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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
(Nebula screaming in pain)
And it was beautiful
And now it’s here or should I say I am
Aw the boyfriend
Barely nearly succeeded
But now is no time to mourn
Destiny arrives all the same way
Do it
Every day
Feels so desperately that you’re right
Find them my children bring them to me on titan
For almost 20 years
Going to bed hungry
How is it you know this place so well
I am prepared
I assume you have a preference
I hope they remember you
I know what it's like to lose pt1
I know you have the reality stone pt1
I know you have the reality stone pt2
I never taught you to lie pt1
I never taught you to lie pt2
I understand my child
I'm the only one who knows that
It was
Life will cease to exist
Little one
Mad man
No tricks
Pretty isn't it
Reality can be whatever I want
Run from it pt1
So I brought her here to talk
So i've been told
Sometime ago your sister snuck aboard this ship to kill me
Tell me what it needs
That was a mistake
The hardest choices require the strongest wounds #hardest choices strongest wounds #thanos #no pain no gain #battle scars #avengers infinity war
The small price to pay for salvation
There are 2 more stones on earth pt1
There's something we need to discuss little one
Today I lost more than you could know
Turns the legs to jelly
Where is the soul stone
With all 6 stones I could simply snap my fingers it would all ceases to exist and would call that mercy
You should choose your words more carefully
You told me that too
You're generous
You're strong
Your optimism is misplaced
Your planet pt1
Your planet pt2
Your planet pt3