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Bed you thought wrong
Bennett - Commando Soundboard Sound
Ever since you had me thrown out of your unit i've waited to pay you back do you know what today is matrix payday
His soldiers are nothing matrix and I could kill every one of them in a blink of an eye remember that
I can bring you
I don't know you guys
I love listening to your little piss ant soldiers trying to talk tough
I think i'll take a pop
I'll make it quick just for old time sake
John as your arm john
John check it out one shot right between the eyes
John i'll be ready john
John i'm not gonna shoot you between the eyes fall
Now not daddy
Of course i'm smart
Play off with me a hundred gram you wanna know something when I found out I get my hands on you I said I do it for nothing
Put the knife away and shut your mouth
Should I feel good just like old times
Tranquilizers I wanted to use the real thing
When I did that john
You can call john you getting old
Your training matrix