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Fortnite - A guy is coming over with a pickaxe watch out
Fortnite - Another chest!
Fortnite - Another fucken chest
Fortnite - Another one
Fortnite - Apple pie, I meant apple pie
Fortnite - Are you friend too
Fortnite - Are you in a different timeline
Fortnite - Awe look at that, look at that face
Fortnite - Behind you courage
Fortnite - Best landing
Fortnite - But you didn't see that! Didn't see that
Fortnite - Cowboy
Fortnite - Cowboys amd curly mustache
Fortnite - Curly mustache
Fortnite - Do you even rift bro!!
Fortnite - Do you even rift!!
Fortnite - Don't give a fuck
Fortnite - Don't pick mine fucker
Fortnite - Fire range until we blow our brains out
Fortnite - For being idle for to long
Fortnite - Fucken area
Fortnite - Fucken bitch ass
Fortnite - Fucken bitch ass mic
Fortnite - Fucken communist
Fortnite - Fucken wildcat
Fortnite - Go there
Fortnite - Go there, that's it!
Fortnite - Golden scar
Fortnite - Great choice
Fortnite - He might take it
Fortnite - He run away, he run away!
Fortnite - He'll never hurt anyone again
Fortnite - He's a mad boi!
Fortnite - He's a noob
Fortnite - He's ccoming up with that pickaxe
Fortnite - He's in there, he's in there
Fortnite - He's picking up that loot
Fortnite - He's picking up the loot of the guys he just killed, he's a noob
Fortnite - Here we go I gotchu Brian
Fortnite - I been landing on lazy lake with Wildcat
Fortnite - I came out to this fucken area
Fortnite - I didn't get any music with the dancing, it sounded so awkward
Fortnite - I didn't realize which way the bus was going
Fortnite - I hear another one
Fortnite - I heard it get open
Fortnite - I just hear them everywhere
Fortnite - I kill him and he goes like agh fucken wasn't looking
Fortnite - I swear we don't have chest hacks right now
Fortnite - I think he went in there
Fortnite - I zoom it on the map
Fortnite - I'm playing Fornite with a pro now
Fortnite - It took me 14 games to get 7 chests in Snobby Shores!
Fortnite - It took me 14 games!
Fortnite - Lazy Lakes
Fortnite - My shots are garbage
Fortnite - No we're so far away
Fortnite - Oh another riff here
Fortnite - Oh scar! scar! scar!
Fortnite - Oh there's a chug here
Fortnite - Oh they definitely see me
Fortnite - Only the best drink for gamers
Fortnite - Paradise pants
Fortnite - Rifting and chesting dude
Fortnite - Snobby Shores
Fortnite - So close to do a BM!
Fortnite - Sounds like a bullet whizzin past your head
Fortnite - Subscribe to Wildcat for more chugs
Fortnite - That took way to long, editor make that shorter
Fortnite - That's six chests
Fortnite - There's fucken two
Fortnite - There's three in one building
Fortnite - There's two amirite
Fortnite - Think I'll just kill this poor man
Fortnite - Twisting rift
Fortnite - Two llamas bro, on the same mountain
Fortnite - Vagina that leads to another dimension
Fortnite - Watch out
Fortnite - We got you Connor
Fortnite - We gotta dance next to the T-Rex
Fortnite - We rift hard!
Fortnite - We rift hard! Several times a game
Fortnite - We'll watch your pots
Fortnite - We're not hacking guys, We're not!
Fortnite - We're not hacking!
Fortnite - Who shot me!!
Fortnite - Yoo whats up!
Fortnite - You must drift overdoes, dude!
Fortnite - You won't find as much loot in this place as Paradise Pants