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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A million years ago interesting you never make the station the station just up there to the other things but didn't dinner quibble there
And what about seven minutes you can show the difference within so kinds of whatsoever is brought to the table and I was very solid at the back of my own time against arsenal was a beautiful thing ...
As I got a little bit older and i'll sort of allowed to go down any cell from sort of fourteen onwards site the ground and it opening gates last twenty minutes and you could look up hold down and i...
Come here pay assaults
Danny who's your favorite ever hammer so tricky one would have been bobby more files around in iraq cuisine was the governor but julian dicks 'cause he wore the shirt he wore with pride and harmony...
Evran grown autana what we were thinking only job in the world where you could do the worst job possible and get two million pam payoff or whether it was sorry was rubbish is two mil see layer
Frankly looking for love him or love him support beam or the western legend the western gentleman the only english captain to lift at world cup in TI 's middle name chelsea down
Friday give us a song dinette dinette kisses song horan forever blowing bubbles pretty bubbles shade there die floor sorry
I did a thing for squire call premier league all stars and it was six aside it was free X pros from the club free celebrities and free fans and i've got to play for west dan with frank mcavennie to...
I think your club chooses you you not choose your club
I went to obviously the millennium stadium we played there a few times liverpool FA cup final never forget that hurt me bad that did i'll never forget that moment and when I felt like would actuall...
I'll come from cunningham west dams mark club that's it walking distance and other teams come to my town to try nick points off my football club and it doesn't matter whether you support west damn ...
It applies to warm it was ian dowie for some reason it was a quite player for us and it could serve for the club i'm just calling a few own goals you should never been back in the box
Job well are you madeline yeah I do my following that you fill out randia is all gone them stories were stand face
John law was a quite manager and I think he was one of the longest serving managers but every redneck we was for may we was it was a false we was a false you know he broke some great players throug...
Level when he played for us week we could make it before eleven mill for lamp out what result in our remember him back in a dire need just flip the there about and you know do a bit lumpy obviously...
Marlo pull this he was just terrible terrible terrible player friendly user ninety one earlier caravana sonic
Nutley they so far but we finally rituxan pop home at MIT what's daniel night season did you know when was the last time to win the FA cup and all english side nineteen seventy five i've known our ...
Oh it's like that
Play FIFA santillan 's birthday sometimes obsessed with it but they manage your mode not try and I try and buy older players that we've had a great survey the lamp argina rio ferdinand 's and you j...
Pleasure pleasure have a good time
Probably more I mean he was easy element wasn't any of the ultimate player then I think he's under estimated forever easy made the game look yet no paso bar employee could breed the game and it jus...
Proper pose i'm not saying it so we are the bowling pub catbox limbo limbo limbo limbo inside this is a proper west end pub
Scrubbing bubbles kind of what this song means I have absolutely no idea but there's no greater feeling and when they play the music and then they cut the music out just before kickoff and everyone...
So I must have been about nine nine ultimately old man unfortunately losing one newer coventry don't sound like the most exciting of games dizzy hot maine
So what we got it then we got quite a bit co copiers old school pie mash or liquor alphabets help i'm actually that now you've got jellied eels crack and unleash I proper merkt
Standing tall at this is hard thing for me to say about satnam yet opera house water gap I would swerve tottenham lack blackner last place i'm gonna go inside them
Swells grow up really ripe it or at least many years in icewater the quan
There's always a ground at wherever you was it was always a great atmosphere is a couple of moody places would've pillars but you suffered it back in the day
This brings back people memory swimming this is younger football this is this is why why is it having forced me not internet mystery
Try again boy
We deserve to be in a premier league without supper club you know claire and blow through for always will be told you can't anywhere to go attorney in because you're an embarrassment
We're not known for winning things but what we are known for his ever could support and every raw that just intense atmosphere you filled out you walked into a football ground
When was your first guy and see what you should do is well he's lebanese gates up when I was young and let you know for the last quarter and you can stand next to the corner flag and I can't hear you