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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Be they may let me this is kenny working your ass on this TV and then they get left a ****a fucking came they don't talk to me about them god damn came fucking fat ass mother digital TV you got you...
Can you hang with this yeah I hope you I be in my night about a ten thirty i'm sorry I see me tomorrow night to do a starter mother fucking no no prob
Check this out check this out
CJ fucking black nissan maxima yeah it's gotta look exactly the same OK they don't
Got a baby daughter shit not like little girls mean we just stack your man man fucking young ****as make sunday they make me shit you ain't shit
Hope you find your way down compton avenue motherfucker
I being a mod night about about ten thirty i'm sorry did you see me tomorrow night to do a study mother fucker no no problem turning that's fine did I stutter motherfucker no you're right what
I'm telling some good ass fight madison I can beat your ass there the night man yeah ****a I bet you came on the left and after five will get ahold this mother fucking
It's gotta be an excellent running condition too alright insurance company is going to give you know money for a car that doesn't run can you hang with this yeah I hope you
OK I talked about one let me get this game
To do a starter mother fucking no no problem two hundred that found their starter motherfucker no you're right
Via a wax came with the lakers game last night
What you scared kontonis neighborhood at night mother fucker huh no problem you ain't too scared to head a black man still for your fucking ass issue you're right make it the fuck outta here OK tha...
Yeah who is nick young ****a with nothing
Yo who is nick yo ****a nothing why you come to this motherfucker so early all the time and you said one o'clock I don't give a fuck what I said ****a
Yo yo yo wax check out came back they would have forty looking like this sucker fuck
You're right man get the fuck outta here OK thanks thanks for your narrow ass up and go back at the westwood we belong
You're waxed yo ****a let me get some links with them grits man hurry up i'm hungry than a mother fucker out here go ahead