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And good does not always triumph sometimes the dark side overcomes what lincoln called the better angels of our nature
And listen to me you are not evil you are good!
And then finally i'm going to fight that hero in an epic battle of good and evil
As long as there's evil good will rise up against it oh I wish
Because there's a conflict in every human heart between the rational and the irrational between good and evil
Certainly we know that he was trying to describe the struggle between good and evil right
Each of us has a destiny for good or for evil
Good versus evil equals confrontation
Now was milton trying to tell us that being bad was more fun than being good
Remember the words of your teacher your master evil moves fast but good moves faster than light shining for your illumination
See now i'm thinkin' maybe it means you're the evil man and i'm the righteous man
That's when I learned a very hard lesson good receives all the praise and adulation while evil is sent to quiet time in the corner
The embodiment of good foiler of evil
The evil that men do lives after them the good is oft interred with their bones so let it be with caesar
There is no good and evil there is only power and those too weak to seek it