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Airborne Sound Sound FX

Airborne Sound Sound FX

The "Airborne" package of sounds is a diverse collection that offers a wide range of sound effects to enhance any audio project. From the roar of race cars and the chug of a steam train to the bustling atmosphere of a crowded marketplace, this package has everything you need to create a dynamic audio experience.

Whether you're working on a film project, a video game, or a podcast, the "Airborne" package has you covered. The eclectic whooshes and power accents can add a touch of excitement to any action-packed scene, while the interface accents and transmission tones provide a futuristic edge to sci-fi projects.

The variety of sound effects in this package is truly impressive. From the click of a coffee grinder in a bustling kitchen to the distant truck starting up and departing midway, every sound has been carefully curated to offer maximum flexibility and creativity.

One of the standout features of the "Airborne" package is the range of vehicle sounds it offers. From the rumble of freight trains to the sleek roar of jet fighters, these sounds can bring any transportation scene to life. The elements metal and glass offer a unique industrial edge, while the organic whooshes provide a more natural touch.

With the "Airborne" package, you can easily create immersive audio experiences that transport listeners to new and exciting worlds. The beeps and buzzers, motorsports, and crisis accents add a sense of urgency and excitement, while the soothing bathroom sounds offer a moment of tranquility in the midst of chaos.

Whether you're a seasoned audio professional or a novice looking to take your projects to the next level, the "Airborne" package has something for everyone. With a wide range of sounds to choose from, you'll never be short of inspiration or creative possibilities.

