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A Death Foretold
A Timely Increase In Power
Ahhh Scepter
An End Of An Age
An Eternity Of Embarassment
Anger 1
Anger 2
Anger 3
Anger 4
As Foretold
As Was Promised
Attack 1
Attack 2
Blink Dagger Ehh
Blink Dagger What
Commend Me To The Void
Crummy Wizard
Dark Portents Ahead
Dear Gods My Mistake
Double Damage
Entombed By Time
Eyes Without A Face Unseen
Face Forward
Face The Future
Face Value Indeed
Face Your Doom
Faceless Void
Fate Finds Me
Fate Takes You
Feel My Mace
First Blood
For A Time Of Need
Foreseen Is Forearmed
Forget It
Forgive Me My Friends
From A Place Beyond Time
Gift Of Eternity
Glad We Could Meet Mace To Face
Gold Is Forever
Help Would Be Appreciated
How Embarassing
I Am Renewed
I Am The Elder One
I Cant Bear To Look
I Face The Darkness
I Foresaw This End
I Foresaw Your Death
I Foresee A Time When This Will Be Useful
I Go
I Have A Face Now
I Have Seen How This War Ends
I Have Seen The End Of Time
I Have Seen The Future And You're Not In It
I May Be Faceless But I Am Not Maceless
I Returned To Fulfill My Destiny
I Thank You
Im Here
Im Meant To Own This
Im Not Ready
Im Not Ready 2
Im Not Ready 3
Im Under Attack
Is A Page Of History
It Is Presaged
It Must Be
It Shall Be
It Was Not Meant
Its In The Bag
Its Not Time Yet
Its Not Time Yet 2
Its Not Time Yet 3
Ive Seen This In My Dreams
Just As I Envisaged
Kill Laugh 1
Kill Laugh 2
Laugh 1
Laugh 2
Laugh 3
Laugh 4
Levelup Laugh
Levelup Laugh 2
Like Insects In Amber
Like The Sun I Rise Again
Mask Of Madness
Mask Of Madness A Perfect Fit
Me Times Three
Moving Yes
My Control Improves
My Debt To Life Is Paid
My Foresight Sharpens
My Gratitude
My Path Unspools
My Pendulunm Swings Back To Life
My Powers Grow
No Mana
No Mana 2
No Mana 3
No No No No No
Not Enough Mana
Not Enough Mana 2
Not Enough Mana 3
Not So Fast
Not Yet
Not Yet 2
Not Yet 3
Nothing To See Here
Null And Void
Out Of Mana
Out Of Mana 2
Out Of Mana 3
Out Of Time
Primal Shard
Reincarnation Laugh
Returned From Clazureme
Road To Oblivion
Sealed Your Fate
Shitty Wizard
So Begins The Final Epoch
So It Must Be
Some Things Were Just Not Meant To Be
Steal Your Face
Stop Where You Are
Suffer The Ravages Of Time
Taking Damage 1
Taking Damage 2
Taking Damage 3
Taking Damage 4
Taking Damage 5
Thats A Mixed Bag
The End Is Already Written
The March Of Time
Time Catches All
Time Flies
Time Grinds Even Mountains To Dust
Time In A Bottle
Time Is A River With Many Eddies
Time Is A River With Many Eddies 2
Time Is Money
Time Is The Cruelest Cut
Time Quickens
Time Stops Eh For No One
Time Tells The Mace Fells
Times Up
Turned Back The Clock
Two Faced
Uh Uh Uh
Unkind Rewind
Unpleasant Repercussions
We All Owe A Life To The Fates
Well Bought
Where Do You Think You're Going
You Become Past Tense
You Get Nothing
You Lose Face And Life
You Wish
Your Chronology Ends
Your End Comes
Your Fate Approaches
Your Page In History Ends
Your Time Runs Out
Your Time Will Come
Youve Been Voided