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Unforgivable Sounds

Unforgivable Sounds

Here is the Unforgivable Soundboard, series of awesome videos, with a add-libbing black man describing his day, these are the best videos on youtube.

NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Ain't gonna be no money involved.
Ain't got no money.
And I know I'm not 'cause I didn't use a condom.
And you don't give me the money you got.
Arkansas Kir.
Beaches, You crazy.
Beth, don't make me ask you again.
Better than her pussy got her pregnant.
Bitch for all these people I heard.
Bitch No.
Bitch, I killed you and your little brothers.
Bitch, that's a mistake.
Bitch, turn that off right now.
Bitch. No one else.
Caspian the night tonight and for two weeks straight.
Doctor Zhivago A brief encounter and the bridge on the River Clyde a Lane night.
Excuse me?
Excuse me?
Fix me a sandwich or some.
Get that ball off the TV.
Go ahead, Alcott.
He was on the floor dime, making the scene.
Here's a gun. Open your leg.
Hey bitch, what's your name and how big is your cunt?
I don't care.
I got the pussy from her.
I got there around 7:00, pissing me off.
I got what I wanted, got my nut.
I guess bitch.
I hate that ass all night. Did nothing on her belly.
I have seen the cock shoved up a girl's ass.
I heard in these woods.
I said go back to sleep if you know what's good for you with those dog real quick.
I said, bitch, get it out again. I stick to throw from your ear.
I slapped her in her damn mouth and knocked out her freaking teeth.
I slapped that bitch so fast I try to hear that.
I split.
I took out my or pieces Dick for him.
I'll kill your ass.
I'm a football player.
I'm about to call Bovis. We must run, you bitch.
I'm gonna bust a cap in your mouth.
I'm looking for some pussy and some cutting some butt hole.
I'm pissed off a little bit.
I'm turning on my own ****les.
I've got a blade, passed it off and stuck it up her piss hole.
I've seen a nut busted in a girls eye.
If you sass me one more time, bitch, I'll kill you and your little brothers.
It was about that time to hit the sack and get some pussy.
It's kind of nervous sound. It made me pissed off.
Left the next day without saying a word to anyone.
Left without paying.
Let's go smoke some weed.
Listen, bitches, your time to lose that V card. Hand it over.
Listen. Today ain't your day.
Look, come on. I know she is.
Loved her. Hated her. Blew her brains out.
Made my sandwich with mayonnaise on.
Man, I spent a night out here with some of my man, you know, it was Boison involved.
My arson.
My hand Your face or my gun? Your mouth?
My name is Monique. What?
Neymar Orpheus ran train on that bitch.
No one.
Now this date.
Of course he abided.
Of course not, bitch. Ain't your man.
OK, let's get it going.
Pissing me off.
Pull out a gun. Loaded it, put it to her Dome and blew her brains out.
Raise your skirt up.
Saw another cut I want to spit to.
Saw some credit cards and some pictures of some other. I was like, who are these?
She had a skirt on I wanted to get inside of.
She was already laid there, butt naked, like I told her she should have been.
She was flabbergasted.
Snap your neck like a.
Some pace in the mall.
Some vacation bull.
Tell that I want a chicken sandwich and some waffle frost for free.
They never seen a bitch turn away a Dick.
To take a new level started jacking me off while she was sucking my thing.
To try to make up for sucking my Dick a little bit.
Took a crap in her face.
Took her body, took her to management and reported a problem.
Took him by his wrist, cut him, cut his wrist vertically.
Took my gunner and busted her head open with the butt of it.
Took the cell phone, got her hand, Slapped that bitch in her mouth. Knocked her braces out of her mouth.
Walked out without paying a cent.
We ain't your average Joe's.
We want to run train.
We were slanging rock and drinking photos like a wooden number.
Went on the porch, smoked a bag of meth. Then I smoked a little crack after that.
Went to Home Depot.
What's the deal she bought, man?
What's the deal, bitch? You looking to suck a cock?
What's the deal?
You ain't no nerd, I could have sworn.
You better wait for my request.
You know, saying.
You want to get me, huh?