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All bubble blowing babies will be beaten senseless by every able bodied patron in the bar
And it ain't over now because when the going gets tough the tough get going!
And no sidewinder bushwhacking hornswoggling cracker croaker is going to ruin my biscuit cutter!
Don't think I won't and don't you think I think you won't
Gentlemen gentlemen affairs of state must take precedent over the affairs of state
How now brown cow tg8
I am what you call a repeat offender I repeat I will offend again
I better take the lead this way looks exciting no it says exit which is the abbreviation for exciting right
I said how do you do how do you do what
Look what i'm trying to say is you're just a kid and to be a manager you have to be a man otherwise they'd call it kid ager
No who is this is
Now go do that voodoo that you do so well!
Ooh that nut has got to be nuts
Our forefathers brought four fathers did lincoln have four fathers
Read the directions and directly you'll be directed in the right direction
Roger roger what's our vector victor
Surely there must be something you can do i'm doing everything I can and stop calling me shirley
Surely you can't be serious I am serious and don't call me shirley
This is the wicked witch of the west
Violet you're turning violet violet!
We have clearance clarence
Werewolf there what there wolf there castle
What watch ten watch such much
Why why why why the whole place is clean! there's dirty work afoot
You'll find he is a whiz of a wiz if ever a wiz there was