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Huskar - Dota Soundboard

Huskar - Dota Soundboard

Huskar - Dota Soundboard

NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A Fair Trade
A Martyrs Gift
A Meager Offering
A Pitiful Offering
A Prick Of The Finger For A River Of Blood
A Sacred Trust Is Broken
A Stronger Sacrifice
A Waste Of Life
A Wasted Sacrifice
Agile And Unhurt
Agony Seeks You Out
Ah Scepter
Ah The Potential For Sacrifice Is Great
All Im Given I Will Give Back
All My Sacrifices Have Secured Our Triumph
An Honor
An Honor Even So
Anger 1
Anger 2
Anger 3
Another Chance To Offer All I Have
Another Life Squandered
At Once
Blink And Ill Cut You
Blink Dagger
Blood For Blood
Crummy Wizard
Death Nooo
Denied 2
Divine Rapier For A Sacred Warrior
Divinely Given
Double Damage
Doubt Repaid
Draw Upon Your Strength
Duty Calls
Dying To Bloodseeker
Feel Stronger
First Blood The Gods Were Right To Place Their Trust In Me
For A Good Cause
For The Greater Good
From The Nothl Realm I Return
Give It Up
Give It Up For Huskar
Great Honors Await You In The Nothl Realm
Ha Ha Har Har Har
Hah Hah He Hah Heh
Happy 1
Healed By Cunning
Heart Of Tarrasque A Tribute Of Worth
Honor Your Sacrifice
I Gave It My All
I Give Willingly
I Have No More To Give
I Have So Much More To Give
I Have Still More To Give
I Know What Life Is Worth
I Return To The Nothl Realm
I Shall Spare Thee For Now
I Share My Pain
I Spilled My Life For Nothing
I Thank You For This Second Chance At Sacrifice
I Walk The Sacred Path To My Promised Destiny
I Will Learn From That Death
I Will Risk My Life Again And Again
Id Stake My Life On Ot
If I Had Three Lives I Would Give Them All
Ill Give It My All
Ill Never Live This Down
Ill Take All You Have To Give
Ill Take That
Im Not Ready
Im Not Ready 2
Im Not Ready 3
Im Under Attack
Impoverished In Pocket But Not In Spirit
In Death Is Duty
In Fates Hadns
In Pain Is Power
In Strength Is Healing
Is That All
Its A Sacred Trust
Its Not Time Yet
Its Not Time Yet 2
Its Not Time Yet 3
Killing Anti Mage
Killing Anti Mage 2
Killing Axe
Killing Bloodseeker
Killing Dazzle
Killing Dazzle 2
Killing Laugh
Killing Laugh 2
Killing Laugh 3
Killing Laugh 4
Killing Pudge
Killing Pudge 2
Killing Pudge 3
Killing Tidehunter
Killing Tidehunter 2
Killing Witch Doctor
Know My Pain
Lifes Hard I Know
Lll Risk It
More To Give
My Blood Boils
My Gods Are Pleased
My Life Comes To Nothing
My Life Is In Your Hands
My Life Now Has Meaning
My Sacrifice Shall Be Great Indeed
My Spirit Rises Up
New Life For Old
No Mana
No Mana 2
No Mana 3
No Reprieve
Not Enogh Mana 3
Not Enough Mana
Not Enough Mana 2
Not For Naught
Not Yet
Not Yet 2
Not Yet 3
Not Yet Owe
Offer Your Life
Offering Accepted
Oh No
Out Of Mana
Out Of Mana 2
Out Of Mana 3
Pain Into Gain
Power From The Nothl Realm
Rune Most Dear To Me
Sacred Speed
Sacrifice Comes In Many Forms
Shitty Wizard
Show Me Where I Can Do The Most Good
Small Offering
So Much More To Give
Soon Soon
Spared By Swiftness
Spear Cushion
Speed Your Healing
Steady On
Swift Healing
Swiftly Now
Swiftly To My Sacrifice
Taking Damage 1
Taking Damage 2
Taking Damage 3
Taking Damage 4
Taking Damage 5
Tap Your Intellect
Thank You
That Is Not Yours To Offer
The Gods Themselves Must Agree Its In The Bag
The Gods Wish More Of Me
The Holy Chalice Spilled
The Hunt Is On
The Pike Found Its Place
The Rites Have Yet To Run Their Course
The Sacred Warrior Falls But Not For Long
The Ultimate Sacrifice
The Value Of A Life
There Can Never Be Too Much Sacrifice
There Will Be A Time For This
This Life I Swear I Shalll Not Squander
This Power Will Not Go To Waste
This Will Break Them
This Will Please The Gods
Those Who Are Given More Must Not Cling To It
Time Is Short
Tis Good To Give
Tis Vital
To The Nothl Realm I Igve My All
To The Nothl Realm My Gratitude
Twas Worth It
Uh Uh
Unseen Might
Vitality Was Wasted On You
Was I Not Worthy
Weigh Your Fate
Well Worth It
Who Can Say What I Will Do With This Power
Wisdom Knows No Pain
With A Will
With All My Heart
With All My Will
You Ascend
You Gave All You Could Give But It Was Not Enough
You Made A Worthy Target
You Must Learn To Sacrifice
You Were Spear Worthy
You're Holding Back Arent You