You can play and download these sounds here, giving you instant access to a world of audio magic at your fingertips. So why wait? Dive into the "Airborne" package today and start creating audio experiences that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Airy Whooshes — Whoosh,Sound Design,Airy,Full,Forceful,Soft
Airy Whooshes — Whoosh,Sound Design,Airy,Full,Soft,Buffet,Medium
Airy Whooshes — Whoosh,Sound Design,Airy,Full,Soft,Shudder,Very Slow,Aftershock
Attack Aircraft Maneuvers — Jet,Fighter,CT 114,Tutor,Snowbird,Squad,Medium Distant,Climb,Starburst,Big,Slow,191
Attack Aircraft Maneuvers — Jet,Fighter,F 16C,Fighting Falcon,Viper,Medium Distant,By,Right to Centre,Curl Away,Fast,Breathy,191
Attack Aircraft Maneuvers — Jet,Fighter,FA 18C,Hornet,Medium Distant,Climb,Right to High,Crest and Hold,Kill Engine,191
Bathroom — Aerosol Can,Shaving Cream,Squirt,Watery,Long,x3 bubbly and thin
Bathroom — Razor,Electric,On,Run,Shake,Gentle,Off
Bathroom — Toilet,Domestic,Flush,Seat Up,Fill
Bathroom — Water,Splashes,Bath Tub,Roomy,Dunk,Slow,Hard,x3
Battlefield Howitzers — Howitzer,M101,C1,105 mm,Distant,Right Side,Shot,Pound,Thick
Battlefield Howitzers — Howitzer,M101,C3,105 mm,Distant,Right Side,Shot,Explode,Crack,Sweetener
Battlefield Howitzers — Howitzer,M101,C3,105 mm,Medium Distant,Right Side,Shot,Firm,Heavy,EQ Version,Soft Attack
Beeps and Buzzers — Beep,Buzz,Clean,Tight,Mid,x3
Beeps and Buzzers — Beep,Clean,Pure,Simple,High,x4,Fast
Beeps and Buzzers — Beep,Cyber,Buzz,Thin,Tight,Low
Beeps and Buzzers — Beeps,Buzz,Coarse,Tight,Muted,Very High,x4,Loop faint background beeps
Crisis Accents — Impact,Sound Design,Hit,Chime,Resonant Hit,Chime Accent,Tinkle,Fast
Crisis Accents — Impact,Sound Design,Tone to Hit,Metallic,Tonal Accent Up,Metallic,Very Fast,Deep Hit,Metallic Accent,Forceful
Crisis Accents — Impact,Sound Design,Whoosh to Hit,Glitch,Whoosh Up,Rumble,Long,Resonant Hit,Glitch Accent,Two Tone,Unnerving
Eclectic Whooshes — Whoosh,Sound Design,Blast,Watery,Crash
Eclectic Whooshes — Whoosh,Sound Design,Logo,Airy to Shiver,Uncertain,Low
Eclectic Whooshes — Whoosh,Sound Design,Power Down,Groan,Choppy,Very High
Eclectic Whooshes — Whoosh,Sound Design,Whip By,Airy to Whine,High
Eclectic Whooshes 2 — Whoosh,Sound Design,Airy,Hollow,Thick,Waver,Medium
Eclectic Whooshes 2 — Whoosh,Sound Design,Chatter,Buzz,Tight,High,Fast,Decelerate
Eclectic Whooshes 2 — Whoosh,Sound Design,Swirl,Airy,Diffuse,Medium Slow,2
Eclectic Whooshes 3 — Whoosh,Sound Design,Cartoon,Thin,Very High,Tight,2
Eclectic Whooshes 3 — Whoosh,Sound Design,Cartoon,Whir,2
Eclectic Whooshes 3 — Whoosh,Sound Design,Watery,Strong,Fast,Abrupt
Electric Magnetic — Accent,Sound Design,Electric,Arc,Buzz,Resonant,Fizzle,Surges,Long
Electric Magnetic — Accent,Sound Design,Electric,Buzz,Resonant,Frayed Buzz,Insistent,Medium Fast
Electric Magnetic — Tone,Sound Design,Electric,Spark,Gritty,Thin,Crackle,Dense,Steady
Elements Glass — Glass,Crush,Debris,Compress,Constant,Heavy,Violent,Uneasy,Neumann
Elements Glass — Glass,Pint Glass,Break,Debris,Rock,Medium Distant
Elements Glass — Glass,Plate Glass,Thick,Break,Topple,Schoeps
Elements Metal — Metal,Crash,Concrete,Sheet Metal,20 Gauge,Slow,Complex
Elements Metal — Metal,Hits,Pipe,Mixed,Fast,Irregular
Elements Metal — Metal,Rebar,Drop,Concrete,Low Height,3,Medium Distant
Fairgrounds — Crowd,Fair,CNE,Interior,Food Building,Eating Area,Medium Distant,Thick,Wash,Ambient Fan
