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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Come on pal tell me something I don't know it's my birthday surprise me blue star
Gordon Gekko - Wall Street Soundboard Sound
Gordon Gekko - Wall Street Soundboard Sound
I got twenty of the brokers analyzing charged pal I don't need another one see everybody I am not just another program mister danko if you give me another chance i'll prove that to you i'll go the ...
I've been in this business and sixty nine most these harvard MBA types they don't have to dog shit in the guys that are poor smart hungry and no feelings when a feel you lose a few which it keep on...
Is the kit calls me fifty nine days in a row wants to be a player ought to be a picture of you the dictionary persistence kid
Jeez I wish you could see this lights coming up
Look I love that forty is an insult and fifty there analysts they don't know preferred stock from livestock alright see way to head south and we raise sperm count on the deal OK get back in
Looks good is on paper in the kill zone power lock and load lunch you gotta be kidding lunches for webs OK baby i'll talk at you
Not a spider thought you were buddy boy ever wonder why fund managers can't beat the S and P five hundred 'cause their sheep and she gets loaded
Publix after throwing darts at a board sport I don't throw darts at a board I bet on sure things
Read sunsu the art of war every battle is won before it's ever fought think about it
The new law of evolution in corporate america seems to be survival of the unfinished well in my book you either do it right or you get illuminated
The point is ladies and gentlemen that green for lack of a better word is good greed is right greed works greed clarifies cuts through
Wake up we have pal you're not inside you are outside OK and i'm not talking about some four hundred thousand dollar year working wall street still flying for his class and being comfortable i'm ta...
Well I appreciate you opportunity your giving me mister cromwell as the single largest shareholder until our papers speak well ladies and gentlemen around here to indulge in fantasy but
Well I fall comes down to a few moments this is one
What the hell is going on i'm looking at two hundred thousand shares move palauan over partner we better be another come down and eat your lunch for you back into alex sorry jeff
What the hell you want I just found out about the garage sales on at blue star why last night I was reading through the story of winnie the pooh in the honey pot you know what happened
What what the hell is cromwell do given a lecture tour he's losing sixty million a quarter because he's giving lectures and how lose money jesus christ is this guy on a funeral parlor no one would ...
Yeah I listen jerry i'm looking for negative control OK no more than thirty thirty five percent just left a block anybody elses merger plans and find out from the inside of the books are cooked