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WarGames, a thrilling movie released in 1983, brings the world of technology, espionage, and nuclear war to the screen. Directed by John Badham, this gripping film stars Matthew Broderick as David Lightman, a young computer whiz-kid who unwittingly hacks into a military supercomputer, believing it to be a harmless, interactive video game. However, he soon discovers he has initiated a countdown to a global thermonuclear war. As tension builds, David teams up with his new friend and fellow computer enthusiast Jennifer, played by Ally Sheedy, to prevent the catastrophic conflict from becoming a reality.

With its exciting plot, memorable performances, and thought-provoking themes, WarGames captivated audiences and became a cult classic. The movie's soundtrack, composed by renowned musician Arthur B. Rubinstein, perfectly complements the suspense and drama onscreen. From the iconic computerized sounds to the heart-pounding score, the music adds an extra layer of intensity to this gripping tale.

If you're a fan of WarGames, you can relive the excitement by playing and downloading the sounds and soundtrack from this captivating movie. Immerse yourself in the world of cyber warfare and embark on a thrilling journey with David and Jennifer as they race against time to save the world.

A movie star.
A Pentagon spokesman places blame on a computer malfunction,
A.k.a. Stephen W. Falken.
After the gates are closed, nobody gets in or out.
Alienated from his parents, has few friends.
All right, enable missiles.
All right, I'll be right down.
All right, Lightman.
All right, Miss Mack. You're confirmed on Pan Am's flight 114,
All right, stand by.
All right!
All right!
All right!
All right.
All right.
All right. Flush the bombers, get the subs in launch mode.
All right. Smoking or nonsmoking?
All stations, this is Crystal Palace initiating emergency conference.
All stations, this is Crystal Palace.
All you have to do is throw the number away and don't call it again.
Already done.
Although primary goal has not yet been achieved,
And 40 miles visibility.
And break into our system.
And I need a really big favor.
And launch my missiles in 28 hours.
And no terminal is in operation at your classified address.
And possibly PCP.
And some are not up to it!
And started again.
And stole our missile codes.
And there are men from the FBI asking all these questions.
And tomorrow it would just be over.
And watch him die.
And we've got 100,000 Soviet troops massing in East Germany.
Any further than I could throw it.
Anyone there?
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
Are you a paleontologist? I need a paleontologist.
Are you sitting comfortably?
Are you watching the news?
As to why a bright boy like this would jeopardize the lives of millions?
Assuring that the problem has been corrected.
At 8:15 a.m. On 18 August.
At this time, we cannot positively confirm the inbounds.
Because it's a boring game. It's always a tie.
Because they refuse to turn the keys when the computers tell them to!
Because you don't pay attention in class.
Beef up, huh?
Before they are planted will...
Before they are planted will...
Believing that the Soviets launched a surprise missile attack.
Better get the old man down here.
BMEWS confirmed a massive attack.
Bo! Bo! Bo...
Boy, are you guys dumb. You're so dumb.
But aren't you Stephen Falken?
But humanity planning its own destruction...
But I think we are gonna need a little time to sort things out here.
But if you give me five minutes, I'll show you something.
But in 30 days we could replace them with electronic relays.
But in a nuclear war, we can't have our missiles lying in those silos
But it'd help to beef up security around the WOPR.
But please, will you do this for me?
But someone on the outside fed an attack simulation into the main.
But the economy will be great then.
But the point is that the key decisions of every conceivable option
Can I just talk to Mr. McKittrick? I know what's... Ah!
Can I talk to McKittrick?
Can you explain the removal of your user account
Can you make it play itself?
Can you make it play itself?
Can you still change it?
Can't they stop it?
Can't they stop it?
Can't you write to him or call him?
Check everywhere. He can't be far. Let's move.
Check for malfunction and report confidence.
Checking under Dr. Robert Hume, H U M E, on Tall Cedar Road.
Children, come over here.
Christ! Now they got us chasing shadows.
Classic case for Soviet recruitment.
COC, I need Dr. McKittrick right away.
Colonel, would you mind relinquishing your command, sir?
Come on, I don't even know the guy's name.
