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Flash Gitz Warhammer 40,000 Soundboard

Flash Gitz Warhammer 40,000 Soundboard

A group of Ork Flash Gitz, led by a Kaptin, armed with their extravagent Snazzguns against encroaching Tyranids. Flash Gitz are an elite breed of Ork Nobz who are obsessed with their lovingly customised, ostentatiously polished and painted weapons known as Snazzguns that can potentially wipe out entire squads of infantry in a hail of fire.

All your's, Boss.
Almost got me that time, Ere lemme show how it is done
Boyz, you're all gonna die! Run!
Brooke let's get outta here
Can't you get some Slugger Boyz to do that?
Come ere so I can shoot ya, git
Dakka, dakka, dakka, dakka!
Dance 'umie dance
First here, then there? Make up your mind already.
Gimme some slugs, Im going back in
Got it boss
I knew today was gonna be special
I love the sound of me shooter, don't you?
I'm gonna get me that shooter of yours
I'm moving already
I'm shootin' but they keep comin'!
I've got me an itchy triggah fingah
Let's shoot some stuff up, yeah?
Like shooting Squigs in a barrel!
Look at me flash boss
Mind the teeth! Don't touch the teeth!
Mine's shoot-ier than yours
Oh, you gonna pay for that!
Red ones go faster
Run and shoot shoot and run
Shoot 'em! Crush 'em!
Sure, we'll take it. But when do we gets to shoot somethin'?
That what I wanted to hear
That's Grot's work that is
There better be more, boss, 'cuz we'll be done with these right quick.
They're shooting at us!
Things to shoot over there?
This is what we like best
We is the shootiest
We'll fill 'em full 'a holes!
Why wont they die?
Yeah we've been waiting
You shot me shit up, you git!
'Got's it. Can we shot stuff now?
'Got's the best shooters there is.
"OI, Lets go"