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Pulsefire Ezreal - League of Legends

Pulsefire Ezreal - League of Legends

Pulsefire Ezreal Soundboard from League of Legends (LoL). League of Legends (LoL) is a multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Riot Games.

A map chronology protection point yes please
A pearl run a diagnostic all systems operational
A possible side effect of time travel is acting before thinking
Adventure is a perk
All charged up
All I need is skill and a little luck
All systems charged
All systems fully charged
All systems nominal
All systems operational
Alright just one more time
Always keep your eyes open
An improvised plane keeps everyone on their toes
And I got this space time on lock
Arcane shift enabled
As in socks primed
Awaiting command inputs
Azreal do you require a map no
Back to the future
Back to the future with you
Bending spacetime isn't as hard as it looks
Can't fight the inevitable
Can't learn this in a book
Can't really fight the future
Chrono dimensional travel isn't for everybody
Comedy subroutine offline
Coreanus locked
Danger mystery forbidden knowledge just a normal day
Diverting all power to weapons
Don't blink
Don't mind if I do
Drop point confirmed
El sire portal opened
Engage teleport
Engaging ambro weapons systems
Everybody 's last but maine
Fortune favors the adventurous
Forward or back
Future hurts doesn't it
Get lost kid
Give me the coordinates
Gotta carpe diem officer
Grimdark future huh nah it's more of a highly regimented totalitarian police state
Grimdark future huh too easy
Guess your future was on my side
Ha ha
Ha ha ha ha ha
He who controls the past winds
Hellfire back online
Hello to the future
Here's a prediction for the future you're dead
Hope someone saw that
How 'bout a temporal do over
How about a taste of the future
How retra
How will this repair time as real
I can blink and still not miss
I collect moments and things sometimes more than once
I had a dog once I love that dog
I have all the time I need
I hope you saw that coming 'cause I did
I knew you'd say that
I know where i'm going when is a bit fuzzy
I love the smell of krono shifting
I might want to jump back and do that again
I went to the future to see if I was still cool I was
I'll fire systems on line
I'll fire systems on line run a quick analysis for me all systems operational
I'll fire systems online let's do this
I'll make my own future
I'll take one of these
I'm a one shot hero
I'm centuries ahead of them
I'm not going to live by the rules anymore
I've got nothing but time let's go
If I may all the rules i'll miss all the fun
If i'm not back in thirty seconds wait longer
It can't learn this in a book
It seems the cake is in another timeline
It's not a map I swear
It's not a vacation if I can't pick up a few souvenirs
Jump first ask questions later
Leaving the grid
Let's do that again
Let's rewrite some history
Living in the past feels pretty good
Looks like times on my side
Museum this belongs in my pocket
My greatest discovery more time
Mystic shot armed
Never tell me the odds
Nice try
No one owns history
No time to waste
No turning back now
No you belong in a museum
Not another time loop
Note to your future self don't die
Nothing surprises maine i'm a scientist
Now this is research
Obstacles tend to fall when i'm around
Of all my travels time travel is the best
Oh I suppose you're a genius too
Oh that thermal reactor really is toasty
Ooh fix her time for a little fun
Ooh nice to be back
Ooh scouting radical upgrade nice
Paradoxes I hate those guys
Post firecannon primed
Power nearing full capacity
Preserve the past gotta find it first
Pulsefire armor upgrades complete
Pulsefire cabin at maximum power
Pulsefire Ezreal - League of Legends Sound
Pulsefire Ezreal - League of Legends Sound
Pulsefire Ezreal - League of Legends Sound
Pulsefire Ezreal - League of Legends Sound
Pulsefire Ezreal - League of Legends Sound
Pulsefire Ezreal - League of Legends Sound
Pulsefire Ezreal - League of Legends Sound
Pulsefire Ezreal - League of Legends Sound
Pulsefire Ezreal - League of Legends Sound
Pulsefire Ezreal - League of Legends Sound
Pulsefire Ezreal - League of Legends Sound
Pulsefire systems reactivated
Reinitiating pulsefire systems
Returning to base
Say hello to the future
Scanning for lifeforms
Scanning for real threats none detected
See you later just kidding
So everybody thank me at once
Sorry buddy nothing personal
Sorry I don't understand a true display of skill would you like to search the krona worth
Sounds apocalyptic i'm in
Sounds dangerous i'm in
Stable time loop achieved
Systems upgraded
Taking a break as real
Talent breeds envy i'm used to it
Target acquired
Teleporter activated
Temporal dispersal hurts in any era
Temporal disturbance detected if you was real
That was simple
The energy blasts tickle
The future can be rewritten
The future can't hold me back
The future is growing unstable
The future is really more of a back up plan
The futures arbitrary
The past is like a punch to the face
The past is my playground
The time loop will close in three two one
Their weapons are a little outdated
There can be only one
There is no match for systems I wait don't recharge is not cool
They are living in the past
They couldn't get rid of me that easily
They don't know what they're up against
They're always asking such dumb questions it's a magic time crystal da
This is what I call archaeology
This looks good
This looks like a good spot
This will be memorable for me
This would be dangerous if I wasn't doing it
Throwing down the time gauntlet
Time for a little fortune and glory
Time for a test drive
Time for a true display of systems offline we charging just a second
Time is a construct i'm just doing a little remodeling
Time is an adventure if you know when to look
Time is running out
Time to get lost
Time to get our hands dirty
Time to make the time continuum donuts
Time to travel
Time travel was just an engineering problem
Timing really is everything
To hell with general i'm special relativity
Transport initiated
Trueshot barrage charged
Try to keep up
Want to start over I can wait
War mode activated
Weapons art
Weapons operational
Well you found me congratulations
What can I say i'm gifted
What's the scanner say about their power level no enemies display of power level over nine thousand thought so
What's their position
When life closes the door open a portal to the past
When the future steals your past you've gotta steal it back
When you've got this much skill every shots of lucky one
Where are the hoverboards
Whoa that was way easier than finding this dinosaurs wait you don't remember the dinosaurs yeah of course you don't
Why regret the past when you can change it
Yeah yeah everyone wants a piece of maine
Yep that was pretty amazing even for a time wizard like myself
Yep this is totally for science
You can thank me for your future later
You lost today kid
You may fire when ready
You only live once you do it right that's all you need