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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Cortana tell me camera
Do you know
Don't know damn right
Don't lie you fucking there
Fuck you
Fuck you
He's going to go to jail
Hello that's out there
I don't think
I live on your street
I saw her and then I go to I saw it at your house
I was just calling because I live down the street from you and your daughter come to my house today and she kicked my dog
I'm going to call the police
I'm going to kill you
My dog she kicked it
No i'm just kidding
No you don't
No you're just shut up
She's going to you fucking die
Shut up
Shut up
Shut up shut up
Shut up you stink
Tell me to fuck
This is cortana
This will
Why did you do it
Why you keep my god
Yes she did
Yo no direct what you do
You bastard
You don't ask don't question
You killed my dog
You know where I live
You tell your dad that i'm going to show him
You're going to go to jail
You're going to hear
You're not
You're trying to confuse
Your daughter kicked my
Your shut up