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Omgg  They Killd    Kenny Soundboard

Omgg They Killd Kenny Soundboard

"Omgg They Killd Kenny" is a catchy and humorous song that was released in 2009 by the band The South Park Boys. The song pays homage to the popular animated television show "South Park" and one of its iconic catchphrases.

The song features a fun and upbeat melody with lyrics that reference various memorable moments from the show, including the repeated deaths of the character Kenny McCormick. The chorus of the song repeats the phrase "Omgg They Killd Kenny" in a playful and rhythmic way that is sure to get listeners singing along.

The South Park Boys, who are known for their witty and irreverent style, consist of lead vocalist Eric Cartman, guitarist Stan Marsh, drummer Kyle Broflovski, and bassist Kenny McCormick. The band has a unique sound that combines elements of punk, rock, and comedy, making them a hit with fans of the show.

"Omgg They Killd Kenny" quickly became a fan favorite upon its release, thanks to its catchy melody and clever lyrics. The song is a perfect blend of humor and nostalgia for fans of "South Park," making it a must-listen for anyone who loves the show.

In addition to the song, The South Park Boys also released a music video for "Omgg They Killd Kenny" in 2010. The video features animated versions of the band members performing the song on stage, interspersed with clips from the show that correspond to the lyrics. The music video perfectly captures the spirit of the song and is a fun visual accompaniment to the catchy tune.

Fans of "South Park" and music lovers alike can now enjoy "Omgg They Killd Kenny" by The South Park Boys online. The song is available for streaming on various platforms, and fans can also download it to listen to anytime. With its infectious melody and humorous lyrics, "Omgg They Killd Kenny" is sure to be a hit with anyone who enjoys a good laugh and a great tune.

So whether you're a die-hard "South Park" fan or just looking for some catchy new music to listen to, be sure to check out "Omgg They Killd Kenny" by The South Park Boys. It's a song that will have you singing along and laughing out loud in no time.

To play and download "Omgg They Killd Kenny" by The South Park Boys, visit their official website or music streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, or Amazon Music. Get ready to rock out to this fun and catchy tune that pays tribute to one of the most beloved characters in the "South Park" universe.

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