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Centaur Warrunner - Dota Soundboard

Centaur Warrunner - Dota Soundboard

Centaur War Runner - Dota Soundboard

Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A Caress
A Dull Blade
A Killing Pace
A Lucky Find
A Trampled Road
All Should Flee
Arcane Boots
As I Wish
Assault Cuirass
At Last It Is Mine
Blink Dagger
Blood Shall Spatter
Bones To Crush
Break You
But You More
By Horn And Hoof
Centaur Warchief
Chop You Open
Coin For My Purse
Coin Well Earned
Crushing Wound
Death Runs
Downward Strike
Ethereal Blade
Fear My Hoofbeats
First Blood
Heart Of Tarrasque
Helm Of The Dominator
Honor Your Name
Hoof To The Head
I Come For You
I Fear Neither Beast Nor Blade
I Fear No Beast
I Forgot About The Kick
I Live You Die
I Return To Battle
I Step Into A New Arena
I Will Stomp Them To Dust
It Is Passion
Its Not Time Yet
Killing Ancient Apparition
Killing Arc Warden
Killing Axe
Killing Beastmaster
Killing Bristleback
Killing Broodmother
Killing Chaos Knight
Killing Disruptor
Killing Ember Spirit
Killing Io
Killing Lion
Killing Lycan
Killing Magnus
Killing Morphling
Killing Omniknight
Killing Phoenix
Killing Queen Of Pain
Killing Riki
Killing Terrorblade
Killing Tusk
Killing Underlord
Killing Winter Wyvern
Killing Wraith King 1
Killing Wraith King 2
Lets Bury The Hatchet
Long Shall My Name
Manta Style
Meeting Antimage
Meeting Arc Warden
Meeting Chaos Knight
Meeting Disruptor
Meeting Enchantress
Meeting Invoker
Meeting Keeper Of The Light
Meeting Leshrac
Meeting Lich
Meeting Lion
Meeting Magnus
My Blade Grows Lighter
My Blade Sings
My Gold Now
My Path Is Paved With Bones
My Steel Thirsts
My Strength Grows
My Withers Twitch
Not Enough Mana
Now You Die
Oh Heha Hah
Oh Yes
Pipe Of Insight
Quick Death
Quickly I Gallop
Saddlebag But When I Do
Sange And Yasha
Shatter Bones
Shivas Guard
Shizzy Wizard
So I Go
Soon You Bleed
Stomp You Down
Sweet Sings My Blade
The Flick Of My Tail
The Tournament Is Mine
These Fools Attack Me
Tremble Before Me
Victory Of Course
Was That Supposed To Hurt
What A Recoil
What Proving Ground Is This
Who Dares Challenge
With Steel And Strength
Worth Its Price
Yes 1
Yes 2
You Had No Chance
Your Name Shall Be Forgotten