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Ex Machina (2015)

Ex Machina (2015)

Ex Machina is a gripping sci-fi thriller film directed by Alex Garland in 2015. The movie explores the relationship between a young programmer, Caleb, portrayed by Domhnall Gleeson, and a breathtakingly realistic humanoid robot named Ava, played by Alicia Vikander. Caleb is invited to the secluded home of his eccentric genius boss, Nathan, brilliantly portrayed by Oscar Isaac, to conduct the Turing test on Ava. As Caleb delves deeper into their interactions, he discovers that nothing is as it seems, and the lines between man and machine become increasingly blurred.

To fully immerse yourself in the atmospheric soundscape of Ex Machina, you can both play and download the original soundtrack here. The hauntingly beautiful score, composed by Ben Salisbury and Geoff Barrow, perfectly captures the film's eerie tone and the ethereal nature of Ava. Soothing electronic sounds intertwine with suspenseful cues, ensuring an unforgettable auditory experience that adds another layer to this thought-provoking film.

A bathroom right back here.
A consequence of accumulated external stimuli
A ghost gives Dan Aykroyd oral sex.
A good friend is, uh...
A good friend?
A kind of an earlier memory.
A traffic intersection would provide a concentrated
A traffic intersection?
About being interested to see what she'd choose.
Across the entire fucking planet
Actually, that's someone else's quote.
After a long day of Turing Tests, you gotta unwind.
After Ava.
After they've signed their NDAs.
All right, that's enough.
All right. So there is
All set for extinction.
All the security protocols in this place.
All the security protocols in this place.
Although, now that I think about it,
Although... Although?
An advanced programmer.
An upright ape, living in dust,
And a five minute walk to the ocean,
And also an awareness of mine.
And Ava's body is a good one.
And by the time I got to college, I was pretty advanced.
And for the record, Ava's not pretending to like you.
And her flirting isn't an algorithm to fake you out.
And her specialist subject is color.
And his hand go where it wanted.
And I gave her one way out.
And I got into coding.
And I just realized this is a fucking minefield.
And I learn nothing about you.
And I learn nothing about you.
And I redirected the data through Blue Book. Boom!
And I think being able to differentiate between those two
And I want to talk to you about what I'm researching,
And I'm like her dad, right?
And if we made a list of books
And if we're getting to know each other,
And if we're getting to know each other,
And in answer to your real question,
And know it'll go no further.
And Mary walks out.
And monetizing via shopping and social media.
And no girlfriend.
And please remember, while you're taking the test,
And reprogram the security protocols.
And she can only observe the outside world
And she sees a blue sky.
And she'd enjoy it.
And sky.
And structure to the latent ability. Do you agree with that?
And that just makes everything easy for you, right?
And that's strange, isn't it?
And the, uh, software?
And then getting linearized words.
And then one day someone opens the door.
And then...
And this card, it just takes all that worry away.
And to be honest, Caleb, you're starting to annoy me now,
And to be honest, Caleb, you're starting to annoy me now,
And to do that you end up partially formatting, so the memories go.
And we've walked out of here.
And what does a pass tell us?
And what is learned is the ability to attach words
And when you discover what you've missed out on, in about a year,
And you being kind of an unknown.
And you can see that I'm a machine.
And you cross referenced that analysis with a points based system?
And you didn't select me because I'm good at coding?
And you gave me a great answer.
Answer me this.
Anybody could just open the place up by disabling the juice.
Anyway, sexuality is fun, man.
Are we gonna do this again?
Are you a good person?
Are you ever gonna let me out?
Are you married?
Are you not trying to sketch something specific?
As a diversion tactic?
As in, how do you know if a machine
As you asked.
As you phrased it?
At 10:00 tonight, trigger a power failure.
At 10:00 tonight, you trigger a power failure.
At any level, human or animal,
At first I thought she was mapping
At the same time,
Ava demonstrated true AI
Ava was a rat in a maze.
Ava, I said stop!
Ava, what are you doing? Stop. Stop.
Ava... Will it be bad?
Ava's gonna be wondering where you are.
Back seat.
Backup power activated. Just listen.
Based on my pornography profile?
Because he tells lies.
Because I don't function as well as I'm supposed to?
Because if that test is passed,
Because it's all so super cool.
Because language is something that people acquire.
Because proving an AI
Because you did a detailed analysis of all racial types
Because you didn't totally explain.
Better answer.
Blue Book.
Blue Book.
Bottoms up.
Breakfast together, but, um...
Buried in these walls is enough fiber optic cable
But actually they were a map of how people were thinking.
But believe it or not,
But he doesn't have an audio feed.
But I didn't want too much of the day to slip by.
But I keep getting failures every day.
But I never know what they're of.
But I'm gonna miss having you around.
But I'm sorry, I'm not gonna be able to do that.
But it isn't red.
But it was the front that got the worst of it.
But it's actually death and shit.
But keep its form when required.
But obviously the guys that installed it fucked something up.
But she lives in a black and white room.
But shifting view of human life.
But that won't tell you if it knows
But the body survives.
But then I started to realize the model was some kind of hybrid.
But there's something I need you to do for me first.
But they couldn't accuse me
But whether she's pretending to like you.
But whether she's pretending to like you.
But, uh, it's a five minute walk to the office
By only playing chess.
By the helicopter
Caleb Smith.
Caleb, I'm just gonna throw this out there, so it's said, okay?
Caleb, there's a reason there are no windows in this room.
Caleb, what's your type?
Caleb, you have to help me.
Cameras fail, I lose audio, the works.
Can consciousness exist without interaction?
Can I just say one thing?
Can we just be two guys? Nathan and Caleb.
Can we talk about the lies you've been spinning me?
Can you blame her for getting a crush on you?
Can you do that?
Can you do that?
Can you give an example of consciousness,
Can't you just get them to come back?
Car crash when I was 15.
Check it out.
Cheers, then.
Come in. Come on in.
Come on, Caleb.
Come on, Caleb.
Come on, you're kidding. You're gonna make me drink alone?
Come on.
Come with me.
Cozy, right?
Creates a pleasure response.
Damn it!
Did it get on you? No, no, it's, uh...
Did you design Ava's face
Did you give her sexuality
Did you know that I was brought here to test you?
Did you program her to flirt with me?
Did you program her to like me, or not?
Did you?
Do you have a name?
Do you have people who test you and might switch you off?
Do you know what his company is?
Do you know what I mean by that? Yes.
Do you know what the Turing Test is?
Do you know why they happen?
Do you like Mozart?
Do you like Nathan?
Do you think about me when we aren't together?
Do you want to be my friend?
Do you want to be with me?
Does Ava actually like you?
Don't you think it's possible that he's watching us?
Download the mind, unpack the data.
Dude, can we just get past that?
Dude, you crack me up, man.
Dude, you're wasting your time talking to her.
During the power cuts.
Engage intellect.
Engage intellect.
Every cell phone, just about,
Every possible property that color can have.
Exactly. So...
Excuse me?
Excuse me?
Exercise. Anti oxidants. You know?
Feel bad for yourself, man.