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RG's Neighbour Peter Soundboard

RG's Neighbour Peter Soundboard

Peter, the Respected Gentleman's neighbour.

Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A mental disorder
Ah yes
Ah, right.
All I can say is I i didn't phone you
All kinds of things
All right
Alright alright long as we try to find out or try to understand what's happened and we don't know so
Alright yeah about let you answer it then
Am I able to locate any
Am I just don't bother I just let it but you know I mean
And if you have remember yet that forget the program now without lady went round to visit alex here that is she polish or something then she went round hit ryan and he was grateful knee when he was...
Anyway nice this week too
Are you doing well
Are you making drugs?
Are you saying that from our house somebody from you
As long as I can make my calls out and and and uh
Available what's happening isn't it
Bank holiday
Bank holiday
Be married an irish girl
Born in london
Brandon chase
But anyway um long as it keeps you going and occupied that's life isn't it
But straightforward
Do you do you think we should come out of the year rip or should we stay in the europe
Do you have any rooms available?
Do you have relatives in London?
Don't know
Don't know your number
Everybody should have something to do
Feature speaking
Four days
From india
Girl crush line
Good day
Good idea
Ha ha
Ha ha ha
Ha ha ha
Ha yeah OK
Haha yeah which way you going
Have you always lived in london
He must have seen some changes
He wanted to stay out
He won't be prosecuted or anything like that
He's not that kind of person is is mines going I think he's on drugs and I think he's saying do you want some drugs and all this kind of thing that I mean i've known him for quite a long time but t...
Hello david
Hello david
Hello say again please
Hi david
Hi doctor yeah that be alright wouldn't it
High rock chicken
Holy house
How are you doing
How you doing anyway alright
I are you are you i'm open for business
I didn't bring it you said this last time
I didn't call you but uh
I didn't find you from this also don't know how come that's cool
I don't know how
I don't know if you know what you doing he fell
I don't know what number yard is
I don't mind phone in like but uh the right we understand a lot of people won't be simulated about it and and they probably won't understand the situation anyway
I don't think so
I had no I didn't ring
I have my big house further down but uh
I haven't phoned him at all.
I hear what you say but I don't understand it
I mean the farmers not like they always complain this out another because they're they're assured wilder in that issue rid of
I mean you know you could customers nuisance calls but the thing is I don't think he's responsible for his actions really
I miss tree alright
I never found you I don't know how he got this number
I remember the chat before when you took it on but uh
I think because he's not switch on property just born in random numbers
I think he knows when he phones
I think he's dreaming
I think it's mine just going
I think they get mixed up somewhere
I think you
I understand yeah yeah yeah
I used to have an uncle in london in ellington
I will see you before now
I would prefer
I'll just pick the phone up now
I'm from the langdale chase
I'm i'm just saying about X E X it's a UK ek sitting from europe is it is it a good idea or a bad idea
I'm i'm saying everybody needs to have something to do don't know
I'm in the lake district in windermere
I'm living in the lake district
I'm missing time
I'm not quite sure what I wish I was mines working have you any idea
I'm not sure where finchley is
I've got the phone here and and nobody 's being on it far as I not unless uh
If it comes on again with a funny accent and you're not sure just say oh you might just say well it depends how you look at it but I just I don't i'm not bothered either way but you might just say
If you would like to come to england and bring a friend with you I might be able to pay your fair to arrive
In a nice friendly way to try and get it on track into the right direction but the thing is is is the type of salary you know if somebody went and said but brown to him and said this out and the ot...
In cumbria
In Cumbria. It's north of Manchester.
In testing
Is it
Is it better to be outta beautiful in europe
Is it national fella but it been that tense lately and all kinds of things it's been falling for last couple weeks
Is that david
Is there any drugs available
Is there is there a welfare establishment that could look into it or not rather than make a big scene over it
It might be on medication or something
It probably will gain self in trouble
It seems to be unable to cut to continue the conversation in a rational manner as to make any sense out of anything
It was a long time since I went to london
It's a shame that they might cause trouble for him because not entirely his fault when when you mine goes you just don't know what your doing but perhaps now you know through discussion it's a bit ...
It's not in the text of regarding street drugs it's regarding if it's any drugs at all it will be to do with getting mixed up with everything
Just been busy checking some papers here and and the phone rang and others picked it off
Let's see what can be done about i'm not too sure mind the calls you know but there will be a lot of people that will mine them and no doubt some people will take offense no doubt some people repor...
Lots of people don't want me like that over my years i've been here
Lovely day today
Nine o'clock
Nineteen sixty
No I didn't say what's your problem I said does anybody know what's going to happen with the breakfast
No I haven't called you david I don't know what's why don't know where the problem is bad never called
No I haven't either
No i'm not living in london there now
No it wasn't made you know
No it's alright
No just now that's all
No no
No no no I said that you know I mean
No no nothing like that no no no no
Now i'm seventy six
Oh one five three nine four
Oh right
Oh right
Oh that sounds in order number
Oh that was amy idra for me today said he was an island but how are detected how it was him was after he started doing it was like a split personality started doing the irish accent then he started...
Oh who is it
Oh you do you know ma'am uh when you go to victoria street the man outside sweeping the street
Oh you from you up again
One or two people fall in phoning me open asking me why did the form them
Over the years
Per person
Possibly yes
RG's Neighbour Peter Soundboard Sound
RG's Neighbour Peter Soundboard Sound
RG's Neighbour Peter Soundboard Sound
RG's Neighbour Peter Soundboard Sound
RG's Neighbour Peter Soundboard Sound
RG's Neighbour Peter Soundboard Sound
RG's Neighbour Peter Soundboard Sound
RG's Neighbour Peter Soundboard Sound
RG's Neighbour Peter Soundboard Sound
RG's Neighbour Peter Soundboard Sound
Right OK
Right OK
Right right right right
Right she would happen
Rooms available
Say again
Say again david didn't either
Seventy pounds
Seventy six
She's a bit disabled
Should be talking about it be talking about looks and then and then and then it will say something about I have a bed and breakfast in windermere
So i'll how can I explain that to you
So we said to him
So we'll see whether it goes ahead or it doesn't go ahead or
Sounds that way
Straight isn't it
Strange is I can understand that
Strange isn't it
Syfy gets back on again he might back off a little bit now
Telephone BT
That happens all over the country now doesn't it
That's how it is
That's how it is these days isn't it
That's the message of the type of salary is I mean there not enough I like windows done but if we get a confrontational dude it's just deny everything
The fox is alien
The man 's losing his mind or something it on out which direction that might go
The mines not responsible for your actions
The oven is brexit out the at the minute
There must be a cross a cross section I just add a lady on the line from london and she asked me did I fall on her
These mines going unfortunately