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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Alright alright i've heard enough I made up my mind this slope what's-his-name miyagi in that punk kid i'm going to get them for what they did to you they made you suffer so i'm going to make them ...
And tell you in person 'cause I fiesta everything I told you at least at you owe me a lot more than that danny boy oh i'm sorry I thought the lessons were for free but I don't know nothing 's for f...
Anything else you want yeah
Blood so one make believe it's hit this guy wants to break humiliate you stop doing to the ground now what are you going to do about it no sir
Did you come here to teach it to be taught
Don't worry about it you just have fun how do you know about my moon I know
Extreme situations require extreme measures fuck
Finally point person stars nothing nothing quite interesting
Get to the grind pennelli point scores nothing nothing turn for fighting
God bless you
God oh man that was beautiful didn't even think something got anyway flying listen I gotta go back in there man what are you talking about I gotta check that guy had come here technic and killer in...
He'll get up is too dumb not to throw salt
Hello user praying danny boy
I was not
I'm broke and i'm going nowhere you're wrong you going at the haiti now
I'm not going to fight you can make with you don't have to you can just stand there then your ass
Is this face see that well I think he peed in his pants
Johnny every business has a slab at one time or another look at this ten years ago and nuclear was the preferred waste you could dump it anywhere now everybody is a detective i'm lucky if I make on...
Look terry you don't have to do that I don't have to I want to it's not over with cobra kai say open sky say it kokay never dies but you ask
Now over the years have developed a system of intensive short-term training the situations just like this it comes in two parts and has three rules I call it quicksilver
Now the real pain begins danny boy on your life
Point score this cute cute fighting
Porn far scarlet one zero looked over at the slope is that perfect one point barnes for the past fighting position
Rule number three A man can't see you can't fight he hit him square in the nose have be blinded by his tears and choke on his own blood
Snake dennis like barnes dennis will take care of your training snake takes care of everything else there's going to be a bad boy in LA 's next the boy would be bad with right thank you know it
There are three things that make a champion for three DS desire devotion discipline the first two I can't give you the last one I can but you have to be willing to receive it are you mister larussa...
Underline I love it when he passed on your life this is more fun than I thought
We have an agenda here daniel it's really very simple guys crazy if you fight one fight on one day are you fight every day for the rest of their life was going to be danny boy it's going to be i'm ...
Well well well look who's here the big war hero
What about those two jerks patience my friend
What do I have to do this with this thing because it's a part of the training because i'm teaching new techniques you don't have techniques you need to win the tournament but you think you can rely...
What don't bullshit me but even you can't dump it in borneo when bonnie knows with chloride sledges just do it do it call me when it's done
Wow no come on little man let's see how good you really are
Yeah no good brigham and what else at the grand jury what do you intend to do about them problem as usual mister silva lighten up margaret who is the DA in the case
Yeah tell
You don't know me anything of bullshit I don't know what about vietnam how many times did you save my ass I don't know I lost count
You wanna get beaten because of a little pain be my guest I can't be apart of that i'm a quince into winners not the other way around crest i'm wasting my time