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Created by lordofthegroove 86 771


Books soundboard for jimmy

All i got say is mission complete
All i got to say is war won yall
Another win for books 4 moses who next
Are you goin to call police and cry and hurt feelings laugh
Be over talkin folk
Bitch ha ha ye yeah
Bitch i already know you pull up front house
Books over her being drunk again so what boy
Books4moses now tiger woods
Boy car
Boy you be doin some bitch shit then complain
Break out cryin every 2 seconds on the internet
But the part that you didnt like right
Call me tiger woods bitch
Cause you cant handle it
Change your number dumb ass boy
Coming back bitch
Cross your legs when you sit down sit like a lady
Cry like a hoe cry liek a hoe
Cryin at 3am in mornin
Dick in butthole all night long
Dog bark it took me a week to break you
Dope headed niga
Eieioh oh sing
Every 2 seconds the boy crying
Fuck that shit that little cryin you doin
Fuck up outa here
Fuck you
Fuckin ya dad in butt cheeks car
Fuuuck you
Gimme some of that man pussy
God damn 1
God damn 2
Got all emotional and took everybody wrench
He goin to sit there smellin amonia and post cash app
He need that shit
How you like me now rap
I aint give no fuck
I aint sayin im above bein made fun of but you wanna make fun me
I dont give a fuck
I dont give no fuck
I dont give no fuck and im start trolling you
I dont know what that mean car
I dont like that bruh
I give your number out you start cryin like a bitch
I know you can hear us
I teased yo sis ass
I teased you cause you wanna act like sissy on my show
If you call police do it libe bro please do it live
If you cant take being teased turn your computer off
Ill stick my dick in but hole make you love me car
Im just sayin man fuck that shit boy
Im runnin out of gas car
Im send cashapp little broke bitch
Inform the authorities you turned me into cow and milked me
Jimmy bsr comment
Keep cryin to em bitch
Keep my name out ya mouth
Keep pourin that fuckin milk
Keep pourin that milk i got buckets of it
Keep pourin that milk uh uh uh
Last week calling me a looser rant
Man i know 1 thing mf aint no monetised
Man shut up
Matter fact
Mission complet you should have heard him cryin
Ms tuff tits
Nah i dont play like that bruh car
Nah im tired of that man
Nobody care about that fuck you
Oh its a problem ha car
On some real shit bruh
Overtalkin everyone on panel i know you hear us
Put tears in a bucket so i cant bathe in them bitch
Shut the fuck up
So im glad
So you not a selfish whiney bitch
Somebody hit my cash app car
Soon as somebody say somethin to your faggot ass you goin to start cryin
Stop actin like a bitch
Stupid MF gave up on life cause daddy getin fukd in butthole car
Sucking dicks for crack rocks
That some gay shit bruh
Thats what prisoners sayin car
The boy cryin
Then i notice you took everybody wrench
Tired of this little homo ass ****a crying when teased
Tired of this shit rant car
Went live
Whats up art vandelay
When i make fun you back stop actin like a bitch
Yall ****as really lunch meat
Yeah bitch yeah
You suck dick for views then cant hanndle shit
You a failure so you aint scrapped
You dont own no gun cause you on drugs
You dont want smoke shut the fuck up
You faggot keep my name out ya mouth
You hear people and talk over them on purpose
You keep repeating any random ass thang
You little bitch and i dont give a fuck
You lucky i aint give it out im better than you
You lucky i aint give that shit out
You really dont want that attention
You said you goin to call police
You shut your damn mouth
You think its funny when somebody make fun you end of world
You want me to run out of gas in middle street car
You want smoke bitch
You want to crank shit up car
Your a nerd that like true crime sing
Your a turd wrapped in a burger sing