through. Out of the way.
All right, time to go.
All right. What's the field ?
All that was
All we gotta do is get ourselves out of its way.
All with distinction.
Almost like he was searchin' for somethin'.
An iron.
An iron.
And a law degree from Emory University here in Georgia,
And a wild thought began to percolate through the crowd.
And all you are seek it with your hands.
And anything in between.
And as for Junuh This is becoming embarrassing.
And do quite well at them.
And do their own measurements.
And every business who worked for him, instead of declaring bankruptcy...
And finally... come the memory cells.
And first the sadness cells die,
And has a lock picker's touch around the greens.
And he beat it back with a broom.
And he picked up another stroke when Jones bogeyed the second.
And he's staying at our boarding house, because he's nobody's man.
And his only glimmer of hope for the entire round.
And hit the ball six inches from the hole.
And how long to dry tobacco leaves before they make a good smoke.
And how you hit a drive so long...
And how you used to swing righty,
And I am buildin' it right here in Savannah.
And I been thinkin', I couldn't have picked a better way to end it.
And I don't know what to do ?
And I have no intentions of losing my last match.
And I intend to pay them off.
And I was sure he was on his way.
And I'll carry Junuh !
And in the end it all turns out the same.
And it's just you and the ball, and there ain't nobody to beat up on but yourself.
And John Invergordon, havin' spent his last dime on his great dream,
And Junuh, well, even now I can't think of it without wincin'.
And kept makin' remarks about how much Hagen's socks must have cost...
And Lord knows how awful you're gonna look if you do.
And now I'm supposed to just run into your arms and melt like butter on a hot muffin ?
And now, sadly, here is Savannah,
And our very own Rannulph Junuh !
And she moved on with her life,
And she moved on with her life,
And so will you.
And that ain't all. Junuh's gonna play.
And that shot is gonna choose him.
And that's Grantland Rice, the most powerful sports writer in the country.
And that's to apologize.
And that's Walter Hagen's man, Spec Hammond.
And the easy shots look even easier.
And the old hero of Savannah just reappear all by hisself.
And the turnin' of the earth...
And the way you're playin' ! You're simply destroyin' any chance...
And then Mr. Junuh.
And then settle back again, Junuh.
And then the quiet cells go,
And there was a meeting to see who would stand up for Savannah in the match,
And they was just lookin' at me like I was stupid or crazy or something.
And things don't go its way, so it just gives up, and the good Lord takes everything back ?
And things would've been a lot worse if it weren't for Junuh's shot on the sixth.
And this is the point ! [ Man ] I heard he just disappeared.
And to be forgotten.
And two more strokes on Hagen when he double bogeyed the third.
And two to carry him !
And unable to face a return to a hero's welcome,
And until he left for the war, was considered...
And we'd like to use all of you as our main suppliers.
And when Bobby kicks his game into high gear, he's in for a big surprise.
And with them, the defeated, uncertain men who returned lacking the vigor...
And you were in the room watchin' all the time ?
And your supporters, who are every man, woman and child in Savannah,
Any ideas ?
Any time now. Okay.
Anybody drinkin' ? Here. I'm gonna get a drink.
Approach shots which fell to earth, as Sam Snead once put it,
Are gonna follow the sun.
Are so demoralized that they can barely hold down their lunches.
Are you sure ? Go ahead.
As a woman waitin' with no end in sight,
As Bagger once said, it's a game that can't be won, only played.
As for Captain Rannulph Junuh and Adele Invergordon,
As I do about driving a locomotive.
As the day and the second round came to an end, there was genuine excitement.
As we all have.
Ask anybody. It's fun. It's hard.
Assuming, of course, you didn't die on the second hole.
At least not so much as they seem to think it is. But it don't scare me none.
Axle snapped. So he learned how to do everything with his teeth.
Bagger never wrote down a number.
Basically, what I'm trying to say is is that I'm sorry.
Because I'm not.
Because to the untrained observer it appears you know as much about being a caddie...
