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Alright well but it is a unanimous no I know yeah
Call my bobby let's hope I come on barbie let's go party
Do you think you got the X factor I don't know 'cause i'm not quite sure what the X factor is by it
Fine I got help
Going to do the out karaoke in the week every week and that's different karaoke is enough
Hello hello what's your name robert only
Hi is this a joke no problem finding me I ain't
I love you again
I think we've heard enough
I'm a barbie girl in the mommy world laughing plastic it's fantastic you can brush my hair undress me everywhere imagination
I've worked too chicken factory now pick a check for about two and a half years
Little bobby would just getting started
My favorite ones aqua barbie go higher bobby you wanna go for that young again jump here
No no love lost well I just do the call is going on a bit nervous
Now I can carry on working in a chicken factory so there's always
Obviously when you want to karaoke machine you've got the music in the background plus you've got a bit of echo in that which does help in a way so alright so we're missing the echo
Proper I can honestly say and you are the worst singer i've ever heard in my life thank you salute lee useless
Raggedy will be in on it and go on it when the morning plan another way not to pad with no one to love me and going nowhere and that reduced
Show my face around and you know hopefully get spotted the summers
What do you do I work in a chicken factory good
When people if we want to go to a different karaoke that i've never been to I get applause in there is genuine