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Trumbo (2015)

Trumbo (2015)

Trumbo (2015) is a gripping biographical film centered around legendary screenwriter Dalton Trumbo. Bryan Cranston delivers a remarkable performance in the titular role, supported by an incredible cast including Diane Lane, Helen Mirren, and John Goodman. This thought-provoking movie explores Trumbo's life during the 1940s Hollywood blacklist, showcasing his relentless fight for free speech and standing up against injustice. To immerse yourself in the powerful soundscape of Trumbo, you can play and download the soundtrack here.

A a and what her father really does.
A colossal best seller.
A conspiracy to corrupt democratic values
A few mistakes, not many.
A hundred page screenplay in three days?
A joke?
A man is either loyal or he's disloyal.
A member of the Communist Party?
A million years ago. Nice to see you again, Buddy.
A new day.
A new hat.
A record. Money that he owed you and some other people.
A registered Communist.
A slave.
A state of near hysteria over so called Communists in this country
About one man
Academy Awards, two.
Actually, uh, he needs it right here.
Afraid that I'm scarring you.
After all, kid, what are friends for?
After you went to jail,
Against people who go on strike.
Agents uncovered, zero.
Ah, fuck Frank King.
Ah, I don't like the options.
Ah, no.
Ah, no.
Ah, the van Gogh.
Ah, well, that too.
Ah. I got it.
Ah. It's a bit slow.
All civil liberties go hand in hand.
All Communists will be sent to internment camps.
All cuddles.
All it says is that Congress has no right to investigate how we vote
All of us agree
All of which can be answered with a yes or no.
All of whom have declared solidarity
All of you.
All right, going again.
All right, when do I get my goods?
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right. How about sex and money?
All studios unanimously agree to discharge the Hollywood 10 without compensation,
All that would matter, really matter, was us.
All they care about is this nice new war of theirs.
Along with thousands of others.
Always wondered why.
Am I?
Amazes me.
Among strangers.
Among us. Sure as hell ain't one of us.
And a Commie.
And all I ask is not to be interrupted for every little slice of fucking birthday cake!
And are they all Sam Woods and Hedda Hoppers?
And as greedy as your reputation.
And at school, you see someone with no lunch at all.
And bring about the overthrow of this nation.
And bring about the overthrow of this nation.
And Cesare Zavattini for Umberto D.
And end the most shameful chapter in congressional history.
And five more writers and so on.
And has since she was three,
And he knows me. If I walk into a bar in Paris...
And hideous waste of life
And his House Un American Activities Committee.
And his particular circumstances compelled him to.
And how are you doing that?
And how does that feel,
And how will that happen?
And I can't do both.
And I cannot invent
And I just got the script.
And I know Ernest Hemingway.
And I realize
And I think it's going to be a big hit.
And I will direct unevenly.
And I won't fight for a lost cause, so you're right.
And I... I... I thought I would address that.
And I'll see to it that your name is on my movie."
And I'm gonna shake your hand all grateful
And I'm part of a fund raising committee for n**** voting rights.
And I've become a stranger in my own house.
And if rumors of my involvement can help sell tickets, well, then good.
And if the strange circumstances of its authorship
And if they do, I... I lose everything.
And if you're going to hit me,
And ignorant people in the world.
And it's a good government.
And it's done me wonders.
And it's unfair.
And maybe it's not for your kind.
And no one was exempt.
And no one who survived it
And now I'd like to say two of the most beautiful words
And Otto Preminger and his Rolls.
And protests continued,
And reality has delivered in all its beatific wonder
And right after I quit, you can reshoot all my scenes.
And Ring Laudner Jr. and Albert Maltz and, uh...
And say, "Thank you, Mr. Trumbo."
And she's kept that title secret.
And so what I say here tonight
And so you can get more money that you burn through writing shit for idiots!
And some...
And thank you, Frank.
And that other fellow, that top fellow
And that we'd wind up like every miserable family since forever.