Fairgrounds — Fair Ride,The Rainbow,Start,Swirl,Decelerate,Stop,Some Voices
Fairgrounds — Game,Fair,CNE,Shooting Gallery,Air Gun,Plate Break,Voices some faint background machinery, background fair ambience
Half & Half Sound FX Pack 1 — Crowd,Bar Pub,Male,Boo,Aww,Friendly Disappointment
Half & Half Sound FX Pack 1 — Paper,Tear,Check out of Checkbook
Half & Half Sound FX Pack 1 — Room Tone,Hospital,Dermatology,Reception,Activity,Light,Set Up some footsteps
Half & Half Sound FX Pack 1 — Traffic,Intersection,Streetcar Tracks,Wide POV,Hill,Mid Day,Medium,Trucks,Toil,D50
Half & Half Sound FX Pack 2 — Crowd,Community Centre,Hall,Distant,Airy,Light,Activity some light activity
Half & Half Sound FX Pack 2 — Crowd,Military,Army,Squad,Medium Distant,Light,Milling,Work,Voices,Activity,Drill Sergeant,Shout distant truck starting, departing midway
Half & Half Sound FX Pack 2 — Snow Blower,Mastercraft,10.5 hp,30 inch cut,Idle,Low to High,Off
Half & Half Sound FX Pack 2 — Work,Hammer,Wall,Concrete Block,Sledgehammers,Pair,Hit,Debris,Patient very faint background construction
Household — Chair,Fiberglas,Metal Legs,Slide,Tile,Series
Household — Door,Wood,Bathroom,Exterior POV,Hit,Pound,x5,Impatient
Household — Washing Machine,Inglis,Citation,Wash,Lulling
Household — Zipper,Bag,Waxwear,Fine,Close,Warble
Human — Baby,4 Months Old,Cry,Frustrated,Forlorn
Human — Heartbeat,Sound Design,Pulse,Throb,Steady,Accelerate,Panic,Fear
Human — Laugh,Female,Late Twenties,Mwa ha ha,Evil,Strong,Forced
Human — Scream,Male,Mid Thirties,Mouth Covered,Gasps,Fast,Shriek,Panic
Interface Accents — Accent,Interface,UI,Alert,Clean,Metallic,Double,Fast
Interface Accents — Accent,Interface,UI,Alert,Resonant,Waver
Interface Accents — Accent,Interface,UI,Data,Chatter,Clean,Crystal,Low
Interface Accents — Accent,Interface,UI,Data,Chatter,Warble,Resonant,Clean,Pumping,Medium Slow
Jet Fighter Maneuvers — Jet,Fighter,CF 18,Hornet,By,Slow,Rip to Whistle
Jet Fighter Maneuvers — Jet,Fighter,F 16,Fighting Falcon,Medium Distant,By,Whip,Buffet
Kitchen — Bottle,Beer,Empty,Remove,Case,Sloppy
Kitchen — Coffee Grinder,Prosumer,Baratza,Maestro Plus,On,Run,Medium Grind,Off
Kitchen — Ice Cubes,Glass,Tumbler,Water,Swirl,Rattle
Kitchen — Microwave,Panasonic,The Genius,Keypad,Press,Beeps,Various
Manic Glitches — Accent,Glitch,Airy,Coarse,Swell to Sting
Manic Glitches — Glitch,Chatter,Metallic,Thin,4 Tone,Even
Manic Glitches — Glitch,Warble,Choppy,Swells,Bouncy,Deep
Motorsports 1 — Race Car,CTCC,Straight,By,Medium Slow,Growl
Motorsports 1 — Race Car,USF2000,Turn 3,By,Decelerate,Fast,Choppy,Irregular
Motorsports 1 — Race,F1,Formula 1,Grand Prix,Practice,Turn 8,By,Decelerate to Accelerate,Swells,Steady,Fast,Growl
Office — Briefcase,Latch,Open,Release,Close,Squeaky,Series
Office — CD,Case,Remove,Replace,x2
Office — Hard Drive Dock,Drive,Insert Drive,Spin Up,Eject
Office — Scanner,Flatbed,Epson,Perfection,V30,Narrow POV,Preview,2,D50
Organic Whooshes — Whoosh,Organic,Fabric,Glove,Airy,Breathy,Punchy
Organic Whooshes — Whoosh,Organic,Fabric,Strap,Zip,High,Stagger,Pushy
Organic Whooshes — Whoosh,Organic,Styrofoam,Plank,Airy,Smooth,Texture,1
Power Accents — Whoosh,Sound Design,Blast,Energy,Crispy,Very Slow,Crackling Approach
Power Accents — Whoosh,Sound Design,Blast,Tonal,Dissonant,Medium
Power Accents — Whoosh,Sound Design,Whip By,Airy,Thick,Release to Choppy,Very Slow
Race Cars — Race Car,Indy Lights,Before Turn,By,Downshift,Crazy
Race Cars — Race Car,IndyCar,Qualifying,Pit Lane,Wait at Pit Lane Exit,Rev,Intense,Away
