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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Npesta Beating Kenos
Heart Beating Sound
Heart is beating beating yo
Severe beating
Mario Beats Up Luigi
Beating quota
Vallavan Theme
My Heart Is Beating
Heart Beating
All bubble blowing babies will be beaten senseless
All bubble blowing babies will be beaten senseless by every able bodied patron in the bar
All right hit him in the head right between the eyes
All right we'll settle it like men with our fists
All right you white motherfuckers all eyes on me if I catch you looking at anything else i'm going to beat your ass like a runaway slave
And I am sorry about that crack on the jaw
Every once in a while i'd have to take a beating but by then I didn't care the way I saw it everybody takes a beating sometime
Hey! right on the button
How did I beat you
I just wanted to crush them they scattered through the air like bugs
I know it is fun to wrestle a nice pile drive to the face or a punch to the face but you cannot do it because it is in the bible not to wrestle your neighbor
I look like I just called mike tyson a sissy
I wanna be a great fighter but I can't even beat a couple of guys in the street
I'll bash him brutally then we close in for the kill with the police precisely
I'll hit you so hard when you wake up your clothes will gonna be out of style!
I'm sorry I bit you and pulled your hair and punched you in the face
If you strike me down I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine
It's me that you want I have only one arm you can beat me
Master pain it is a great honor having you beating random people in our town especially that helpless man you just hit welcome!
Maybe you haven't been keeping up on current events but we just got our asses kicked pal!
Now she will never be beautiful again
Only one way to deal with these swine walk up to them and kick 'em in the belly show 'em who's boss right away
Roger read the script look what it says! it says rabbit gets clunked rabbit sees stars not birds stars!
Thank you all very much i'll beat her now!
The slightest impact was sufficient to instantly reduce them to antimatter
They tore my legs off and threw them over there! then they took my chest out and threw it over there!
Use your karate chop action!
We been kicking other people's asses for so long I figure it's time we got ours kicked
We heard 'em making all kind of noise we came over and beat 'em off blasted 'em down
Well brothers if I should hurt you know I do so with regret
Well do you think you're part of some gay beat up underworld like one of those gay beat up clubs or something
Well there's no problem if you had a gun shoot 'em in the head that's a sure way to kill 'em if you don't get yourself a club or a torch beat 'em or burn 'em they go up pretty easy
Well use the forget me stick oh right
Well you didn't have to go and hit me did you is my nose bleeding
What do you have to think about you beat them you won!
What i'd like for you to do is use that patented left hook on him
What's that you hit him with son that was a bare necessity!
What's the matter with you you look as though you've been kicked by a horse
With all my kung fu talents I beat all the other challengers
Yeah i'm going to jab his head off where do you want the body sent send it to his parents your body!
You admit you're beat or else i'll pull your mustache
You are beaten it is useless to resist don't let yourself be destroyed as obi wan did
You beat nicky with fists he comes back with a bat
You can get beat up for wearing something like that oh yeah
You gonna beat me yeah I know your country you're gonna beat me
You got knocked the fuck out
You got knocked the fuck out man
You showed us now get in line before I kick you so hard you'll wear your ass for a hat
You want me to drag him out of here kick the shit out of him
Your dad says if you can master that book then nobody can beat you
10 ****as jumped the ****a fams 10 ****as pounded him out stomped the shit out of this ****a man