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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A dress salesman doesn't have to wear dresses does he
And here he's all dressed up in his sunday best
And suits so fine they made sinatra look like a hobo
And the stuff they wore was thrown together and cheap a lot of pantsuits and double knits
And then i'm going to take off your dress and then i'm going to take off your bra and then i'm going to take off your shoes
Are you wearing your sweater darling keep it buttoned I don't want you catching cold puddin' pie
Basic black long hair gloves he falls apart makes him do foolish things and come to think of it me too
But your so curious costumes don't be put off by them ma'am under this garb we're perfectly ordinary americans
By the time we get to mexico our clothes will be out of style
Did you sleep in your clothes again last night
Didn't you bring your costume sure it's in here
Everyone I need my shoes and clothes please
Have I focused too much on my boots and all my fame and my stretchy pants
He sure hit the skids the rags of his pants are beating him to death
He's making himself a woman suit out of real women! and he can sew this guy he's very skilled he's a tailor or a dressmaker or
Hey hey just because you're dressed like king tut doesn't mean you're our leader
Hi so what's with the outfits you guys going to a volleyball game or something
How do I get out of this chickenshit outfit
I am a great magician your clothes are red!
I didn't have time to get some stylish underwear wife gave me this on my last birthday I passed away in it
I have a friend who got nailed 'cause there was a rumor he wore dinosaur pajamas
I know but it's the middle of tue fucking summer what'll I do with fur coats
I mean everybody's flashing their stuff here evidently they got their money i'm wearing the same old shit they're wearing it
I mean yes they may have the appearance of riches but beneath the clothes we find a man and beneath a man we find his nucleus
I need your clothes your boots and your motorcycle
I never had a taste for this sort of thing but I must admit i'm deeply enjoying the suit!
I'll hit you so hard when you wake up your clothes will gonna be out of style!
I'm gonna get you new clothes too i'm gonna get you 550 dollars suits so you look real sharp
I've never seen you like this before you act like a kid who's going to try on his first pair of long pants
In a frilly shirt and slacks
Is it halloween already what in the world are you doing in that outfit
It looks awful that's because it's on you dear
It's an old sweater huh
John! good to see you I see the wife still picks your ties
Listen I got some beautiful dior dresses you want to have them pick out a few for yourself
Nice clothes gentlemen I didn't know the salvation army was having a sale
Nice hat what're you trying to look like a secret agent
Nice shirt who's your tailor quasimodo
No thank you we are dressed in our best and are prepared to go down as gentlemen but we would like a brandy
Now ariel i'm telling ya if you wanna be a human the first thing ya gotta do is dress like one now let me see
Oh I love your suits it must be a bitch gettin' a size 68 extra fat and a 12 dwarf
Oh you got it james nice shiny green suit you look like an oriental leprechaun
People are talking about the high cost of living everything is going up food rent clothing taxes
Put on your sunday clothes we're gonna ride through town in one of those new horse drawn open cars
Redo those buttons dress that belt buckle straighten that cap and goddamn it tuck up those pajamas!
Robby I must have a new dress right away again oh but this one must be different absolutely nothing must show below above or through radiation proof no just eye proof will do
She wasn't dressed all that well for all that diamond
There can't be 2 idiots with pyjamas like these
They wanted to spoil my 800 dollars suit
This is the new cut you all be bad whoo! whoo! whoo!
Those pyjamas are impossible this actually happened
Want to listen to the king you look like an elvis fan
Was he ever dressed like this no no jacket and tie
We're in new york now let us dress as new yorkers
Wear clothes oop! I almost forgot that one!
Wearing clothes must be a new experience for you
Wearing them clothes all half off your ass what the hell is going on today
Well at least you could have taken time to wash and clean your clothes up after spendin' all that dough to have the doctor fix your nose up
Well I know this wise guy this isn't something he'd wear spoils his macho image
What about homosexuality tony you like men huh you like to dress up like a woman
What are you wearing oh my mum made it
What would you say if a guy walked in for an interview without a shirt on and I hired him what would you say he must've had on some really nice pants
What's wrong with my clothes I designed them myself
When you are a man sometimes you wear stretchy pants in your room it's for fun
Where did you get that dress it's awful! and those shoes and that coat jesus!
Where'd the dress come from property it was evidence in a wife beating case
Whoever sold you those suits had a wonderful sense of humor
Why the hell are you dressed like a chicken
Yeah but you you dress nice nice you understand they dress whatever loud nice
Yeah hello sergeant I need a black evening dress
Yes sir you look a little older without your clothes on I mean without a dress you look older I mean younger you look you just
Yo what's up with that dress girl you going dancing or something
You americans you're all the same always overdressing for the wrong occasions
You can get beat up for wearing something like that oh yeah
You like it I got it in hong kong home of the shiny green suit
You think you can come into my house with your hotshot clothes and your jail manners and make fun of us
You wanna make me happy don't you more than anything then lose the tights I mean as soon as possible
You're lucky i'm in my fucking restaurant clothes bitch 'cause i'd kick your fucking ass right now
You're sure not much of a dresser