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Big joe's a little upset right now I think maybe you should leave town get out of the neighborhood right
But after this friday neighborhood will never be the same
Hey look I got enough trouble in this neighborhood without new faces capisce
Hey man I don't even come down to this part of town
It's a low neighborhood full of rum pots
Maybe I will be the george jefferson of the neighborhood
****as all over the world tellin' me you runnin' the neighborhood
Oh just look at him why the poor little fella you know he must be down on his luck yeah or he wouldn't be in our neighbourhood
Oh man your mother and I never would've moved in this neighbourhood if we had known you need a gun to walk down the damn street
This ain't no fit place to homestead in land's no good when there's always lead flying over it
To me it meant being somebody in a neighborhood full of nobodies
Welcome to the neighborhood
What you scared to come through this neighborhood at night motherfucker
Yeah a lot of murder investigations lead right here
You live in the neighborhood right yeah