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Babe (1995)

Babe (1995)

Babe, released in 1995, is an endearing family movie that became an instant classic. Directed by Chris Noonan, it tells the heartwarming story of a piglet named Babe who defies societal expectations and aims to become a sheep-herding champion. The film features an exceptional cast, with James Cromwell as Farmer Hoggett, who forms a unique bond with Babe. Magda Szubanski shines as Mrs. Hoggett, while Christine Cavanaugh provides the beloved voice of Babe.

The movie beautifully captures themes of friendship, courage, and embracing one's true capabilities. Its enchanting soundtrack further elevates the emotional journey. To relive the magic of Babe, you can easily play and download these sounds here. So gather your loved ones, sit back, and experience the timeless tale of an unlikely hero.

A creature who is reliable, beyond suspicion,
A duck needs a willing accomplice.
A kind of black, shiny tube.
A pig that thinks it's a dog!
A Tragic Day.
Aah [ Gasping ]
Ah, boy. [ Grunting ]
Ah! Ah! Ahh! Ha ha ha! Whoa!
Ahem. It must've been terrible weather for you,
All a nice little pig like you need do is ask.
All right, blockheads! Pay attention over here!
All right, how did you do it?
And a pig's proper place is under the old cart, not in the barn.
And above all, extremely gullible.
And absolutely never in the house.
And for a fleeting moment, something passed between them.
And guessed that some quite unexpected surprise...
And he was filled with a deep and terrible rage.
And he was happy, even in his dreams.
And how it changed our valley forever.
And I didn't see you. All right? Oops.
And I'm here to be beautiful and affectionate to the boss.
And I'm not as young as I used to be. [ Coughing ]
And it is well to heed the old adage,
And no one would ever persuade her otherwise.
And nothing would convince them otherwise.
And our water is very tasty too.
And pork is a nice, sweet meat.
And so it was with Fly's pups.
And the doorway opens to life as an adult.
And the pig felt that the troubles were all his fault.
And the pig felt that the troubles were all his fault.
And the pig promised himself that he would never think badly of any creature ever again.
And then whatever he put would be a lie.
And then, big hook to the left. Big hook.
And time had run out for the pig.
And what was that, dear?
And whether that year the main course would be roast pork...
And with the National Grand Challenge Sheepdog Trials only two days away,
And worse. Some wolves be so bad,
And, Mother, it looks absolutely superb.
Anyone for a game of cards?
Apparently the Mitchells lost six lambs this morning.
Aren't ...
Arthur Hoggett! How's it going, Arthur?
As for the fugitive duck, when he shows himself, let him know this:
Baa, ram, ewe.
Baa, ram, ewe. Baa, ram, ewe!
Babe came! He saved us!
Babe, I'll try.
Babe, you wait here.
Babe's run away.
Be ruthless. Whatever it takes. Bend them to your will.
Beautiful. Still...
Before we gives you anythin',
Believe me, sooner or later, every pig gets eaten.
Big hook. Through this gate here.
Brutal savages! That's what they be.
But as it happened, luck, for the moment, was running with him.
But Farmer Hoggett knew that little ideas...
But Fly could never believe that Babe was a sheep killer,
But he was certain that he knew how to put things right again.
But he was certain that he knew how to put things right again.
But he'll be useless as a working dog.
But his hearing was never the same again.
But I do worry about leaving that man alone.
But I I I think all this trouble
But I'll keep an eye on you, if you like, just 'til you find your feet.
But no sooner do I become indispensable than they bring in a machine to do the job!
But now there was fear in the air.
But something was definitely wrong.
But speed isn't the thing. It's attitude.
But the most important of all, you must promise...
But we've already seen some wonderful work by these talented dogs.
But you're treating them like equals. They're sheep. They're inferior.
But, no. Today proves that it doesn't work.
But, Pig,
But, Pig,
But, uh, I'm a sheep pig!
By his first visit to the sheep fields.
By morning, the sheep were drowned.
Call the boss.
Care to guess the pig's weight, sir?
Christmas means carnage! [ Quacking ]
Close the gate like that, and you're done.
Come on, Pig. Ah, come on.
Come on, then. Come on.
Come on. Humans don't eat cats. Why?
Come, Pig!
Come, Rex. Come, Fly.
Comin' through! Comin' through! [ Clucking ]
Comin' through! Hey, get lost!
Coming today from the Kingsmith Show Ground in the heart of sheep country.
Crime and Punishment! [ Laughing ]
Death means carnage! Christmas means carnage!
Delicious! Oh, yes! Yum, yum, yum.
Dinner means death.
Do that and they'll do anything you want. Go.