Because you're playin' ! That's all there is to it ! Savannah needs you, Junuh !
Been a hard time for the boy.
Before she ever got to her knees.
Between Bobby Jones and Walter Hagen,
Big smile. No, don't stop dancin'. Stay together.
Bobby Jones and Walter Hagen are comin' to Krewe Island ?
Bobby Jones ever played.
Bobby Jones never finished lower than second in any tournament he ever played in.
Bobby Jones's swing was a study of grace in motion.
Born and bred in Savannah, Georgia !
Boy, makes you think twice about steppin' on his ball, doesn't it, Bobby ?
Brave, valiant, glorious.
Busy ? I thought you were gonna say drunk.
But Then Tell me what to say.
But Adele, bein' a woman of the South,
But he says he'd rather do nothin' at all than something beneath his dignity.
But he's not gonna give me his crown. Neither is Bobby, and neither am I.
But how exactly do you intend to accomplish that ?
But I guess I just ain't got the nerve to ask you yet.
But I'm not busy and I'm not drunk.
But I'm not clear how this is an urgent matter for the American Red Cross.
But it doesn't matter.
But it sure reached every nook and cranny in Savannah.
But it was said that Junuh had been on track to becomin' the greatest golfer...
But it's not my fault.
But no matter how good a fighter you are,
But not if it merely oscillates and comes to rest in its original position.
But not seem that what I did was ill intentioned, because it was not.
But nothing could have prepared him or anyone...
But now I'm on the receiving end.
But on a matter of great importance to no less than Savannah herself.
But once I did, I wasn't backin' down.
But that doesn't much matter, 'cause we got billions more.
But that's just about all I believe I can raise...
But that's okay, because the stupid cells go next,
But there's only one shot that's in perfect harmony with the field.
But we also need someone from Savannah...
But what if something comes up...
But what is not well known is that at the very same time...
But whatever it was, it could not have been as unbearable...
But you ain't alone.
But you been carryin' this one long enough.
But you was in the woods once by this tree, and there was no room to swing righty,
By havin' the men they trusted most sneak onto the course at night...
Can I get a smoke ?
Can you see it ?
Can't see that flag as some dragon you got to slay.
Captain Junuh ?
Captain Junuh ?
Captain Junuh ? [ Men ] Whoo.
Captain Junuh.
Cars ! Get your cars, boys !
Chattanooga ?
Come on, let's hit a few more.
Commitment to her father's dream, possibly the most
Considering how infrequently we've seen each other since you've been back,
Could you give me a club ?
Could you hold, please ?
Could you hold, please ?
Cross my heart. Ain't nobody gonna know.
Damn game.
Daughter of the wealthiest man in Savannah.
Decorated with the Medal of Honor...
Dedicatin' herself to her father's dream.
Determination. Pure determination.
Did I miss somethin' ? Did I ? Or are we not in the midst of a great depression ?
Did something happen since we talked last night ?
Did you know that ? I did.
Did you know, Mr. Jones, that reprobate Mr. Walter Hagen
Do you think Junuh can win ?
Does he have a shot ?
Does it look like 180 yards to you ? No.
Don't bother. I'm not sellin'.
Don't make no sense, is all.
Don't work that way, is all.
Duffs and tops and skulls.
Even the blind squirrel finds an acorn now and then, Bobby.
Even though I told them all you had to do was pick up one stroke...
Evenin', sir. Mm hmm.
Ever. That's all I'm sayin'.
Every four holes of the next 54 holes, right ?
Every four holes, and he wins.
Except, of course, Krewe Island.
Excuse me, sir.
Expect I could. Just as long as I takes my money with me.
Fact is, there ain't enough whiskey in the state of Georgia to get me drunk enough.
Fact, they'd probably be happy as bugs in a bake shop, see you pack up and go home.
Feel it. Your hands is wiser than your head ever gonna be.
Feel that focus.
Fella gonna be needin' a caddie.
Five, ten grand for two days' work.
Fix your eyes on Bobby Jones.
Followed by another grueling thirty six holes on Sunday.