Come on, we'll find a boat.
Come on! Come on!
Come on. Learn, goddamn it!
Computers in the silos would carry out their last instructions. They'd launch.
Confidence is high. I repeat, confidence is high.
Conley, take us off full alert.
Could someone tell me, please, who first suggested
Could we have pills and cook the corn?
Could you tell us who first suggested the idea of reproduction without sex?
Damn it, John, I want some answers and I want them now!
David Lightman, hold it right there. FBI.
David, David...
David, uh...
David, what's happening?
Depending on what information you want, you press a button.
Did I tell you that next week...
Did you know that no land animal
Do the world a favor and don't act like one.
Do we need a rental car? No.
Do you kids think you own this place?
Do you know what kind of idiot that makes me look like? Or the general?
Do you really believe that the enemy would attack without provocation,
Do you think maybe I can tell Michelle?
DOD pension files indicate current mailing ad...
Doesn't identify itself.
Don't run. Somebody could get hurt.
Don't want anyone to slip and fall, so we'll end the tour here.
Don't you think I would've tried that?
Dr. Falken's health deteriorated."
Eight inbound Soviet ICBMs already over the pole.
Estimate reentry at 19 23 Zulu.
Estimated impact, 11 minutes. Target area, western United States.
Estimated time remaining:
Estimates damage, counts the dead, and looks for ways to improve the score.
Exactly. There's no way to win. The game itself is pointless.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
External power disconnected.
Extinction is part of the natural order.
Falken is dead."
Falken. Dr. Stephen Falken, F A L K E N,
Five numbers. It's got half the code.
Flight profile suggests Soviet backfire bombers.
Follow path.
For more on the story, let's go live via satellite to Washington, D.C.
For real!
For security reasons, they graciously arranged my death.
For Sunnyvale, California. The number for Protovision.
From sudden left field inspiration.
Futility. That there's a time when you should just give up.
Game time elapsed:
Gate. Open gate, through gate, close gate.
General, are you prepared to destroy the enemy?
General, DBS is tracking
General, nobody is talking about entrusting
General, we all know they're fine men.
General, you are listening to a machine.
Generators on and functioning.
Gentlemen, we've had men in these silos
Gentlemen... I'll recommend McKittrick's idea to the president.
George is with the FBI. He brought the kid in.
Get me an update. I wanna know what those bastards are up to.
Get me the senior controller at those stations. I want to talk to them.
Get on to SAC. Tell them to hold steady.
Get out of the way.
Get out, Lightman. Get out.
Get the ICBMs in the bullpen warmed up and ready to fly.
Get the men out of the loop.
Give it a thump.
Go ahead.
Go to DEFCON 2.
God, this is so unbelievable.
Goddamn it! We didn't get a launch detection from our satellite!
Good night, Jennifer.
Good night.
Goose Island, Oregon.
Got it. Here it comes.
Gotta make a note of that. Might come in handy someday.
Have you ever heard of the word "tumulus"?
Have you gotten any insight
Having tactical and strategic applications."
He asked me, "Colonel, why are we at DEFCON 4 as we are right now?"
He designed them so that they could play checkers or poker, chess.
He designed this computer so that it could learn from its own mistakes.
He fits the profile perfectly.
He never understood the practical uses of his work.
He was into games, as well as computers.
He wasn't very old.
He's got one. When he gets 10, he'll launch the missiles.
He's got to be working with somebody else.
He's intelligent, but an underachiever,
He's not dead.
He's not dead. He left.
He's the only one who knows what it can do.
Hello, David. John McKittrick. I run the computer facility here.
Hello, General Beringer! Stephen Falken.
Hello, I'm Pat Healy.
Hello. Are you still playing the game?
Hello. Yeah. What?
Her room's upstairs.
Here, look at this.
Here. Let's see what we have so far.
Hey, you got a bank.
Hi, Lightman!
Hold at DEFCON 4 till we find out exactly
Hold him where you had him before. We'll be leaving soon.
Hold it, hold it.
Hold the door! Hold the door!
Hold the goddamn door!
Holy shit!
Honey, David has something to show you.
Hop on.
How about a nice game of chess?
How about screwed up?
How are you?"
How can it ask you that?
How do I get into that system? I want to play those games.
How far has it gone?
How many times have I said to fasten these lids on tight? Look at this!
How much time?
How you doing?
I agree with authentication also, sir.