Do what you're told by an old sheep for a change.
Doesn't amount to much in the broad scheme of things.
Don't be afraid of it just because it's new.
Don't know what we could do to help.
Don't sneeze, Ferdie.
Don't stay up too late. Good night.
Don't worry. I won't wake the cat.
Don't, don't, stupid. Go outside... now.
Down, Rex. Fly!
Eatin' pigs! Blaah! Barbarians!
Even... the boss?
Every animal in its proper place.
Every month your expenditure is greater than your income.
Except Fridays, when it's steak in the morning, and cooked liver at night.
Excuse me, sheep.
Excuse me. No, we're not.
Farmer Hoggett dismissed it as mere whimsy.
First time the little thing hasn't screamed its head off.
Fly, is it? A right vicious creature she be, I'll tell you.
For in them lie the seeds of destiny.
For it was a cold fact of nature that sheep were stupid...
For it was a cold fact of nature that wolves were ignorant...
Found his place in the world of the farm.
Get 'em up, Pig.
Get him! Get him!
Get the mechanical rooster and bring it out to you.
Get the pig! Get the pig! Get the pig!
Give us a kiss.
Go on!
Good bye, Mom.
Good dog.
Good dog.
Good dog.
Good heavens, no! The bosses only eat stupid animals...
Good pig.
Good. The blood'll drain by morning.
Guess what we're having for Christmas dinner.
Had had an animal in whose abilities he had so much faith.
Hadn't thought of this. Keep talking to them. I'll see what I can do.
Hah! Enough wolves in the world already...
He found them. They'd been stranded by the rising water.
He should accept what he is and be thankful for it.
He should accept what he is and be thankful for it.
He tried his best, but he couldn't hear the boss's calls, and it slowed him up.
He tried to herd them across to safety, but they wouldn't budge.
He wasn't going to let the fact that his animal was a pig deter him.
He'd never want anyone to know, but he's almost totally deaf.
He's a lively sort of fellow by the looks of things.
He's got a cold, but that doesn't explain a pig not eating.
He's got me stonkered, Arthur. But I can tell you this.
He's over here.
Hello, sir. Excuse me, but it's nearly dawn, and
Hello! Hello! Good morning to you all!
Hello? Excuse me.
Her name's Rosanna.
Here we go.
Hey, Frank, feel like pork for dinner tonight?
Hey, good luck, Pig. Huh?
Hey, that dog's in a hurry.
Hey! Psst!
Hoggett doesn't want the dog operated on. He's a breeding dog.
Hoggett, dear. Church.
Hoggett, dear. Church.
Hold on, Pig. You'll be home soon.
Hold still. Hold still.
Home, Pig.
Hooey! Hoggett!
Hooey! Hoggett! Hooey! Arthur!
How about taking a guess, Arthur? All for a good cause.
How do they decide who wins?
How lovely, darling. What is it?
How much the other animals are laughing at you for this sheepdog business.
However we find there is no rule, as such,
However, you must be here by 3:30; otherwise you'll be disqualified.
Humans don't eat roosters. Why? They make eggs with the hens and wake up everyone in the morning.
I ... I ...
I am the Assistant General Secretary of the Northeast Region after all,
I asked them, and they did it. I asked them nicely.
I asked you to wait here, wolf.
I did, Mom. They were really friendly.
I don't reckon.
I don't think so. Not the boss. Not the boss's wife.
I expect if there are no further problems,
I forbid you to talk to or consort with...
I got a bit carried away. It's a cat thing.
I gotta go! I'll try to be back in time.
I know I have to be at the National Conference.
I know it was hard for you today...
I left my mother when I was your age, and my pups will have to leave me soon.
I probably shouldn't say this, but I'm not sure if you realize...
I promise you that. I'll make sure the pig knows it too.
I suppose the life of an anorexic duck...
I think it's a lovely fax machine, darling, but can't you use it?
I tried it with the hens. It didn't work.
I understand. I'll be all right.
I walked into O'Halloran's Hardware, and there it was waiting for me.
I want the house I saw on the television!
I was worried it might have a harsh tone, but that's quite a nice musical ring.
I wish all of you the best of luck.
I wouldn't call that a bite, myself. You got teeth in that floppy mouth or just gums?
I'd be very much obliged.
I'd like that, but [ Clears Throat ]
I'll get the boss up here to look after you.
I'll try.
I'm a Border Leicester ewe. The name's Maa.
I'm a ewe. A ewe!
I'm all I've got.
I'm not allowed to Oops.
I'm sorry I bit you. Are you all right?
I've given you rabbit casserole for Friday.
I've never met a sheep with such a strong, dark face.
If it's not a duck that thinks it's a rooster,
If the three ladies with collars would kindly walk out of the ring,
If you do want to do anything, you'll go outside, won't you?
If you don't get fluids into him soon, you're gonna lose him.