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Hey I really don't have like time to bat this around i'm kind of on a schedule here I got plans for august okay I need an answer like now
Hey lori can you set the alarm for 11 00 a m i've got a lot of stuff to do tomorrow
I can't be bothered with that I have no time for that sort of nonsense
I can't little man i'm busy b I gotta go to work
I couldn't possibly fit him in until monday sir i'm booked solid
I have so much teddy bear paperwork I have to get to it is sick
I'll be too busy looking good
I've got work to do this ain't no poolroom no I could have sworn I just saw an eight ball
Just go out and water the flowers do anything you like but keep busy
Look I don't have time for a conversation right now!
Oh can't you see I mustn't be disturbed you'll ruin everything
We're all busy here get 'em out
We're terribly busy today we're closed
Well I gotta go now I got a lot of bouncing to do
Well if you weren't busy oogling girlie pictures you might get some work done around here
Yeah the busy life of a retiree every day a new adventure