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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
All the other major candidates take their money and pandered to them
Always have always will
And then the end to crazy deficit spending
Ask you mommy
Audit everything
Between three and six o'clock in the afternoon that's when you have teenage pregnancy happening
But I hope you live enough room for my fist because i'm going to have it in your stomach
Command gumball should maine
Cookies Who told you could eat my cookies?
Day one
Do it now
Don't do the
Douglas quaid
Excuse me I have a few more questions of it online
Fillet of your mother
First I would like to just get to know you
For me children come first
Fuck you
Fuck you asshole
Fuck you asshole
Get your mother please
Give me a break
Give me address
Good for you
Good morning
Got a mini van
Ha ha ha ha ha
His height brooks money comes in favors go out the people lose
How are you
I agree with you
I called this the danger zone
I can do this all day long
I don't play that game
I guarantee you things will change
I have a headache
I have no respect for those with no respect for logic
I hear you
I lied
I took a bullet for you
I want to ask you a bunch of questions they want to have them answered immediately
I'm a cop you idiot
I'm a cup into only know how to be
I'm a police officer
I'm detective john kimble
I'm John Kimball
I'm not interested in that
I'm smart
I'm wasting my time
Is turbo time
It is three and six o'clock in the afternoon this is lynn crime happen
It means trouble
It's not a tumah
It's time for them to pay their fair share
It's time now to turn his mush into muscles
Jack in the yak
My CPU is a neural net processor a learning computer
Nice to meet you
No deal
No it is not true
No problemo
Now what does all that mean
One more thing
One of us is in deep trouble
Open the book
Outrageous and I will repeat it
Put that cookie down now
Rock'em sock'em
Some shouting i'm not deaf
Stop it!
Stop whining
Talk to the head
That's enough
That's funny
The most important thing is money
There's only one more question
This is an arrest
This is me arnold schwarzenegger
This is relevant right now
Trust me
What do you want
What's going on
What's the matter
Who are you
Who are you
Who is your daddy and what does he do
Why not
You don't have a nervous you gonna do you
You like discipline
You must be very proud of yourself
You son of a bitch
You started this
You used to be somebody I could trust