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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Abra Cadabra Shalaka Sarah bye bye baby food.
After all, it ain't through the eyes that you feel beauty. It's hard. Heart hungers for summing. It makes it beautiful.
Alright, gold member. Don't play the laughing boy. There are only two things I can't stand in this world. People who are intolerant of other peoples cultures and the Dutch.
And I tell you you need a physic. Ah, I'm fairly disappointed in you peachy. You of all men who followed me and helped to make me what I have followed you me who had older than mules tail tell me t...
And I told her I says, Blimey girl, you ain't as ugly as I thought.
And so I became the caretaker of many father of none.
And you have a gun and it is pointed at me and you are certifiably insane. But I must admit it does add a certain urgency to the situation.
Awesome, I don't believe this production fucking ourselves.
Because it would not occur to you, why?
Before he can talk properly will be bleeding this and bleeding that perhaps worse.
Bloody glass came up with bloody burger stacking up and down a blower.
Bloody hell, Jack Ritchie was my friend. What does it take? A fucking miracle for you to believe that.
Bloody hell.
But hell, you talking about.
But now I'm at Carl. That would be my other dress.
But they've had these immigrants sitting in bloody laboratories taking these things out one by one. It's true million and every day, and then you hit someone on the set up out. There you go. It's a...
Can I help you with something?
Could you please point that gun the other way you are making me very nervous?
Do you know I had almost forgotten what your eyes look like? There's still the same face holes in the snow.
Do you know who I am? Have you any idea how many anonymous Hench men are killed over the years and look at you? You haven't even got a name tag, you got no chance. Why don't you just fall down?
Doctor Carlos hasn't the foggiest idea whether I'm on off on top of or under this complex, but I have to speak to him and I mean right now.
Don't you dare, don't you fucking dare.
Don't you ever do this to me again, J.
Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.
Feed crap
Give it a kick in the ass.
Goodine Acres how's it going? Sport good on your cover chips, hotel, hotels and oil from down under. Do you still have any of those situations available in Sydney now it's all gone, Paula, Nevermin...
Goodnight you, Princess of Maine, you kings of New England.
He could fucking do it, could you? You couldn't fucking do it. Fuck you, fuck you too.
Hello hello.
Hello, I'm Michael Caine.
Hi, it's all in the buttocks. Don't I look pretty?
I have an irresistible urge to kiss you.
I have my answer. I have my heart. I'm walking on air.
I invited my girl to visit me. I sent her a postcard every day with a single word on each card I wrote, found a virgin paradise. It's yours Matthew naturally they were delivered in the wrong order....
I never treated old people with condescension ever, and you last about 2 seconds trying it on me. You know when you go? No, I don't know what it is, but I don't look like but I I had a show for the...
I suppose you think you're going to see the bleeding titles now? Well, you're not so you can all relax.
I took a Viagra, got stuck in my throat, a very stiff neck for hours right thank you.
I was a very shy person and to go on stage for me was torture anyway, and I wish regarded stage as a woman who always treated me badly. No matter how well I treated her movies is a woman who always...
I will try and put this as politely as possible. Henry what the fuck are you doing in my office?
I'm a pilot. My vision is perfect.
I'm not turning around.
I've been on a couple fucking magazines.
I've got a better idea. Why don't you rescue me in about 2.7 or 8 minutes?
In in the whole, you standing in the hall.
In olden days, a glimpse of stocking was logged on as something shocking. Now heaven knows anything goes.
It's been nice knowing you, Jack.
It's not the size mate, it's how you use it.
It's the same many fellow Hummer. I'm curious, it's the everything in proportion. You know your bubbly dangler your Gen 2 kernels. Your Google stick master is cinnamon yeast. Yeah, I've done be sur...
Jack Jack Jack Jack. Stop it, stop it for fucks sake.
Know what I mean?
Let me tell you something, pops you don't know. The first fucking thing about power. I have more power in this hand and all you fucking now.
Liberty body Boo
Listen, I don't like hard cases coming in here and talking to me like I know something. If there's someone out there putting out something about me, then I wanna know who the hell it is. And when I...
Main gun yet girl.
Malcolm bleeding outfit. You'll never forgive you. Give him a name like that.
Michael Cane Soundboard Sound
Michael Cane Soundboard Sound
Michael, I'm delighted you could come and play with me.
Moment and then that map.
Music to cook by.
My God I.
My head is throbbing.
My name is Alfie Alfie.
My name is Holly Palmer.
My wife is a beauty queen. She came third in Miss World many years ago or not that many. Sorry should go. She taught me masses of little tricks.
Names Mike.
No, go away.
No, nobody treats me differently. No, no, they treat me like always the same like dirt.
No, you never have a round match during the movie. Yeah, it could be that way. Demand always comes off worst. I've seen it a dozen times. You'll see people you'll see an actor in a movie. You say o...
Not lied, lied. If it's not the bloody Ice Capades lied lighting Nah. Nah, don't think it be top down piggy pig why are you picking your Peter? Because I'm preparing to run away.
Oh yes Sir. I just love the army so.
Only a bloody Dutchman.
Our Member wish to do love scenes where you know they're always artificial. Either the girl is topless right under boobs are out and no one is looking at you. They're looking at their tips or else ...
Peter Sellers said that Peter Sellers yeah, because I I've always full of information and facts. You know, if you mentioned something you know and he was the first, Peter always had the new gadgets...
Review this yeah yes yes.
She wanted it.
So Mrs Nellums and Mrs. Micklewhite my mother are talking, and Mrs. Dunham said my sons of famous rock and roll singer and my mom said or reset my mom said my sons are famous actor and and Mrs doct...
Sorry, what was the question. I was distracted by the half masticated cow rolling around in your wide open crap.
Thank you for a wonderful evening.
The only reason I became an actor was it was several reasons. Actually one I couldn't do anything else. I was so stupid three I wanted to meet beautiful girl second oh, I missed two. Didn't always ...
There is a man in my office. It is my office. It is the assistant chief's office.
There must be a sign under the water be where holdings.
They had an extra pint of milk today, which either means that there are more people over there or they are drinking more tea.
They never make these cars big enough, do they?
This is an emergency. Oh, you have an emergency. No, you have. If you don't move the fucking car.
This is how an ordinary working class person in England is. He's not, some cockney is not some groveling guy, but it kept going yes Gov anything like that. It's a fair cop and all this bullshit.
To hear me, I said go away.
We were made to annoy.
Well that whole put me off. I hate the noise at a time like that.
Well, you all settled in.
What MSA all over a shiny piece of plastic?
What the bloody hell does that mean?
What's your ring with my stocking move over a bit? Ah, I catch any of the steering wheel I can't. I'm stuck here. Look at I'll do it battle I told you before to be careful where you put your legs I...
Yes, I am. I screwed her first.
Yes, you said difficulty. What does that mean? Well, yeah, I learned I got it from a I was. I was rehearsing a play when I was a very young actor and I had to come in this scene. It was a stage pla...
You are not having sex on this stage.
You could do an intimate body search of your life. Where do me favor, piss off and let me get ready?
You know, fuckall.
You may have hardware concealed about your person. Remember you killed me, you'll be on the run for the rest of your life.
You mean I've got to ask about ground being 19 different places and then make out 19 lots of silly answer.
You rephrase the question, what the fuck are you doing in my office?
You threatening me, listen to me, you will fruitcake how gay are you, cupcake?
You want to keep your bollocks fucking shut up.
You, you and you panic, the rest of you stayed calm.
You're fucking kidding me.