Race Cars — Race,Pro Mazda,Qualifying,Straight,Singles,Steady,Spread Out,Backfire
Steam Train — Train,Steam,4 6 4,Royal Hudson,H1e Class,No 2860,Ride,Engine,Rail Clatter,Rhythmic,Constant,Sizzle,Loop
Steam Train — Train,Steam,4 6 4,Royal Hudson,H1e Class,No 2860,Whistle,Engine POV,Tired While moving
Tools — Air Compressor,Omega,5 hp,20 Gallon,Twin Cylinder,Air Release,x2
Tools — Saw,Circular,Porter Cable,315,7 1 4 inch blade,16 tooth,On,Cut,Plywood,Off
Tools — Work,Hammer,Wall,Concrete Block,Sledgehammers,Pair,Hit,Debris,Patient very faint background construction
Transmission — Accent,Noise,Transmission,Soft,Whine,Crackle,Complex,1
Transmission — Tone,Buzz,Noise,Steady,Buzz,Coarse,Harsh with Noise,Thin,High
Transmission — Tone,Buzz,Noise,Steady,Interference,Buzz,Resonant,Right with Noise,Hits,Tight,Loop
Variety 1 Sound Effects — Breaths,Male,Exhale,Ghost,Evil,Hostile,Snarl,1
Variety 1 Sound Effects — Jet,Fighter,F 22,Raptor,By,Slow,Crackle
Variety 1 Sound Effects — Steam Blast,Tube or Pipe,Distant
Variety 1 Sound Effects — Subway,Toronto,By,Stop,Squeal
Variety 2 Sound Effects — Cork,Pop,Strong,Classic
Variety 2 Sound Effects — Crowd,Chinatown,Supermarket,Checkout,Voices,Mandarin,Lively some shopping cart moves
Variety 2 Sound Effects — Record Player,Needle,Vinyl,Scratch,Abrupt,Hasty
Variety 2 Sound Effects — Steam,Kettle,Whistle,Surge,Strong,Steady,Lift Off Burner,Diminish,D50 setting down on burner at head
Vehicles Aviation — Helicopter,Bell,222,Idle,Grow,Take Off,Away faint background birds
Vehicles Aviation — Plane,Seaplane,de Havilland,DHC 2,Beaver,Single Engine,Medium Distant,Idle,Taxi,Turn,Fast,Away
Vehicles Aviation — Plane,Seaplane,Ride POV,Cabin,Maneuver,Swing Around
Vehicles Boats 1 Ferry — Boat,Bow Wash,Ferry,Midship,Whine,Deep,Slosh
Vehicles Boats 1 Ferry — Boat,Ferry,C Class,7 Ton,12000 hp,Bow,Ext POV,Cars Exit over Metal Grate a few faint voices
Vehicles Boats 1 Ferry — Boat,Ferry,V Class,9 Ton,8500 hp,Washroom,Vent Rattle,Pipe Hiss
Vehicles Car Sound Effects 1 Elements — BMW,323i,2007,Dirt,Away,Peel Out,Fish Tail,Hard Accel Away
Vehicles Car Sound Effects 1 Elements — Honda,Civic,2001,By,Wet,50 kph,Intrepid
Vehicles Car Sound Effects 1 Elements — Mazda,3,2011,Ride POV,Medium,Bumpy,Decelerate,Stop
Vehicles Freight Trains 1 — Train,Freight,Bridge,By,Away very close perspective, crystal clear
Vehicles Freight Trains 1 — Train,Freight,Diesel Electric,GE,AC4400CW,5821,Locomotive,3 Cars,By,Slow,Bell,D50
Vehicles Freight Trains 1 — Train,Freight,Locomotive,Cars,Up,By,Away,Engine on End,Neumann
Vehicles Passenger Trains 1 — Train,Diesel,Passenger,Ride POV,First Class,Decelerate,Stop,Distant Brake Squeals
Vehicles Passenger Trains 1 — Train,Locomotive,Diesel Electric,MPI,MP40PH 3C,Distant,Idle,Whine
Vehicles Passenger Trains 1 — Train,Passenger,Diesel Electric,General Electric,Genesis,P42DC,903,Idle,Chuffs,Bell,Away
Vehicles Transit Trains — Subway,New York,6 Line,Up,Stop,Chime,Door Open
Vehicles Transit Trains — Train,Rapid Transit,Toronto,ICTS,Chime,Door Close,Away,Shudder,Loose,Hasty
Vehicles Transit Trains — Train,S Bahn,Germany,Berlin,Ride POV,Start,Relaxed,PA,Stop
Victory Vegas Motorcycle — Motorcycle,Victory Vegas,2004,96 Cubic Inch,1507 CC,Onboard,Start,Drive,Fast Speed,Punch It
Victory Vegas Motorcycle — Motorcycle,Victory Vegas,2004,96 Cubic Inch,1507 CC,Start,Idle,Off
Victory Vegas Motorcycle — Motorcycle,Victory Vegas,2004,96 Cubic Inch,1507 CC,Up,30 kph,By,Off,2