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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Ah fuck is shot me for sure and back jesus playing turn you got smokeless cartridges are costly and bloody finger shit up in shop
And his wanker should give us any problems like any cowboys with a few tools run around
Benny the fox been going on there shall be with you sonika who don't you stand there you got the bags we feel him
Boy now but your attention firstly i'm going to blow his toes off take out his travels now if you want me out of here before minutes flat and open the fucking guy 's i'm going to blow his leg off
Finger pad we got concern allowed to cash in shoeboxes instead in class idea mobile security is one still guy is you going but I never lucky
Golf the best way I spoil a good walk
It goes in first is a case but he's never looked is it like never let down one of the but once he's got himself said he gets the rest of us in now we get knost have a cover them shit about galen wh...
It must be this one like communication americans by that point now we bought one in there makes you would and working with fucking planks of wood
Offit afrinic wanna tell a site personal associate at another swing just to make sure give me a five wind chill is there any thought
Oops done you come straight back here and unload robot ship father 's brother and one seven sweet
Or find your call she will slay our our forger to think this is fucking hide and seek
Shit fuck you said all the fat sets with bringle don't you think you could put a little bit more practical
Slow called gap in forest himavan come put unwelcome bollocks to calm your philly only if you had to make two trips
Sure sit down a patch yourself up you try to fucking air rifle
Understanding connect fucking door she went well this is
We've done the font leroy again charging it is passed out
Where the fuck is she come from
Yes cold this summer you liar tell us it's in the fireplace shutting you in europe S coney was sign and send the fireplace just pull it out sooner bottom sing the fireplace
You gonna let me down now now i'm not finished with you yet still