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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
And that's the same bull is she laid on me last time dogs go over to drunk VLT playing smell like hamburger helper dropping my partner
Are you talking about like the opening up a result but desirable partners
Auto glass
But your chicken
Come on now all people maybe it's wrong witchu
Deal be slip cruise
Five oh up in this piece T don't worry but he's gonna be I ladies there two she doesn't fucking law bitch from the grocery store you man who you point that skeleton
From the department of nonsense you taking the norm senses he counted my norm saying hanging out right it's over nine times divided by my jack i'm just trying to have a good time don't say it you c...
Hey let me get some strayed straighten them big long getaway sticks you know i'm saying I want to be very clear about one thing
I was just straight up brian some shit from other sexual place of a sexual nature right that's one of the reasons right there you know i'm saying I could have written that unless I had my shit out ...
I'm saying everybody walked on the face of the earth trying to judge jay rock and i'm saying
Jamba diesel car stereos is cassette decks muh fucker
Like often go to jail you know i'm saying is i'm hard right I ain't sure about going to jail but it's like a kind of like my freedom to at the same time you know to mean
Man cut ray truck driving past out phantom three oh nine mother fucker
Nobody can understand what your normal thing
Not so much breaking I fucked off like you told me too what now
Oh well you ain't pregnant with a bucket of chicken
OK i'm a fucker that some pile of shit you know i'm saying how much dope as you might fuck is growing
Randy i'm a math fuck under a lot of pressure you know i'm saying you know that right i'm saying so I know you ain't really acting hard with me right 'cause you don't want me to step to you know i'...
Randy let you go on eat a cheeseburger you basketball eating walrus ass mother fucker
She was I don't know I got your back you know i'm saying but I can't get behind that greasy hot dog eating install mods
Shut the fuck up in five that shit devo
Sing sing
So i'll get you all that shit you know i'm saying plus the dopest barbecue you ever seen in your life but in exchange I got two turntables and one microphone and you gotta deal be
So why you want fifteen cheeseburger eat muh fucker rico suave a look and go on 'cause they beat nobody
Staying away on making no more porn movies dog last time also went off on my head you know i'm saying i'm like I don't play that no more jewels
Strollers for those little map focus once they bought once they drop
The bombs world
There's two things mafuckas gotta know about jada orosi straight up you know i'm saying first of all I spend more rhymes in a lazy susan and i'm innocent until my guilt is proven piece represents s...
To talk about is I can see we're too busy getting truncated lap dance on nothing you got enough skill is getting drunk and get your lap dance on you know i'm saying we can't pay your grocery tab do...
We get some medium this shit so then two more focus on the hot box and mother fuckers in the park understands fronting i'm saying fuck you just said
What are these things hanging in the trees J roc mobile data stick pimps you know i'm saying
When you from the park is all for one mother fucking one mother fucker for all my fuckers everywhere you know i'm saying
Yeah yeah i'm jay rock you know i'm saying J to the LC up in this
You want to make some skrilla you pop by my crib i'll tell you how to make all kinds of money i'm serious too