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Moose Soup Lady 1
Ah but your hand is frozen my child how does a nice bowl of soup sound to you huh mmmmm
All right i'll taste the soup where's the spoon
Are you ready for your soup mmmmm hold out your bowl then
Bruce Almighty playing God
Careful! that soup is sharp
Cover up get you some soup some tea
He'll never make it in this soup never not one chance in a million
Hell yeah I watch anime #soup #r6s #funny #ching #chong
I get to wake up every morning at five a m and make some soup
I'll curse myself forever this nasty soup we're in is largely of my own brewing
Just taste the soup
No come on you should try my dad's secret ingredient soup
Sally! that soup ready yet
Soup! hooray!
That's so even a tramp like me no matter what happens I know there's a brother somewhere who will never refuse me a bowl of soup
The secret ingredient of my secret ingredient soup
This sure is great soup
Tie your napkin 'round your neck cherie and we provide the rest soup du jour hot hors d'oeuvres
Two bowls of split plea soup to go eh
Wait wait it's just plain old noodle soup you don't add some kind of special sauce or something
What's it taste like madness! it's tomato soup!
What's wrong is the soup too cold
Will you just taste the soup!
Yes yes yes ohhh and now a little wine with your soup huh
You are almost ready to be entrusted with the secret ingredient of my secret ingredient soup
You mean pea soup