And that's exactly what my readers expect from a business run by kikes.
And that's the point.
And the bull dies and, uh,
And the date's important to Chris. So figure something else out.
And the moment it does, God help us all.
And the Oscar goes to Roman Holiday, by Ian McLellan Hunter.
And the president supports this?
And the whole goddamn country stays scared and dead.
And their work in the movie industry.
And their work in the movie industry.
And then this whole rotten thing could collapse
And these writers, they're... they're all...
And they are infested with hidden traitors.
And they can't even get that right.
And this appeal's going to be twice that.
And this is the new draft
And this is writer Dalton Trumbo,
And this signifies the blacklist may be over.
And we don't lose. Do we?
And we made it.
And what are you up to these days?
And what does she say?
And what if it's all for nothing?
And what we're about to do won't make us too popular.
And when answering, never say "Trumbo residence."
And when one goes, the others are weakened.
And when we talk about America,
And why can't we help them?
And would you refer to them as a disrupting influence?
And write anti sedition laws.
And you did it for more.
And you don't want your name on it.
And you each get five more jobs
And you get that traitor's name off it.
And you just might try being a gracious winner.
And you know who you're gonna be talking to there, don't you?
And you wanna talk about some asshole's movie career?
And you write shit that's gonna get me subpoenaed and stinks!
And you wrote The Brave One?
And you, you crazy son of a bitch,
And, God, I just feel awful about it.
And, most egregiously, upon ourselves.
And, of course, yours. Lazar Meir.
And, uh...
Andrew, no.
Any movie in particular or...
Any questions, concerns?
Any... I mean, it's just... just rage at anyone who gets in my way.
Anybody for it is a hero and anybody against it is a traitor.
Are you a Communist?
Are you kidding me with this?
Are you now or have you ever been a Democrat?
Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party?
Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party?
Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party?
Are you out of your mind?
Are you receiving treatments?
Are you refusing to answer the question?
Are you Robert Rich?
Are you trying to fuck me?
Are you using this Robert Rich controversy to try and end it?
Are you?
Are you?
Are your duties completed for Mr. Kirk Douglas?
Arlen died.
Arlen Hird.
Arlen Hird. I'm a screenwriter.
Arlen, not near the painting.
Arlen, we can do this.
Arlen. Arlen, what is it?
As can I, with a broiler.
As I said, Bob,
As I think you should every now and then,
As I've walked in the long line of its anonymous.
As Julius and Ethel Rosenberg are sentenced to death
As Kirk Douglas and Otto Preminger
As the Supreme Court may soon take up the issue of racial segregation.
At a bullfight. Years ago.
At their lawyers or psychiatrists.
Attending the new Kirk Douglas film, Spartacus.
Augmented by days of lovely boredom.
Bad box office? No.
Bad if you operate, bad if you don't.
Bad Men of Tombstone.
Bad news indeed for Mr. Edward G. Robinson.
Bad politics.
Because it always makes money.
Because she reminds him of the girl he left behind.
Because that small,
Because the enemy has been able to get the traitors and dupes
Because these strikes were in fact the work of dangerous radicals.
Because you and the children warm, feed, clothe,
Been in my way, Nikola.
Been to the movies lately, Dalton?
Before the House Un American Activities Committee.
Beyond the control of mere individuals,
Beyond the South, through the nation...
Bill and Earl, Nate, Tom.
Blacklisted. Jesus, you're such a chicken shit.
Boy, want another job?
Brave men and boys are fighting this battle against communism.
Breathing with one lung, which is half as good as two.
Broke as a bankrupt's bastard. Why?
Buddy, do you know Dalton Trumbo?
Bullshit! Everybody wants to win.
But anything good could be better.
But consistently pleasing two former pinball salesmen
But don't pretend that you getting your career back
But ever since I've known you, you talk like a radical,
But have you noticed? He hasn't been on screen much lately.
But he's got a bug head. His girlfriend's probably got a bug head back home.
But I am willing to risk it all.