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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
And that's what parents do
And you are
Ashley watt
Because I got it for you
Can't fall down again
Catch anything dead
Danny Phantom Sounds Sound
Danny Phantom Sounds Sound
Find to worry about that later
Finding you should get to know danny fenton citizen scrub his mom 's feet every night like I do
Forget it
Good idea
Got it
Haven't we met somewhere
He study so hard he forgets to eat
Hey dad what are you doing
Hey this is great
Hi are you
Hi i'm danny phantom
How are you guys
How to change that
I got the nerve to ask you to the dance and you said yes I thought I want to give you something and that's what it would have been
I know where the dad fart
I will probably won't even look at me now
I wonder why those guys were trying to waste that
I'm a parent
I'm also president of the casper heidi club and I have every toenail i've ever clip
I'm standing
In the meantime
Mister lancer
No wonder you're danny 's favorite teacher
Oh no
Or not
Right of course
Sorry dude I think you get along with
Strike three talk
That dragon future idea of a costume i'm on money side
That you like it
That's a relief
Then I would yesterday
These are investigating
To get the second time I thought they dragon
We need when I try to talk to cute girls
Well i'm not sure
Well sort of
Will you set an consider teachers to be underpaid and underappreciated
Yeah I mean no
Yeah pretty much
Yes but he doesn't know he's going to chaperone because he doesn't remember that I made him say yes
You get your own date for the dance like I did
You have to stand in line behind my dad is
You little saying about a bird in the hand