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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A ruler must choose his hour
Accept your destiny silver
All eyes look to us
Amber rose have no rival serif only liabilities
Ancient power courses through maine
Behold the deserts rough
Believe in our future
Bye i'm sorry my sufficient
Charlene shirima challenge feet
Do you send it shall guide humanity to greatness
Emperors never die
Even dragons look up to the sun
Eventually the suns claim us home
Every time
Everyone will know the name shirima
For emperors it's all about how you carry yourself
Freight is in our
Give yourselves to shirima
Gravelord Azir - League of Legends Sound
Gravelord Azir - League of Legends Sound
Gravelord Azir - League of Legends Sound
Gravelord Azir - League of Legends Sound
Gravelord Azir - League of Legends Sound
Gravelord Azir - League of Legends Sound
Gravelord Azir - League of Legends Sound
Gravelord Azir - League of Legends Sound
Gravelord Azir - League of Legends Sound
Gravelord Azir - League of Legends Sound
Gravelord Azir - League of Legends Sound
Ha ha
Here we shall decide the future of shirima
I am testament to the glory of shirima
I claim this force arima
I don't of greatness
I have no fear of dragons
I just lost sure imo will reach its destiny
I never sent it
I will be reborn
I will guide us to glory
I will open their eyes
I will reclaim my stolen legacy
I will return to rema to brightness
I will shift as the sands
I will shift as the sands
It is all right to rule silver
It is my time put your feet in maine
It is you who are in my web spider
It is your turn to carry our great legacy
It's just been a long wait nasa 's but it will be worth it
Join maine and be elevated
Let us return to our rightful place nasus
Like the sun shurima always rises
Lori to shirima
Loyalty will be rewarded
Make a sons of shurima always be under our feet
Mill dragon can defeat us
Mine is the will of srima
My city lives on
My degree is mood
My empire lives in every grain of sand
My soldiers march on
Never cross an emperor
New beast will stop us
No no the will of the desert better than i
No sacrifices two great
None shall ever question the power of shirima
Nothing is beyond my reach
Oh i'm sure remus dog
Oh rise
Power of the son lives in shurima
Recognize your emperor
Reductive wants a noble warrior now not but a man
Return from the sands
Rise again
Rise with shurima silva neither
Saremo will know only victory
See what I see
Service it is time your spark went out
Sharima 's legacy will endure
Sharima is eternal
Sharima is neverlost
Sharima is where all paths converge
Sharima will once again stretched to the horizon
Show maine
Show my pigeon walks into a bar
Shurimon sands flow ever in our favor
So the time of your judgment has come
Soldiers on what
Soon none will question us
Srima lives in maine
Sure enough
Sure remote will brook no offense
Teach them to respect ascension
The bounty of shirima still flows
The future will be written by the ascended
The lunch of shirima
The order is given
The world is a desert I am the oasis
Their slumbering world must awaken
There is no future without sherima
There is only shirima all else his bottom arrage
They dared defy srima
This is but one step on a long and glorious path
This is surely mainland
This now search arriba
Those who follow me follow destiny
Time itself serves shrimp
Today you will see the power of ascension
Together we shall strive toward victory silva
Traitor like costume twitter winds
Trust in my vision
Unworthy have no place in history
Very have overstepped
We are made by our choices
We are the authors of history
We walk a path of radiance
We will overcome this monster
We will unearth what has been lost
What is a baron to an emperor
What is the desert but the ashes of my enemies
When every trace of you is lossed I will remain
Who denies all right to rule
With the word by end you
You are but a grain of sad self
You cannot topple shirima
You dare oppose maine
You have already failed sarris you must now accept it
You have forgotten yourself redacted
You may be large file mark but you remain an insect to maine
You must learn respect silver
You need not follow but you must witness
You need not follow maine but you can't stop maine
You want but my shadow serif
Your emperor shall return
Your spider will be trampled in our march