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Duro Soundboard

Duro Soundboard

These sounds are like a symphony of chaos, each one adding a unique flavor to the cacophony that is "Duro". From the playful "Todo Duro, Duro de Domar" to the rough and tough "Quiero Mucho, C*****e, Duro de Domar", every sound brings its own energy to the mix. The sharp "Durisimo" cuts through the noise, followed by the unexpected "Cuack" that adds a touch of whimsy. And who can forget the commanding "Duro tem que andar com duro boca de 09", a reminder that strength and resilience are essential in this harsh world.

Amidst the chaos, there are moments of serenity and reflection. "Divina Oreção" whispers softly, reminding us to seek guidance in times of darkness. The soothing voice of "Pastor Arnoldo" offers words of comfort and solace, a beacon of hope in the tumultuous sea of sounds. And then there is the Italian exclamation "Cazzo ma che grande", a burst of passion and intensity that cannot be ignored.

As the sounds overlap and intertwine, a narrative begins to emerge. The relentless "Trabajo muy duro, Duro" echoes through the noise, a reminder of the hard work and dedication required to succeed. "Ute e duro" declares proudly, a testament to inner strength and resilience. And amidst it all, the playful query "Cara, cê tá de pipi duro?" brings a touch of humor and lightness to the weighty atmosphere.

The sounds shift and change, each one a piece of a larger puzzle. "Eu to duro" declares one voice, firm and unwavering. "Duro Como Eh, Pato" adds a touch of humor, a playful quip in the midst of seriousness. And then there is the solid "duro como pedra", a declaration of unyielding strength and determination.

Amidst the chaos, there are moments of clarity and brilliance. "Petinattooooo" rings out, a cry of triumph and victory. "Espectacular" declares another voice, filled with pride and confidence. And the sturdy "Cepo de Madeira Bem Duro" adds a touch of stability and grounding to the frenetic energy.

In the midst of it all, there are lighthearted moments that break through the intensity. "Boliche De Edgar" offers a respite, a moment of fun and laughter. "Nao se trata de bater duro" reminds us that sometimes, a softer touch is needed. And the playful "Mole Duro" brings a smile to our faces, a reminder that even in the toughest times, there is room for joy and playfulness.

As the sounds continue to play and dance around us, a sense of unity and coherence emerges. "Eu prefiro mole no começo e duro no final" declares one voice, a testament to the power of balance and harmony. "DURO MONSTA CAADO" rings out, a final declaration of strength and resilience. In this symphony of chaos and noise, each sound plays its part, weaving a tapestry of sound and emotion that is as complex and beautiful as life itself.

You can play and download these sounds here.

Alfredo Duro A pagar
Bossi La Lega ce l'ha duro
Cara, cê tá de pipi duro?
Cazzo ma che grande
Cepo de Madeira Bem Duro...
Divina Oreção Pastor Arnoldo
Duro Como Eh
Duro como pedra
Duro de Domar Cuack
Duro de Domar Durisimo
Duro de Domar Espectacular
Duro de Domar Gu Gu
Duro de Domar Karinaaaaaaaa
Duro de Domar Panadero
Duro de Domar Petinattooooo
Duro de Domar Quiero Mucho
Duro de Domar Boliche De Edgar
Duro tem que andar com duro boca de 09
Eu prefiro mole no começo e duro no final
Eu to duro
Mole Duro
Não se trata de bater duro
O naruto pode ser duro as vezes
Pato duro como pedra
Seiya Pão Duro
Ta duro e com fome
Tá duro, Mussum!
Todo Duro
Trabajo como un esclavo
Trabajo muy duro
Trabajo muy duro como
Trabajo muy duro como un
Ute e duro
É duro, depois alivia