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The Gunman Trailer

The Gunman Trailer

"The Gunman" is a gripping action thriller film directed by Pierre Morel, released in 2015. Starring Academy Award winner Sean Penn, this heart-pounding story follows Jim Terrier, a former special forces soldier haunted by his past. As he races against time to clear his name, the film showcases explosive action sequences and intense performances by supporting cast members such as Javier Bardem, Idris Elba, and Ray Winstone. If you're a fan of adrenaline-fueled movies, you can experience the excitement of "The Gunman" and many more by playing and downloading them here.

And a growing humanitarian catastrophe.
And everybody wants to kill you for something.
But it didn't work out that way.
Don't you have to go to work today?
I can see the company's perspective.
I did some bad things.
I go to go, Stan. Do you hear me?
I got to go.
I have names, dates...
I recorded everything.
I recorded virtually everything.
I'm gonna throw it out where the world can see it.
I've got to grab some stuff and gout out to the site.
Is that clear?
It's the biggest mistake I ever made.
It's the one shot you got.
It's the ones who aren't after you that do you in the end.
Just triggered violent confrontations
Keep your eyes opened, my friend.
Let the real fun begin!
Let the real fun begins!
Tell me.
The company is clearing house.
The unclaimed assassination
Then we've got nothing left to talk about.
Then we've got nothing left to talk about.
They set me up!
We did some bad things.
We thought we were helping.
We understand you have some information.
What are you doing over there?
What's going on, Jim?
You always worry too much, Jim. The past is the past, my friend.
You are the designated trigger, Jim.
You are the designated trigger, Jim.
You ever have one of those days where everything's going wrong
You have to expose him,
You keep a diary of the horror we created?
You want to tell us where it is?
Jim, why are you here? Someone tried to kill me 3 days ago.
The company? They're clearing house.
Will you work late? I'm hoping not.