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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
And you don't tell me what fucking choices I have frankie
Come on you poor unfortunate soul go ahead make your choice
Did it look like I had much of a choice
Doesn't look like we have much of a choice but i'll remind him
Each of us faces a clear moral choice
Even I get boarded sometimes do you think I had a choice
Great choice we got here
I began to realize despite all my powers each and every citizen of metro had something I didn't a choice
I had no choice
I had no choice they arrived right before you did i'm sorry
I was going back to vegas I had no choice
I'm all for that always good to have choices
If he's malfunctioning I wouldn't see we have any choice but disconnection
If you don't get involved i'm gonna knock your ass out too make a choice
In an insane world it was the sanest choice
It wasn't even a choice
It's risky but we can't hold out much longer we have no choice
It's the only choice we got
Life's full of tough choices isn't it
Like I said I don't have a choice
Listen to yourself what am I emperor ming here controlling your mind that's your choice john
Moment of choice
Morbius you wanted me to make a choice now you've chosen for me
No choice
No choice huh
No choice pal
Not much choice
Now there's no choice the white house will confirm an order to use the atom bomb
Of course it's unfair we're women our choices are never easy
Oh terrific i've got three choices watch the kid sleep listen to lynda screw around or talk to you
Okay okay he's a terrible risk but what other choice have we got
Okay then if that's the way you want it you just give me no choice
She told me that I would have to make a choice
Sir you've made the correct choice
Sorry to bust your bubble but you two turtle doves have no choice
That's a tough choice you're a tough guy
The choice is yours scar either step down or fight
The land is so big the choices so infinite where shall we go los angeles or new york
The truth is I don't really have a choice
Then it suddenly hit me I do have a choice I can be whatever I want to be
There's no choice
Unless you do you'll walk the plank the choice is up to you
We have no choice but to continue as planned deploy the sentinels immediately
We understand don't we chewie he had no choice
Well I didn't have a choice
Well let me put it this way what choice have you got
What a choice to have to make
What was it we had for dinner tonight well we had a choice steak or fish
Where we go from there is a choice I leave to you
You ain't got no fucking choice
You are wrong I have a third choice
You do not understand my words but you must choose
You don't leave me any choice you don't leave me any choice!
You know I have no choice
You made a bad choice
You now have two choices swear eternal loyalty to your master or commit harakiri with your son
You really don't have a choice in that matter
You think I had a choice
You're going to have to make a choice in the one hand you'll have morpheus' life and in the other hand you'll have your own
You're not free to make your own choices sometimes you feel so you're just trapped
You're right you aren't just some prize to be won you should be free to make your own choice