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Anivia - League of Legends

Anivia - League of Legends

Anivia Soundboard from League of Legends (LoL). League of Legends (LoL) is a multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Riot Games.

A great darkness approaches
A thousand lives will I give for the frail yard
Anivia - League of Legends Sound
Anivia - League of Legends Sound
Anivia - League of Legends Sound
Anivia - League of Legends Sound
Do not tempt the blizzard
Find peace
Forever watchful
I am neither the first nor the last
I am the snow wind and ice
I bring the storm
I dream of errors past
I have felt this corruption before
I shall endure
I will be reborn
I will not forsake my home
Laying an egg isn't as easy as it looks
Let's or
Life passes so swiftly
Meaning in every snowflake
On my wings
Poor creatures so confined by a single life
So young so naive
Something ancient stirs
Take time to reflect
The chicken or the egg actually I came first
The cycle closes
The frill yard awakens
Think beyond one lifetime
We are all connected
What change will this wind bring
Winter wind guide me