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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Again so you like my little tape
Amanna from the old school brothers
Bird all fucked up selling these mother fuckers for fifty nine ninety three I got money
Damn and we just don't find these little marshall smoker shit ain't that hard as long as they know crowd i'm not killing their kids on the old folks right who the fuck all out there twelve o'clock ...
Every mother fucking video give me the mother fucking bitch right now
Hell nah medication she gonna be after my fucking party liquors oh i'm on my baby
Hey ****** give up the car right now liquor joe ask her straight they going to strip and wish you a man I got time for this shit no more right it was wrong
I can sorry for your mother but you said about my mom you feel sorry for who I don't want any trouble just get out the fuck you say about my momma
I look bitch stuff follow me around his mother fucker you getting on my nerves you hurry up and buy fuck up
I mean this with scared
I take this out check this out
It's all about old dog ****as alarm stevenson golf big ass movie stop
Man you got some money or not cook me up this time maybe you cranky put you up fuck outta here at these burgers many some double cheeseburgers ****a I disable the fucking cheeseburger
My ****a I want to know if you ready do this shit did you already do the silhouette motherfucker and then we act like no pussy when we get the fuck out there I don't wanna go
Not me alright i'm not killing your kids and you know what ****a you act like a little bitch right now you act the real paranoid and shit that is mother fuck smoke joke got damn cousin in front of ...
People penis I thought I told you to open a damn register town open issue six mother fucking dollars ****a
She does and I did jack law training her old man
She isn't a big trip anyway to put a hole in a mother fucker yeah hi
Should be much anything I want to give my homeboys chance get out stangel
Show me
Why did about him and then we gotta do that shit
Why don't you want off gonna give me that way
You ain't gotta be creeping I don't know why you trying to act like you clean it up I always think i'm gonna steal some