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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A dollar and some envelopes
Aah! oh my god oh my god i'm hurt yah!
About 200 dollars
About 4 or $5000
Add these
Ain't like you got shit to do tomorrow you don't have to go to work
Ain't nobody lying
Ain't nobody playing but you
Ain't nothing in this house shit
Ain't that a bitch you funny
Ain't that right friend
All I have is my g****s you gonna eat up all my g****s
All right
All right (2)
All right (3)
All right all right bye
All right don't get homeboy fucked up
All right he live on debbie's street
All right i'll eat it
All right i'm not like that i'm gonna keep it down
All right man all right man
All right man here's what we're gonna do
All right man i'm gonna go to the crib man my stomach hurt
All right man look here loan me $2
All right man sorry thank you
All right man we finally got him you know we just did we finally got that little motherfucker
All right ****a look between me and you when you're done i'll clean all that shit up for you for $2 ugh
All right well i'm about to go home eh
Always talking shit
Always talking shit just can't open the goddamn door
Am I tripping
And answer the phone the cable people are supposed to call all right
And later on you call me and let me know what happened all right
And man I ain't been right ever since then
And the only person who could get me out was my mom
And you sell that shit yourself next time because i'm going to rehab i'm through with this shit
And you you keep your ass here
Anything else happen no
Anyway what you doing up so early
Are you gonna loan me the money not
Are you high huh
Are you high no why you say that because you look like you've been smoking
Are you okay
As soon as he said that I started feeling funny as hell
Aw i'm sorry
Baby baby we was just praying we was just praying
Back back
Be there i'm serious all right
Beat him down beat you down
Been smoking since I was 2
Better get your ass off your shoulders
Better run little bastard
Better take your ass home
Better to give than to receive brother
Better watch who window you climbing in before you get blasted on with what you ain't got nothing man with this
Big snake big worm what kind of name is that
Big worm
Big worm (2)
Big worm ain't gonna do a goddamn thing man
Big worm big hole big I don't give a damn
Big worm gonna end up fucking you up
Bigfoot motherfucker you can have your knife because I steal I don't kill
Bitch got out of the car looking more like freddie jackson
Bleeding and shit
Boo punk
Boy please
Boy what the fuck you want
Break yourself fool
Bring your ass in here what you talking about
Brother stay black
But after this friday neighborhood will never be the same
But I thought you wanted me to wash your car
But i'm gonna get you high today because it's friday
But i'm gonna get you high today because it's friday (2)
By any chance is sister jones in nope neither is brother jones they both at work
Bye baby
Bye bye
Bye bye honey
Bye felisha
Bye mommy
Bye smokey
Call me when you get home
Calm down
Came home
Can I have my chili fritos
Can I leave the door open
Can I talk to you for a second
Can I use y'all's vcr right quick wanna dub a tape
Cheap ass phone
China come on no ma
Come here
Come here come here
Come in here you don't wanna hear that shit
Come in i'm thirsty
Come on
Come on craig man stimulate you mind man
Come on dana
Come on deebo stall him out
Come on get out of here
Come on man bring your ass out
Come on man buy me a 40 ounce for my birthday
Come on man move it
Come on ******
Come on one two three
Come on outside man stop playing
Come on put up your dukes
Come on sister come on sister
Come on smoke let's go in
Come on! get off my ass!
Come over here and sit down right here you're way over there
Could y'all stay off my grass please thank you
Could you mind your own business
Craig (2)
Craig (3)
Craig (4)
Craig (5)
Craig (6)
Craig (7)
Craig already has a woman but he don't like her
Craig can I use y'all's microwave right quick yeah what'd you gotta cook some chicken
Craig come here
Craig craig
Craig craig (2)
Craig craig can I talk to you for a minute
Craig craig craig
Craig craig daddy wants you
Craig get out of my room
Craig get up get up craig come on craig come on craig
Craig get up get up craig come on craig come on craig (2)
Craig huh shut the door and have a seat
Craig I love you man
Craig I thought you said on three okay all right
Craig I wouldn't feel comfortable lending you 200 dollars without a job
Craig i'm on my way to work
Craig if somebody comes whistle
Craig it'll stimulate your mind
Craig oh shit
Craig telephone who is it that girl
Craig tell that little girl to stop playing on my phone
Craig where the iron right there
Craig yeah
Craig you fucked up you fucked up
Craig you listen to me
Craig! huh come in here
Cutie pie
Daddy wants you again
Damn (10)
Damn (11)
Damn (12)
Damn (13)
Damn (14)
Damn (15)
Damn (16)
Damn (17)
Damn (18)
Damn (2)
Damn (3)
Damn (4)
Damn (5)
Damn (6)
Damn (7)
Damn (8)
Damn (9)
Damn all right damn
Damn all you do is smoke weed
Damn always caught in the middle of something
Damn fucking bitch
Damn I tried to beat his ass but he ran
Damn i'd knock the dust off that pussy
Damn lil chris got you too hell yeah got me too little bitch ass ******
Damn look!
Damn now shut the hell up
Damn smokey what are you doing in here what the hell are you doing here shh
Damn what he want go see
Damn what I ain't got no sugar
Damn what you doing knocking like you the damn police
Dana dana
Dana wait up
Dang he at it again
Debbie came by looking for you
Debbie debbie what come here sit down
Debbie girl damn
Deebo damn
Deebo man you tripping
Deebo was over at felisha house and debbie house asleep
Deebo you seen craig and smokey around here
Deebo! deebo!
Did you remember to pick up the hair yeah
Do I still look high
Do something yeah do something
Do the dog catcher dog catcher
Don't be calling here like you some straight up g because i'll cut your balls off and hand them to you partner
Don't come here with that attitude girl
Don't even ask
Don't even talk with all the horses missing their hair here
Don't ever ever ever ever ever come by here okay
Don't knock these over
Don't laugh it ain't funny
Don't laugh it ain't funny (2)
Don't let me catch you boy
Don't lie
Don't nobody go in the bathroom for about 35 45 minutes somebody open a window
Don't play dumb ****** you know who this is you got my money
Don't start tripping craig
Don't what's up me
Don't worry about what fuck I be doing
Don't you see we handling grown folks business
Drive by
Drop him craig drop him craig drop him craig
Dump your ass over the window
Eat it on the 4th of july by the 18th everybody in the whole neighborhood trying to get to the bathrooms
Eight thirty right yes
Eight thirty why
Every time I come in the kitchen you in the kitchen in the goddamn refrigerator eating up all the food all the chicken all the pig feet
Excuse me brother
Excuse me what
Ezal get the hell out of my backyard
Fair enough craig fair enough there you go all right craig
Felisha fucking deebo too
Fine i'm on my way to work